How do you motivate yourself to get work done?

how do you motivate yourself to get work done?

If I don't do it mom wont be proud

Partner up (social pressure).
Working out.
Healthy foods.

>6:00 p.m.
>leave office

a terrifying glimpse of my future

I just think of everyone else and cant let them be better then me

Mix in a vyvanse powder in water and that's my life famalam

I don't.

>how do you motivate yourself to get work done?
hate every second of life

Easy, when i feel roaches running over my feet its time to clean the house.

any adrenaline besides coke ansd adderall is sht and u knoq it

Only purpose of living is to get a japanese wife. I look at pictures of japanese women on my phone when im down.

literally knowing that I'll be homeless if I don't you lazy fuck

i know i will be and that doesn't motivate me

>how do you motivate yourself to get work done?

I ask myself if I'll be happy with the outcome of doing my work as opposed to not doing it.

You need discipline.

Motivation comes later after you've learned something and doing those things starts to become leisurely. Video games are designed to be like this, the first few steps are easy so you are having fun right away and you know you will succeed eventually even if you fail, but in real life you have to read books, you have to study and practice things over and over, you have to spend hours searching and researching only to discover you were wasting your time all along and have to start over and do it again before you even scratch the surface of accomplishing anything of note.

Someone who relies purely on video game style motivation will be disappointed and depressed. Discipline is there to help you on this journey, especially at the start when you are a fumbling beginner wondering if you're wasting your time or not, it helps clear the mind of all the irrational emotions and thoughts associated with this ordeal. Yes, the world is full of bullshit, but your rational mind says this is the most likely path forward, so keep pressing on. When you are distracted and don't know what to do, do something, anything, if you can't think of anything, find something.

How are you fapping at work breh?

pls teach me

I gotta say eating better makes me not fee like shit.

Solid workday /10. I swear im gonna start drinking at work.

You know coffee triggers anxiety yeah?

This. Good advice.

"Doing nothing leads to nothing. Doing something always leads to something."

adhd-PI/add here. coffee, adderall and other stims. im useless otherwise

Not greedy, but think about the money you will earn. Also have a daily routine.

sick of being poor
want to be wealthy and tell people I am better than them

What's your diet like?

Under your desk with the door closed of course.

Fuck work, leverage.

>Get lots of credit
>Buy stock / option
>Pay days / weeks interest cost
>Make mad profits

Hard work is a meme. The stuff I enjoy doing I don't consider work, and the stuff I don't enjoy doing (cleaning / cooking / washing clothes) I pay other people to do.

The key is to get rid of work that you don't want to do, as in the $10 an hour jobs, then focus on what your goals are (for me it's reading 2hr a day / trading / working on business / lifting).

If you do have shit you still need to do because poofuck, I found the best thing that worked for me was 'bookending' my day, so I have a routine in the morning / routine before bed. Start with adding 1 task at a time, keep it up for 4 - 6 weeks, then add another one, slow and steady works.

This bookending sounds interesting. Can you give a quick rundown on your average day and the different segments that make it up?

'Motivating yourself' is an oxymoron. Motivation is something that happens to you. You can do what you want, but you can't want what you want.

>just listen to "Stuntin' on my Ex"

Gets me hyped for work, desu.

Only good song he has desu

I used to be like that until I found out I have a huge ego and that I need to be the best. You'll become depressed in 20 years when you'll see that one classmate who became a fucking politician while you 'only' make 100k/year.

Only worthwhile tips

Jesus that's fucking sad
Take it in the morning and skip breakfast like the rest of us

>You can do what you want, but you can't want what you want.

I keep telling myself this when I get distracted and it's already helping a lot. Thanks user.

Vyvanse is just a time released version of adderall.

i don't. work gets me done.

get a foot stool
im not kidding, youll want to relax but that will make u want to do work because we hate what we're supposed to be doing

I say "I think about the future of my white children and aryan nation" and then I flash my eyelid tats. Works every time.

4tbsp of coconut oil in a coffee mug
dump a big pile of coffee in it
let it soak in
add 30-40grams of butter
add boiling hot water
use one of those little electric hand held milk frothers to whip it up

I'm at the office. I have fuck all else to do for 7 hours.