Mixing Business and Pleasure

So, I have an idea for a business with fairly low risk of failure and I am a 28 year old.

The business is not really a good business for getting rich, requires odd work at odd hours, but it will provide me a fairly decent life with income that will probably increase as I age.

I was thinking about moving to a poor country like Philippines or china temporarily, and hiring a sexy assistant to help me crunch numbers, before I go full bore into the business (approximate pay would be $700 a month).

I really don't need help, but it would be nice to take a vacation and order a beautiful woman around, before I make a 20 year commitment to becoming the customer's bitch 24/7.

I just want a really hot girl to flirt with me and let me play boss for a month or two, to get it out of my system, and maybe have sex with her or her friends.

I just want to feel rich and powerful, but not pay huge amounts.

I could try the assistant and maybe marry her or at least feel very powerful during the interviews / trial work days.

Could I get into any trouble in phillipines or china for discrimination based on age, sex, attractiveness, or harassment?

The company would be based in usa anyways, and have 0 customers in phill...

Just an excuse to have some power over models hungry for cash.

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>pay someone $700 a month
>just to have occasional sex and feel powerful
get a hooker and save $500 a month

Or you could save up your money and take the occasional trip to the philippines or whatever shithole for some sexy time

No, I want a clean girl that will make me tea.

She wont even have to have sex with me, just flirt with me. I can make 5 different girls do trail work days too... More power...

the money is not important, I just don't want to get sued and dangle money in front of sexy womens faces, and laugh at how little it is, but too them it is HUGE

So you have a power fantasy but aren't willing to work hard in order to achieve it?

Well I am, I just want one month/two month taste of it first...

Maybe find a fiancée?

here is my advert


You keep spitting keyords like woman and power, but i dont think anything could make you less of a cuck op.

What's the business idea

Are they protesting the wage gap?
They're very skinny they must have a lot of internalized misogyny

they were booth babes at a convention

then the convention stopped allowing booth babes, and they are protesting wanting to be booth babes (fake homeless look)

I want attractive women to cater to me...
I don't care who you call cuck.
I want to boss women around in tight clothes, in an office environment and not get sued.

I agree

OP get your shit together. With that money you can go to many bars in the Phillipines and practice your social skills with foreigners and locals. Who knows, maybe you'll break the cuckshell you're in right now and get a few poonanis on your cock.

I have a buddy living in the Philippines.
You have no idea what to expect. You are a perfect example of some western idiot getting himself into real trouble, getting scammed, robbed, maybe even killed.

Well maybe I should stick to china... where people don't get scammed, robbed or killed.

I thought it would be safer to hire a hot girl, and put to work plugging and chugging through spreadsheets.

she would make awesome money, and help me a little bit, and I would have either bought her friendship/security...

she would have a financial interest to keep my out of trouble/happy while I am in phill...

Dude, sit down and do some research. Run the numbers.

People think it is so easy just to move to a shithole country and enjoy life with some minimum western wage. Some blog about their stupid adventures. Dropshipping. Poker. Bullshit. I live in China for a few months and it is not easy either.

if you want to fuck some bitch pay her in your home country. Or move to a western country where prostitues are legal.

Moving to a shithole country has some major risk you probably not even considering.

it's for two months...
Then I would go back to usa, and go full bore into business... fire the bimbo or bring her to the USA and pay her the same wage + room/board in my house.

Thread changed too much... I'l create a better description thread

but your right...
I am really just looking for a sexy girl to go through one thousand spreadsheets, or I can do that but they would basically be my sex maid...

I eventually want a mail order bride, but I don't want to get married yet.

I want a trial sexy assistant / maid / translator / spread sheet monkey

This would be my first hire ever, it would be super fun and interesting to hire a super sexy spread sheet bimbo.

bring her to the US?
Dude, you are delusional. Go enjoy your stay for two months. Do your shit on your own, don't hire anyone. Get yourself a girfriend for your vacation, no need to get her involved in your business. Don't get her pregnant. Don't get brainwashed by some stupid shit like a sick relative who needs money. Don't fell in love with a bar girls.

But seriously you sound like some idiot who gets some bar girl pregnant and flies her whole family to the US.

I wont do that.

Your right, it's bad too mix woman and business, even if your married to them.

How do I get a sexy, useful mail order bride?

OK buddy. That's enough Veeky Forums for you.