Does Veeky Forums dress "business casual"?

Does Veeky Forums dress "business casual"?

Usually something along those lines with a sweater or cardigan. I'm in uni.

This is basically my outfit at this very moment.

No, I'm not some yuppie faggot.

Me too lol

No, jeans and a t shirt.

No i dress eccentric and fly not like some cuck

goddamn it me too

No I dress like a rich thug

I hardly even shower from working my ass off and sleep in my job pants and only wash it once a week on my one and only off day.

so i guess no.

90% of the time I'm sitting comfy cozy like pic related.

Our office has no dress code but I almost always wear either a sweater or a shirt with a collar. Some guys just wear t shirts, shorts, etc but I think it looks unprofessional.

As the greatest poet of our time said:
"These ain't even real clothes homie I'm pajama rich"

>Pajama rich

The true symbol of wealth. Suit and tie fags pls go.

I'm no Veeky Forumsggot but isn't that basically just a sweater over a dress shirt? I like the look and I need to start dressing more mature




Freineds and family in oil. Headed there after some of kiyosaki's classes.

Talk all the shit you want. Until u fags can show me actual worthwhile investing that isnt a pump and dump shit coin or stock "investment" you may as well save your autistic screeching. Cant bothered being triggered working 90 hours a week to retire.

that's because you're a self-absorbed homosexual.

was there any relevance to this post, or was it copy and paste?

this wut i wear at work

at work i wear nice suits and at home i look like a fucking homeless man. last time i went to the city to a store to buy some ties and saw my boss, had to hide myself and then run out of the store to risk not being seen, thats how much of a hobo i looked


>dress boots instead of his shoes
>brown chinos
>same style shirt
>navy blue v neck sweater

That's the uniform, OP. All you gotta do is move different patterns/textures in and out, but you're still basically wearing the same thing.

Basically, yes, but I normally throw on a casual blazer as well.

no i dress along the lines of jeans hoodie leather biker jacket


definitely need to get a brown belt and brown shoes going, looks sexy as fuarrrrk

No I wear sweatpants on top of pajama pants, and a shitty tshirt+sweater all day every day. In the winter at least.
I would dress like OP's pic for study/work though.

Yep. Minimal effort, maximum cozy.

i wear pajamas and sometimes look like this guy

that's how rich i am

Suits only.Don't be faggots.

Jeans and tucked in dress shirt.

I've stopped wearing t-shirts. I'm evolving into an old man.

yes. business casual is fine for work and fine outside work, means i dont have to go shopping for clothes often or worry about what i wear.

nobody knows... not even the guy that posted it.