How would you make money from an army of hobos?

I can send 20-50 bums anywhere in town, just for the day.

Is there anyway to convert my army of hobos, into making money for me?

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Dress them up and charge to make lines outside clubs/bars/stores

they would require bathing...

>Hire bums to protest establishments
>extort establishments for "protection money" from bum protests

I can't see much besides having them beg for change, and you taking a cut, and if they don't obey, you and the rest of the hobo army cutoff a limb like that Slumdog Millionaire type shit.

Really, for them to be any use, you would definitely have to bathe, feed and clothe them, and that definitely cuts into profits.

If they are female you could pimp them out, or sell there companionship.

thrown them into a river, shave them yourself, tell them never to speak nor open their mouth.

fuck man, with 50 hobos I would rule the world.

send them to this place

This is literally how some organized crime groups arose
Beggar guilds were notorious in East Asia

there were 10 out of about 2500 that I would have considered playing with, but I would use like 4 condoms

>take the ten girls
>clean them up
>get them some sexy and ladylike clothing
>get on the street and set up a sign
>need money for breast implants

Sell cigarettes at bus stops, train stations, corner stores and near college campuses

backstory? where do you live? why are they loyal to you?

bay area, they're not loyal to me

i can kick them out from our center

I control who gets the free trader joe's food (I have received 5 frenched rack of lambs, some of the hobos gave the $25 meat to their dogs...

If they want to use a computer, I can kick them out.

basically I have the power to give them free food/coffee, let them sit down and go to sleep on a dirty couch with their buddies.

Gross dude. Makes me want to shower just reading about it

Gay hobo pimpin ain't easy
Imagine how loyal they could be with free meth now and then

>google "tax auction [your county]"
>buy a small useless parcel of land for $300
>get a food cart and give away food and shit for the homeless
>get neighbors to "think of the children (home values)" due to the swarm of hobos
>sell the parcel to them for 15 times it's value

also this

It's really simple. Hire only the autists with no friends who are smaller than you.

Get them to line up for Yeezy releases at sneaker stores. Make sure they don't leave the line or threaten to call the cops on them (hopefully build relatiosnship so you dont have to do this).

Give them cash once store opens and take shoes from them as agreed. Once you resell on GOAT or Grailed, give the hobo $50.

You will make thousands.

>make them fight
>film it
>put it online
>goes viral

>Veeky Forums wants to chime in

a small parcel of land here costs 250,000 minimum

Yeezy shoes?

Put them in strategic positions, have them beg for money in rich or suburban areas. Start demanding beg-fees from other hobos and build an hierarchy, you being the supreme leader (starting a cult may be a smart way to avoid power struggles within the hierarchy). Soon you'll have more people joining. Then you can move on to robbery or even take killing contracts.

pimp them out to George Soros, bro.

make hay while the sun shines.

well if you're a construction worker you could get them to paint walls and shit for a much lower wage than ny standards. those people are willing to take anything so if youre broke you should take advantage.

What is NY standard.
They arnt very good at doing tasks, but they don't care about getting arrested.

this could work

>Organize a hobo fight club
>Charge admission to public
>Fight to the death
>Winner gets 10 percent cut

There was a gay old hobo meth head prostitute once.
He was nice, he helped clean up occasionally.
Eventually he was banned for 6 months or so.

That sounds like felony murder

They just need a bit of direction. If they move into packs, just send them to one specific high end restaurant/bar with an outside terasse. Have them beg for food/coins/cigs to customers the whole day for a week (they don't have to be together if that's a problem, they can just agree to hit the same place the whole day).

After a week, just ask for weekly allowance to avoid the place/defend it against other hobos. If price is reasonable (let's say 100/w) and calling the cops can't help, they have no choice

You can also put them to work selling some crap on the streets and act as a wholesaler/storage facility or even become their private bank for security.

what state do you live in?

You do know you're a giant piece of shit right? How do you wake up in the morning and not hang yourself from shame?

RIP Bum Fights


very easily, frankly I think I help people.
someone has to fix the computers, and deal with bums.

>get hobos
>pay them to act like hobos to collect money for them and you
>about 15% of the money they make goes to you
>this business expands
>tons of homeless people start working for you
>make tons of money off of homeless people and orphans

it seems like this is illegal

but it seems like a kek-worthy story

their not exactly an organized army that collects money for me, I just work in a hobo environment and have a moderate amount of power over them

>get each of them to give you $10 a day
>Buy research chems and give it to them

according to this website
>No California county sells tax lien certificates at this time.
So in California they actually sell the property (as opposed to a tax lien). So yeah, you can get a small parcel for hundreds of dollars as opposed to thousands

butte county is a long ways away, and a huge shithole

I'm in a wealthy suburb in the bay area.

If you could buy a parcel for hundreds or just 10,000 I would buy it in a heart beat.

Why not help them by giving them a job instead of being disgusting.

their junkies... hard core junkies...

>Local philanthropist found stabbed and raped to death; police suspect angry hobo mob

This is why i love Veeky Forums.

Dear diary, today i met the man who would be king of the hobos.

You're one sick asshole.

I believe you. I have my own little squad of hobos too. Best the shit out of one for his money then just kept coming back. Not to rob him to to ask him to do things for me.

I'd give him spice as payment then some other hobos he hung out with started asking for work.

blackmail specific individuals or businesses by having the hobos not leave before they pay up

Where in the bay? which trader joes?

>Lil Tunez Boaty is in town at the Nigger Center
>Tickets $20 at the gate
>Get your hobs to fill up the line so everyone has to wait
>go to the back of the line with prepurchased tickets

Surely they'll agree to give you 15% of something they could do solo...
Prostitution only works like that because the pimp provides something else worth more than his cut (a place to stay, protection, drugs)

Buy a large apartment complex near a highway

Have them all panhandle

Wait til govt thinks they're a nuisance so they buy me out

Flip 20x profit on apartments

People like you are why businesses are sometimes forced to throw away spare food.

Eminent domain rarely makes the seizee any profit.

This was so poorly written, how do any of you understand him at all

I live in San Pedro California, I had this mexican girl tell me about how her father (who she says is apart of a "sophisticated Mexican gang") would take a percentage of the money that the homeless people got. She talked about him with a smile and all happy because she thought I'd be afraid of him. I just kept thinking how she must've been retarded.
But I kind of can see how gangs would use homeless people to be their eyes and ears like the Grey Fox.

I'm looking for money making opportunities where I have little to 0 chance of being arrested, or any police involvement.

>100 out of 2500
Are you running a homeless shelter or something?

So how does it feel being probably the worst person in America?