The next big social network

Guys, I have the next big social media network idea written down in my notebook.

I explained it to a very small amount of people because I dont want to lose this idea to anyone else and by god it is brilliant. Im a programmer but im not big on app development how can I get this project and venture started with trust and money.

Im willing to bet my lively hood on this venture because when i tell you this app will change social media and make facebook and snapchat want to buy me out i fucking mean it.

Please help me seriously, please help me.

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Without knowing you in person, people will not trust you without you telling them your idea.

A lot of people say the idea is 1% and execution is 99%, I think it's more like idea 20% and execution 80%. Anyways, for something like this you want to get some VC funding.

social media only succeeds because it makes money, or has the potential to make money, via ads or data collection.

how will your idea make revenue?
isn't your idea just a combination of different pieces of what already exists?

in answer to your query, if you don't want someone to have the whole idea, can you break it down into different sections and have those individually coded and then you just put them together?

>lively hood
Top wew no wonder you've been reduced to shilling on Veeky Forums

By looking at this post, I can already tell that you will never be successful. Your intention is to build something that is valuable enough to sell, which means you will never commit everything to make it happen (even if you don't admit it) Everyone thinks having an idea is all it takes, little do they know AirBnB launched at least three times and their traffic is practically zero in the first three years of business even though their idea is basically the same

This, nigga lmao

Facebook is the king of social networks and it will not be dislodged because its ported into everyone's life and every business's webpage.

>I have no idea what I'm talking about but i like to pretend on the internet

Hey buddy don't post your genius ideas here someone might steal em

Damn straight ill sell. The idea i have is like an addon to a social network rather than the whole complete thing. Im not stupid enough to war with facebook when they are gods of social media.

Im not kidding around when i say I have the next big thing in my notebook. I have looked at every platform and none has this particular idea yet and if I can make this a reality then i will be very wealthy if i sell

There are hundreds of addons to Facebook you retard

Go and get funding. Make app. Get rich.

>Im willing to bet my lively hood on this venture because when i tell you this app will change social media and make facebook and snapchat want to buy me out i fucking mean it.

Then do it, max out on all credit, hire a web designer/ software engineer and create a company to make it

Damn fucking straight I will. Already using my credit and money saved to start the basic. Im staking my life on this shit and it will succeed

What is your Reddit account annon? I will be looking for you in /r/depression and /r/suicidewatch in a year or less. Also, save this number on your phone 1-800-suicide and write down your emergency contacts on apiece of paper and put it in your wallet just in case. Don't get me wrong, I just want to help.


Guys im not a fool. I wouldnt stakr my life on something I didnt believe with 100% certainty will not only be the best damn social media app for 2018 but a damn new way to network in general. This shit didnt come to me one afternoon I had to map out, think and formulate an original idea to use in my own way to become successful. Its worth doing

The next social network will need to be some sort of open source decentralized blockchain thing that isn't a scam like steem.

Current social media has things locked down except for the fact that they a big centralized organisations that could be completely evil. A backlash against that is probably the only thing that could generate a following. Even then it could be niche.

Do you have any idea how fucking cliche and naive you sound?

Do you know how many people have approached me with "the next facebook".

Always obey the first rule of finance which is as follows: never play with your own money. Here you are playing with not only your own money but your future money as well? Really

Re fucking think your fucking plan you fucking imbecile.

People are stupid. Im not stupid, mcdonalds was founded by two brothers and stolen by one man. Im not asking you to believe in me because the people I have told this idea to have said it is fucking brilliant and an outstanding way for people to be innovative with their phones while being on social media. This isnt a blog, this isnt some shtick its the real deal next facebook. Or shoulf I say next piece of the puzzle for a company willing to shell out billions to buy. Im an idea man but also a working man. Social media isnt my passion but making money is and if i have to give everything to make more money then by god thats what im gonna do. You dont get rich by being some half assed dude, if I see my opponent drowning i go over and put a hose in his mouth.

aw shit, so you watched a Hollywood's made up fucking fairly tale which was simplified to the lowest level comprehension of general public and still got the wrong message. It wasn't the idea of the fucking burger made him rich, it's Persistence. Without good execution and a little bit of luck, your "brilliant" idea will just end up in a middle of nowheretown in California.

Look, I'm not trying to discourage you or anything but betting on an original idea is incredibly risky and stupid. In stead, you should be spending the time, money and energy sharing the idea and look for pointers, build a strong team and start with a solid plan. Otherwise you're just asking to lose money.

OP how can i contact you outside of here i can help you take it from someone whos in the app business himself :)

How are you going to get rich if you can't even write proper English? Who is going to take you seriously?

Tell me something I dont know.

Ok this is valuable advice. I can take this and respect what youre saying man.

>trying on Veeky Forums for perfect grammar.

Id rather write a childrens book about hitler thab fucking use proper grammer in this dump. Do nitpick somewhere else

Hey OP, I'm also toying with a social media related app that I'm working on mockups for. I dont know how much overlap there might be with your idea but do you want to talk about it via throwaway email?

As far as wht you should do, you need a technical cofounder that will work for equity. You could theoretically outsource but it would probably be shit since an outsourcer wouldnt have the same connection to this as a cofounder would

So start building a mockup/wire-frame first. I use FluidUI but there are plenty of other tools. Take your mockup and find yourself a Co-Founder or 2 to build an MVP. Then do a beta period. Collect data, then approach investors to pitch. Then improve on it and go from there. You should also be learning or picking up project management skills throughout this process.

Here's my email [email protected]

I agree with you both, Ill have to find a co-founder to really help this idea grow. I always hated sharing fame and work but your right on this one

sent, that was me both posts.

I don't believe this for a 2nd facebook has pretty much taken it to the pinnacle. If its not VR based theres no room for you to step into the market. You can talk to people, have 1000s of contacts, send video message speak in real time. All on facebook there is no room for anything in this market, unless its specifically geared towards businesses. I just don't see it

And lot of this social medias need hella capital to get launched. Paypal basically bought market with 60million in cash. If its a quick contact sharing thing it won't be that expensive if its as good as you say. But I just don't see I wish you well though

Anything that was come out now would be niche as fuck, nothings going to capture facebooks anything significant from facebooks market share. Unless it is niche.

I dunno i think you should keep your money, the social media boom is done, im sure of it. The only thing the internet can do now, is get faster and go virtual. ultimately if this thing that you got isn't providing people with a way to earn money then no ones going to be interested.

I think social media money is pretty much done, its going to continue obviously but it can only do so much for people. The next serious money making boom is going to be in biochemical, i think nootropics are gonna explode soon when really good formulas start to hit the market. Much reasearch still needs to be done, but and cybernetics of all kinds are going to be big deal im sure. Look at where we're at in 2017 we're just getting off the ground of a new century, we're going to have some crazy sort of systemic revolution soon and i doubt its social media related. My advise is if you really have cash to put into something you should look at the up and coming.
Throwing a bunch money into a social platform now is like throwing a shit ton of money into real estate market in 2004. I mean genetic modification is going household real soon. This is not the time to try to get into social media, you should be able to make money from it. Unless have some sort addiction factor that you're banking on with your design I would look to the future, social media is not the future social media is the reality and has been for some time.

You might have really good idea, but its probably not good enough to fucking crack a overly saturated and monopolized market. If you were going to do something that was niche you would already be working for a social media company. If you're trying to reinvent the wheel ....well I just wouldn't

this. good this is.

More and more people realize SM also has great disadvantages like privacy issues and the users are the goods. etc etc

Even if you're idea is so "disruptive, innovative and wonderful" as you say, other SMs have hoordes of 5-star-general developers. Why do you think your skills are enough to ace them out?

> due to TmssWsAm
Read about genome editing, CRISPR/CAS, Artificial Intelligence and Nano Technologies. Don't only stick to popular science journals. They often don't provide reliable assessments of future possibilities. Stick to approved science journals.

Good man, I actually start volunteering at a place where I get to learn to use the equipment from a molecular biologist. I'll be doing bitch work but I get to learn technique, and equipment I would want for my own lab

Are you near any colleges/universities? Find some Paki/Indian and pay them a few dollars to code it. You're more likely to sway a VC when you have something that's at least concrete and running.

Just make sure it's some gullible Pajeet FOB. Not as likely to steal your shit and Zuckerberg you.

u should create the app, make ur self the owner, and share it with friends and have them share it with theirs.


pajeets can't code. not joking. we had so called certified professionals who did not know anything about programming. nothing. colleges only tolerate them as payers. usually there are pajeet courses (= only pajeets as participants).

>and make facebook and snapchat want to buy me out
if that is your goal, you are gonna have a bad time. there are literally millions of sites with that same idea. only a dozen might have done it.

snapchat is going for an IPO where they already said they possible wont turn a profit ever.

Your anecdotal evidence sucks dick.

>I'm a programmer
>but I'm too dumb to program an app