What are your ambitions, Veeky Forums?

What are your ambitions, Veeky Forums?

I want to lead a life of adventure and do some good for the world while I'm doing it. Getting paid is nice too.

I really want to own a house with solar panels so I pay no rent and no electricity. also it could have a well too so no water bill. pretty much I want to eliminate every superfluous cost possible. I'm minimal like that

I would like to meet a russian girl

own that mansion and have a 10 wife, 100 child family.

Now this is an example of a poor like a motherfucker annon on a dying bet and still blaming the society for his "unfortunate" while little does he know he had been spending all his hard earned money on deprecated assets and liabilities

i want to host a successful radio show/podcast, get an MBA, and teach community college

World Domination

Have a townhouse in Manhattan and a country home in the Poconos.
Have a wife, three smart kids, and maybe a dog.
Drive a Land Rover, Lexus, or Acura.
Grow my own weed and smoke it while listening to music and building medieval castle/manor models or writing that novel I've always wanted.

Get a well-paying job at a large firm, but still have enough time to see my family
Travel to almost every country in the world, meet the people and teach math/economics to high school children in shitty countries.

>wants to smoke weed in a castle while writing his novel

what a NORMIE

Be around when AGI is first built.

To get off this planet asap.

I want to die

Purchase a farm, become as self-sufficient as possible, marry qt asian gf, and have seven children.

become right-wing george soros

To just retire early and get drunk regularly

Waiting for my parents to die so I can live of their multimillion $ inheritance.

become a terrenal god

Start a fantastic company that provides excellent pay and benefits to it's loyal employees and provides a higher quality cheaper product that destroys the competition.

> country home in the Poconos

Stop coming here you new yorker assholes. You can't drive and you're raising our property taxes

Now that I'm in my 30s and have a kid, everything has changed. I want to invest in income properties so that there is a decent amount of cash flow coming from them by the time I'm in my mid-40s. And I want to educate my kids in finance so that they don't mismanage the properties as adults. I'm planning to buy a new house this year and start renting out my first house, so I'm getting a start now. If I can keep saving aggressively, hopefully I can add another house to the portfolio or get some people together to buy a commercial property of some sort in five years.

Become a doctor, make a clinic, capitalize on a specific niche for clients, then become a Philanthropist, make my own foundation/charter school to give back to my community. Maybe when I'm 70 I'll run for office.

i want to be an independently wealthy outspoken asshole

Intriguing - go on.

Meet me at The Pour House this summer and I'll fuck your ass up.


> poor
> massive DNA legacy

pick one

Hi, Ghost.

>waiting instead of planning
have fun going broke from being a poorfag at heart


Have a home which looks like Rivendell. Not 100% exactly but I want bridges and forest and a river and elven style architechture and shit.

Billionaire by 30.

write fiction
learn german
marry a babe, preferably jewish
enjoy the rest of my life with wife and kids

Are you me? ARE YOU ME?!

>also helps educate workforce by working with technical colleges, universities, and schools.
>Offers assistance and work to the physically and mentally handicapped and homeless, and elderly.
>Not even to be productive by using them, just to give them a reason to get up.
>I watched both my grandfathers minds waste away once they retired
>I see it in my own father (retired at 55)

Become an immortal digital being

have enough money so I can move somewhere innerwoods and not be a wagecuck

Build a portfolio which delivers $15,000 passive income a year, and live in a tent (a really big tent)

Create 5 income streams independent of eachother that result in no less than $250k/year.
And that's pretty much it. I'm a simple guy and work to me is just work. Not really a lot of passion behind it, passion comes from the product (basically just money) but the truth is I'm not really picky I just want to have multiple income sources so I can spend more time doing things I actually want to do.

get out of fucking big law as soon as I pay back my debts
work in a midwestern city as a prosecutor/judge
get a nice small house
get the 10k i need for dignitas and do some death tourism by 40
that's about it.

I think you mean 'rich' since having a DNA legacy is an enormous cost that will make you poor.

Interesting. I like the idea of 5 independent income streams. How do you plan on doing that, though?

Assisted suicide is for dumbasses. A person fucked up that bad in their life that they can't even kill themselves properly?

On the other hand, after legal fees, this seems like an amazing business opportunity to easily take 10k from people who can not ever ask for a refund.

how much is that place?

That's CGI of Gatsby's Mansion from Baz Lurhmann's The Great Gatsby.

finish uni, go for masters abroad either by paying or via scholarship, gotta escape this shithole of a country first
endgame: live in a modest house and moderately thriftcuck til the end of my life
my weakness is cars so I'll have to have something like a toyota for everyday use and a camaro or porsche on the side for adrenaline adventures

this senpai, i'm hoping to make enough money in the coming decade or two that I can move to Mars and say fuck the home world.

would also be nice, or just having enough capital to effect change on a global scale.

I want to own a rural hobby farm on at least 200 acres, with a good fly fishing river going through the property and decent hunting; a good wife; 4-5 kids; and a big fat retirement fund. I'd like to comfortably wait out the inevitable race war.

Thos user gets it

Do it user.

Be prepared to treat it like a second job...


i aint changing shit.

I will either get rich and do business deals in my cowboy boots and free hats with torn jeans telling people to suck my dick or ill die poor.

Fuck em

Sad aint it... had to lock my great uncle in the house cause hed fucking wonder off

what you mean

Gonna become independently wealthy.

Descent or new house for wife and whatever other white picket fence and shit she wants.

Large tree line in back yard and sensibly rock road through it.

Other side of trees.

Giant fucking scral yard run at cost.

Employ as many people as necessarry at a good wage. Pay employees additional cash to drag out whatevee bullshit i see that i want to play with and go put it in my shop.

Littereally just want to be rich so happy wife and no wage cucking. Wanna fuckoff and be a hillbilly just like i always have.

What about property tax?

kek this doesnt sound bad

>own private island in ocean, not in some like inside country
also this

My ambition is to live like a hobbit.

Small comfy rural homestead. Grow seasonal vegetables, raise and butcher livestock, grow hops for beer, and have a clean steam of fresh fish nearby along with a forest full of game.

to find something that will get me higher than weed

currently? Not end up homeless

You're a good man. I would definitely work for you.

these are your best options

Please continue.

Own 1,000 units of rental property.

I have already been pre-approved for a 1.3M, 90% financed multifamily apartment complex. I am negotiating a 60 unit deal in my home state (Southern USA). This is the first step to building my empire.

Sustainable business that makes 400k/year profit
Houses in chillest places in the world
A wife
A few girlfriends on the side
A few kids

>a wife
>a few girlfriends on the side

Why? If you got a good woman, she wouldn't put up with this.

Come to Seattle you can live in tent city have other tent neighbors and be in a community also you get to live under the highway !

I just want a Lamborghini to be honest.
Currently in the budget to purchase it when I turn 20.
After that I will work on the next set of ambitions.
I'm living fast.

1 Bitcoin=1 Lambo
Should be a few years tops

Nothing like fresh poon