Is there any reason why we shouldn't be investing in Brazilian government bonds right now?

Is there any reason why we shouldn't be investing in Brazilian government bonds right now?

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Isn't there a major chimpout going on right now because the police force wants higher salaries?
Here you go.

Is a problem of trust. If you economy works, does not mean we trust you or your economy. Stability means a bit more. If I would have money I will probable direct invest into something tangible, what is mine, at this level bonds means nothing.

Because political stability doesn't exist in Brazil, so you can't predict if the Brazilian gov will fuck up something in the near future

The country is in literal purge mode, great investment unless you are investing in assault weapons and bullet distribution.

>Buy when there's blood in the streets and sell to the sound of trumpets

tsk tsk tsk. you guys never learn do you

because it's a better time to invest in weed stocks you doofus.

Buy CBIS thank me later

What makes CBIS a good buy?

TIL brazil has a government

Brazil is the country of the future... and always will be.

I thought about it
I think one of the problems is length of time on a recovery which is shakey all good news is brought down by 10 bad articles
city by city there are places that seem unaffected by the current turmoil idk

I am that user that needed 1.4k to open a cyber-cafe in Brazil, an user lend me the money (invested), i will return his money and give him about 20% of the profits.

I think investing in opening small business could generate you a higher income (obviously it is riskier)

And yes, you can open a business here with 1.4k, even less.

one tiny state

All the previous answers are bad and uninformed.

If you want a good reason to not invest in Brazil, consider that the average age of retirement is 56yo, the pension system is going to collapse in 10-20 years. Brazil will become a gigantic Greece with no E.U. to bail them out.

Well, congrats your magnificent fucker.
Hope you'll achieve success.


Thank you, user :3

Soon it will be 2, Rio de Janeiro is going through he same route. And most people in Brazil are in the south-east, so...

As a brazillian, I tell you three good reasons:

1. The Brazilian real is going down like a missile and no signs of going up so soon
2. Brazil is to inflation what Mecca is to muslims
3. The brazillian government is the brazillian government

Mecca of inflation, perfect definition

Sure you did.

You jelly negrinho?

stop roleplaying on this board faggot

this is literally what i wanted to do, still trying to figure out what state and what to pay my security guard

it will collapse because every solution to solve the social security problem in brazil will suffer opposition from stupid comies