I am 28 and hold a college degree. I dropped a 90hr/week, $170k/year job in investment banking to switch to working 50hr/week in enterprise software sales and make $300k+ a year. My OTE for this year is 365k.


Actually similar deal, except no IB experience but had a full commission loan office role for 2 years and went back to finish university recently. Hold a degree in finance and looking to get into banking software sales.

Any advice? Or any other avenues to look at? My sales skills are much better than the average person - obv not at the level of 300k OTE yet. I just want a break in point and it's definitely tough, even leveraging my universities alumni base so far. I'm surprised even with IB they took you in sales for that type of position but good on you man.

I don't sell banking software specifically although some of our clients are financial institutions.

My OP was a bit misleading. I took a Business Development Representative role at a software company after a year in IB. Major pay cut.

But most big software companies have a Business Development Rep, or Sales Development Rep role that you can start out in. That is your best shot at a break-in point. Usually it's a 6-18 month program and if you perform you can advance and become an Account Manager/Executive. That is where I am now.

You travel a lot?

What type of industry if you don't mind saying?

And if you don't want to state the company, can you state some competitors?

How did you get into sales

About 50% of the week I am away from home.

It is one of big companies, think Oracle Microsoft etc. - We sell solutions that cater to a wide variety of industries. You can make a lot of money selling huge enterprise bundles like me, or selling SaaS solutions that service specific individual needs. The SaaS model seems to be the future.

Spent 2 years knocking doors in high school/college selling home maintenance services.

IB was not sales.. when I left, I got an entry level position as a Business Development Rep and then got promoted.

Awesome man.

With a bigger name company, do you feel like a lot of it is over saturated now? Or otherwise - that you have plenty of room to grow.

Friend of mine does software sales and clears 350k just like yourself and I mean dude is living the life. Travels once a month, makes money like no ones business, just straight up balls.

And his outlook from here is only up too.

Yes there's room to grow. But once you reach the Account Executive role, tons of folks are happy staying there for their career. The size of your clients and deals may go up as you build a track record, but you are doing the same work. The other path is to move into management and try to become a VP etc.

If you're sticking as an Account Executive, there's always a job out there at a different company (if your company becomes obsolete or noncompetitive) if you have a track record of performance.

Yeah, gotta say, it's pretty great. I fought for years to establish myself at an elite firm in IB only to realize your life is shit. The prestige doesn't matter, your life is shit and there are better options out there if you just are open to considering different paths.

I know a number of lawyers and financiers with prestigious pedigrees who left their jobs to get into medical device sales or software sales. More money, less hours.

Hey, I'm 22, have an associate degree in prosthetics/orthotics technician, I've been working for a bit and want to transition into sales this year. Do you have any tips to getting an entry level sales job that can put me on track to do the kinds of things you're doing?

Apply to Business Development Representative positions at software companies. Show enthusiasm even though you don't have sales exp. If you can prove you're eager and looking to learn, you can get a job at that level.

To improve chances, use LinkedIn and get a coffee with a sales rep at a company you apply to. When you apply, let them know you have and try to get a good word put in.

It's probably a troll since investment bankers don't normally have time for anime websites but

I'm 25, have an associates in economics from comminity college. looking to get a degree in Applied Mathematics and Minor in CS from SFSU. I want to get into algorithm development and investment banking. What do I do to achieve this dream career? I realize it might be years. I have an interview for a Personal Banker position with BoA soon, just getting my foot in the door.

Please banker masters, help a young nigga out.

how often do you get laid

>how often do you get laid
in my opinion if you make 300k+ that's irrelevant.


I always felt you had to be some kind of hotshot to sell, and I hate the thought of not knowing whether or not salary was guaranteed.

In terms of selling software, what exactly is the pitch? Do you feel under pressure to sell, or are your clients pretty ignorant of what you're selling for the most part?

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What do you think of Cisco software sales as a starting point to get into this type of career? I have networked with some people who do good there right out of undergrad but maybe like a 1/3rd of what you make

bump for more sales

Bruh... props to you.

I did the same. Except broke 40k at a quarry after dropping out of college twice and went to another. Same hours on both.

3 years in march and i finally beat my old pay this year. Give or take 50k. Make 997.50 weekly. Not 1 sick day.

Got a side hussle 24/7 and probably havent been this excited for side work in a while. Kind of a long boring story. But the jist of it is a few buddy's finally listened to me in exchange for my trying rediculous shit. 1 guy wants to build an electric car with 4 generators at the wheels. My fucking sides and then my headache... 1 thinks we will make millions with a few chinese 3d printing machines... kill me. Thenbthere is my idea where pretty much i will break my back and wind up with a sawmill and cattle if not 1 dime... got my bros drunk and of course 1 has a million dollar idea and rather than using einstiens litteral defenition of insanity i said u know what retards, fuckit. Lets do it. Lets all 3 pick our favorite path to fucking riches and draw straws. We all take a 30% stake in all 3 ideas and the other 3.3333% goes into a slush fund for our bro attorney for all the free law advice. Top 5 law school and is more hillbilly than i can aspire to be. Probably just going to plane tix to come hang out...

If you work for microsoft and know a guy named william or "bill" cackler please let me know. Even if you or him wants nothing to do with past lives can i get a thumbs up or down he is alive and okay?

20 years ago he was high in the ranks... never fucking mind it was ibm. Dammit... but u said think it so, u heard of him?

>not living the sweet life at 100k and investing 250k so he can retire well above inflation. Jesus fuck biz number seem so normal anymore. I shot for 40k for 10 years before i broke it. Along with my body...

Any advice to help me fucking walk? Beyone butchered bullshit job of bolting my cankle together with metal plate and like 8 screws... i just want some sort of spring loaded thing to make me walk normal and not look like a retarded cripple. Its fucking 9/10 pain or embarassing in public...

Sales sucks donkey balls. Its playing mind games and blatantly lying until u win.

Source: got sold by bosses. Soles 25k in windows my first week. Caught on. Quit without notice. Gave 2500 commissions to my victims in a sorry card. Regret nothing. Could easily been a millionaire. Nope. What a bunch of crooked cucks.


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