How did Netflix have such a good day when they're catching so much heat for Dear White People? What trickery is this?

How did Netflix have such a good day when they're catching so much heat for Dear White People? What trickery is this?

Because shit like that doesnt matter

Because /pol/e-dancers are economically irrelevant NEETs

Because Soros and the other lefty investment managers have literally billions in unsettled cash kicking around to pump and dump Netflix before their faggot anti white video makes it to Fox News


Nordstrom also had a good day even after Emperor Trump tweeted against them for dropping his whore daughter's fashion line

>right-wing reactionaries spend months mocking SJWs for being hypersensitive cry-bullies who organize boycotts at the drop of a hat
>try to boycott Rogue One for imagined slights against Trump
>try to boycott Budweiser for airing a Super Bowl ad about the company's origin story, which didn't even mention Trump or shill for illegal immigration
>try to boycott Nordstrom because Ivanka's shit clothes weren't able to compete in the free market they claim to love
>try to boycott Netflix over one fucking trailer
really gets the noggin joggin', doesn't it?

It sure does

Its extremely undervalued

Go home /pol/. Stop invading other boards. If you're going to come to Veeky Forums, then tame your autism.

>ever consider nazis are the real SJW's?
really makes you think

alphabet quarterly report

controversy creates publicity, dumbo


Because everyone with a brain has dumped netflix for kodi ages ago.

People generally care less when it's white people bothered by something.
This isn't just some "wahh, white people" thing, it's genuinely how it is.

If there were accusations of racism against any other group then perhaps it would have affected them, but since whites are still technically the majority in the US, then the business world isn't concerned.

Stocks trade at how much a company is "valued" not how much money they make.

You faggots do understand this is all a ploy to explain away the upcoming poor subscription numbers?

People started cutting out netflix when their increased monthly fees started kicking in.

I agree, many have switched from netflix to kodi... myself included... but I know UK government are now making movements into making kodi illegal

everyone is buying into the soros meme, theyre about to get pumped and dumped

>making kodi illegal
Doing what big brother tells you to, ever.
Speeding is illegal too, people still speed.

It wont affect me either... but it will affect others!

Simply put, "white people suck" is the correct sentiment, nobody cares if netflix offends whites because you'll still use the service, and companies are now catering to the indignant minority crowd, because as it turns out, they like companies that stick it to the (white) man, even if it's only an illusion.
PR scandals in general don't affect stock unless that scandal is something what recently happened with Kitov - shareholders won't sell en masse unless they think they're about to lose or have been duped.
A selloff would be irrational given the conpany's financials so if a dip happened it would be short lived.

Soros bought shares so people bought in and it raised the price

Sorry, losers. The #AnimeRight begs to differ.

Are u kidding? White libcucks who hate themselves (99% of liberals) will go buy netflix now

There is no proof they are losing money and the controversy will probably make a lot of people watch it.

I dunno bro, you can say 20 people constitutes a "boycott" but really, leftists and rightists are the same people now, if there was a Dear Black People you yourself would boycott so don't be a hypocritic bitch.

temporary feel good. liberals are too stupid to be honest with themselves.