Netflix $NFLX Going to Tank Tomorrow Morning

Another "Dear White People" racial propaganda campaign. It is not being taken well (big surprise) according to the like/dislike ratio. Most Netflix users are white, niggers don't have money for Netflix, they stand to lose quite a few customers over the next couple of days as word gets out.

I hope they do fuck them.

Isn't "netflix n chill" a nog meme?

Yes but regardless, most blacks will not be spurred to subscribe as a result of this. Most whites that would be spurred to subscribe as a result of this are already subscribed.

They have nothing to gain, there is no positive outcome for them as a result of this series. They'll probably recieve some critical acclaim from ((((them)))) but edgy racial statements don't make invenstors feel like their money is safe.

I'm sure Reed Hastings is quaking in his boots

>those comments

damn. people are waking up.

Unfortunately NEETS manchildren from Veeky Forums mass down voting this wont have a significant financial loss for Netflix. Sorry stormfags.

The amount of people who leave will be off-set by the amount of curious people who want to see it. $NFLX won't lose a dime by the next quarterly reports

>won't have a significant financial impact

No but speculation is 90% of trading. Fear and news are powerful. Not saying they're going to go bankrupt but expect 3-5% loss upon the open.

Looks gay, but as a college kid (Netflix's main demographic) I can tell you my classmates will eat this shit up.

You don't know what you're talking about.
Netflix has a target audience of varying degrees. The main demographic is probably 25-30, the types that get off work and want to sit on their fat asses doing nothing while getting to 2nd base with someone that's uglier than their ideal mate.
College students are cucks.


/pol/ didn't get a president elected, and all their anger will just boost Netflix shitty programming.

>College kid
>Netflix main demographic
You are retarded

Can't wait to buy the dip

>10,000 invested in NFLX


>investing in Jewish owned companies


/pol/, Please leave and never return to this board.

aww the black people dont want white people pretending to be black
how precious

Generation Zyklon is expected to swing a hard right this coming decade.

I'll dress like a blackie if i want to I thawt this was amurica

how big of a meme can you be?

black people pretend to be white all the time, they just don't wear the make up.

Then when no ones looking they sling shit like monkeys.

>have black friend
>suddenly other blacks, but blacker
>they start oogain and a boogain
>laughin at literally everything anyone says
>have no idea what anyone is saying
>wtf is goin on
its like two different people. black-polar

The market already has that priced in. Learn how to finance you fucking child.

but they did lose money

If you think the market in anyway or form gives a shit about a bunch of NEET manchildren who don't have two-pennies to rub together then you're fucking delusional.

The market doesn't give a fuck. With Netflix now imbedded in iOS subscription fees, I expect to see an influx of subscribers from the African Americans. Remember folks, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

its at all time highs with a PE 389 waaaaay over played plus soros owns shares so hope it falls they burn through so much cash with little profits just to keep up with newer content cant last forever