How do you make money without interacting with humans?

How do you make money without interacting with humans?

I am a freelance translator. My hourly rates aren't bad. I can make a living out of this if I put myself to it.

But I am sort of sick of orders coming it all the time, that I have no schedule or anything. I just do the job if the order comes, even if it's 10 PM. Also I hate dealing with people, 'cause sometimes there are mean ones.

I heard now YouTube lets you share the ad revenue of cover songs. I play the piano fairly well. Will I be able to pull it off on YouTube uploading piano covers of famous songs? I just want to talk to my piano all day. Humans suck. I will play my piano, she will sing, and my gf will record us.

And humans will watch my videos on YouTube on their own. I don't have to deal with them. My videos will deal with them. This is my dream now. I know there are some successful YouTube instrumental artists like Sungha Jung, Lindsey Sterling, Brooklyn Duo, PianoGuys, etc. So is it really possible? I can't stand the office environment so I turned to freelancing and it turns out I still have to deal with humans. Oh well.

Or you can tell me other ways of making money without interacting with humans.

You can become an online writer.

But that does mean you have to compete with pajeet, so you have to get good.

I often order text for my website online. And if you pay pennies you truly get monkies. If I pay a small amount I often have to spend time correcting the ordered work. So people who are good do can get a proper wage.

Where do I get the job? Fiverr?

Yesterday one writer wrote down you could go to a certain restaurant to get a nice juicy hamburger. Which was true. On the very top of the menu was a section with one hamburger. But it was a Spanish food restaurant. 90% of the menu was Spanish cuisine and they marketed themselves as such. So he should have written about tapas or whatever instead.

Shit like that is truly annoying.

and you are missing my point. if i do that content writing stuff I will still have to deal with humans, like you, the employers.

Well, if you want people to give you money you have to solve a problem of theirs.

there are other ways, such as maintaining a forum site and let people talk and getting ad revenue.

Passive income, it seems that's what you call it here.

Im trying to do that with a niche website. But to market it you need to deal with bloggers for example. If you want content you need more content then you can write yourself, so you have to deal with writers. If you want to increase your revenue to a decent level you have to deal with promotions, sellers and upset buyers.

A forum itself probably wont lure people so you probably need a whole circus around it.

And they all do everything wrong given the chance.

Even moderators on a forum like Veeky Forums never do anything as expected.

>I don't have to deal with them. My videos will deal with them. This is my dream now
Pretty good dream desu. Btw OP is english your second language or are you autistic?

Look into white hat hacking. Adfarm websites etc

And you need to deal with people who copy, hack or ruin your site as a hobby. Which is great fun if you have no technical skills to fix the problems.

English is the language I translate languages into. I'm not paying attention cuz this is faking Veeky Forums dude

And not really into coding. I tried PHP and it almost suffocated my brain to death.

My Skills
Fairly good piano.
Puppy-like yet manly good looks (stupid, i know. but someone told me this is an asset on YouTube, this and being retarded.)

That's almost it. I'm an autist yes. My gf is literally feeding me.

>I'm an autist yes. My gf is literally feeding me.
I thought you were dreaming to not interact with humans?

My gf is not an ordinary human. I want to marry her but I'm still a poor autist.

You're not an ordinary human.

yeah i know that

Have you looked into transcription work? Like writing down voice recordings?

I'll still have to deal with clients.
I already get like $35 per hour with translation. A minor problem is that you don't have work all the time but I'm getting more and more work which leads to the major problem is that I have to deal with humans (clients) more and more.
I'll try the YouTube piano gig no matter what people here say. Seems like that's the only way. I'll die in an hour if I try gaming streaming.

There's a YT thread up now, try asking there, autist.

I am in SEA, doing freelance gigs. You go to a café in the morning. Sit with headphones on. Work. Don
t interact. Close shop at 8pm. Go home. Repeat.

And yes. I am an introvert. Feels good.

i don't find it. it must be dead.

thanks for input fellow introvert

do people check your work? do you have to actually know the language?

how do u do it? what do u do? I would love to start this

what do you translate and how do you do it? I speak a different language as well

>I hate dealing with people, 'cause sometimes there are mean ones.

Wow grow some backbone

>So people who are good do can get a proper wage.

Yeah i can see why you'd hire writers.

It's not easy. You need to promote yourself a lot throughout the internet