Is there anyone here that actually does well with stocks...

Is there anyone here that actually does well with stocks? I mean how do you even go about doing stock stuff without inside knowledge on a larger scale when it is effectively gambling.

Can someone go from say having 20k in the bank to having nearly doubled it by the end of the month?

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>Can someone go from say having 20k in the bank to having nearly doubled it by the end of the month?

Teenagers do it with less, it's called a strategy.

do your homework

You dont need knowledge since you can track what smarter ppl do.

How? I mean legitimately unless you can show me some of your own gains I can not believe that too well.

Where do I start?

And how do you go about doing that with a decent roi?

Buy all time hights, +100% quarter at least, and set stoploss 3xVolatility every weekend, just be patient and hold for the long term

How well has that worked out for you?

Since im a poorfag at 20yo, i had only bought nvda back at 54$.

You have to avoid getting steamrolled by big dogs with algorithms.
The simplest way is to trade on news. It's hard to automate reading press releases or a seekingalpha article, but good news at the right time can send an otherwise flat stock shooting up, and bad news can keep it flat long enough to buy in.

Got any articles or examples?

Is that not the same as essentially gambling on a decent hand? I mean this is for possibly long term stuff unless you have massive capital

"Trading the news" is an easy google and time-honored strategy.
Simply trying to be the first to buy after a good earnings report isn't going to work. On the other hand, if you do research to pick out places where people seem to have overreacted to bad news or underreacted to good news, establishing a position before the predicted release of more good news is a viable strategy.
The inverse applies if you're looking for a dip to buy a long-term asset on the cheap; look for overreactions to bad news.

For smaller stocks, this is also taking advantage of something computerized traders don't have: a human pair of eyes willing to spend a few minutes looking into a minor company's written history.

>Is that not the same as essentially gambling on a decent hand?
That's investing. All strategies are gambles.

So what if you invested say a full 10k on certain stocks, what is a decent sort of progress you could make on it? Does the whole movie daytrading thing ever work out where you essentially flip stocks making 10% or more of your investment within a couple days? or double it in a months time?

If you could use Google, you would know that the average return is maybe 11% per year.
You have no idea about anything and youre too stupid to use Google, so making 10% in a few days is pretty much impossible for you.

i've made a 50% return since October by reading the robinhood general occasionally. made less than 15 trades.

Why everyone wanna make brokers rich? I dont get it :/, you can make money daytrading but why pay more if you can make the same doing nothing holding for long term i dont get it...

There are individual daytraders out there who can make 10% a day. Some of them get bored and start blogs to brag about it and sell a course on how to imitate them. Don't buy those courses, and don't try to imitate them.

Low or no brokerage fee accounts do exist.

Simple vs compound return. If you sell quickly, you can re invest with more capital

People are dumb.

>be broker
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>have insider knowledge
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>be govt and able to brag about :economic recovery:
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>be teenager who just watched wolf of wallstreet
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>write books/website/podcast on trading stocks
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Its a joke.

why not?

>doubling every month
>100% return compounded money
Mate if you could one dollar would become 4096 by the end of the year and by the next year it would be 16.7 million. By year 3's end you would have 68 million dollars, the same net worth as Buffett, and by year 4 you would be by far the richest man in history.

Don't listen to this retard. Stock prices jump up almost immediately on news. How professional investment works is one person is assigned to one field or company, like oil or forex. At any one ime there are thousands of analysts throughout the world who do nothing but listen to news about their field and decide.

Your best bet is counter intuitive to most investors, patiently waiting and counting on the secular growth of the US economy.

SNAP Interactive, an unrelated otc stock, shot up 150% after Snapchat's IPO. Lots of investors are retards.

You're falling for a boogeyman if you think every penny stock is being monitored closely by a human analyst who can do more than read financials. Algos can't dissect the content of news articles.

This is a sure-fire strategy for receiving a margin call after a 1% market drop.

>big dogs with algorithms
It never ceases to amaze me that you kids think only large institutions run algos when it's actually about 90% of the current equities market (and an even larger portion of the futures market).

>algos can't dissect the content of news articles
Yeah okay mate.
Also, don't say "it's just a tweet they can't possibly read entire articles" because they can and they do. Not only that, but since larger institutions have faster connections closer to the exchanges they can front-run larger news-based price movements.

That's not say it's impossible to trade in the current markets, but it's pretty difficult to beat out other peoples alogs while they liquidity hunt and/or aggressively track other algos.

I wrote:
>Simply trying to be the first to buy after a good earnings report isn't going to work

To be clear: You cannot make money trading on the newswire in real time. As you correctly noted, even a robot is capable of buying after a good report, and can do so quicker than a human. And most everyone uses robots. This is common knowledge.

What you're missing is that you can make predictions about what news will break if you do your homework and get in before liquidity spikes.
The other day I bought into a small cap mining company the day before it held a morning CC. Based on market bullishness towards the untraded commodity thay they mine, hype surrounding a nacent industry that they are well-positioned to break into next year, and the promotion of a key staffmember responsible for realizing that opportunity, I predicted that the CC would leave investors feeling enthusiastic about the company. The price of their stock proceeded to rise 10% with comfortable volume, and I sold.

If a bot is capable of taking investors' temperatures based on disparate news sources over several weeks in order to make a 10% profit on a company with little float, I'll eat my hat.