I'm about to receive around $10,000

I'm about to receive around $10,000

I wanna make it grow

Is a bank account the only safe/guaranteed course?

I'm just looking for

Thank ya for the time

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Put it all in pepecash

Put 2500 on Take Two stock - GTA,NBA,WWE are strong and keep poses the company value.

1) delete amazon and netflix
2) get a credit card and pay off shit with that money
3) get rid of ur car
4) don't day trade just use robinhood and cash in on quarter results

>saving Reddit comics
>Saving "Mr lovenstein" comics
Kill yourself

open a forex account and trade

Thanks again for tips

I'm actually getting around

It's in back pay from social security
Have MS and have been fighting it for few years finally won

Giving half to parents

I will also get monthly income so I really shouldn't have to much trouble growing that sum

As long as I don't snap and just go on suicidal spending spree lol

It amazes me that lottery winners go broke so often

Also is hiring a reputable broker a good idea?

Or do they just scam ya

Hello OP.

I know a $600 piece of software that is waiting for swift outcompetition.

Would you like to hire a skilled programmer full time for one month so that we may investigate this very profitable endeavor?


Need more details, and would have to meet in person

I got skype if that works
Profile is asajjy

I'm inventing a machine that prints edible food for free. Give me money instead of that guy.

cocaine is your most lucrative option, buy your self some nice digs. And start going to the bars where the financiers blow off steam on a regular basis(I suggest limit yourself to 2 drinks one for yourself one a for a mark in a crowd of marks, pre-drink so you seem like you're on the lvl and save money). You're looking for the guys doing private equity, stock, etc making about 80 to 100 grand a year. You know real people, who are in the druging and partying culture. Buy em drinks talk to em about what they're selling their clients. Have a solid supply of quality blow, and do deliveries. You'll end up making more than they do a year for way less work. Just play it cool, you don't need to be witty, you don't need to know whats up, in fact the less alpha you appear to them the better. Just be agreeable and be holding until the time is right. "I got you bro, take my number I deliver"

Where would I get the product to sell higher than buying price

Just buy in bulk?

Think it's worth the risks?

You have 10 grand buy 3k of cocaine in bulk have 7k of a cussion and to get to know people if you establish a solid clientel that doesn't just call you up for a dub sack you can bank which is why i suggested people in the financial phone game, they're doing illegal shit themselves and there they burn money on drugs and girls. If you can find a solid connect for quality it is worth it. Just don't get caught moving your bulk purchases


I've no idea where I could get that much
And in bumfuck nowhere GA

Also I look way to girly and hair past my shoulders so prison is a no no

Thanks for tips though
Enjoy any ideas y'all have
I'll consider it if I happen to meet the right people.

Though if I was gonna go the drug route I'd probably move to a state where weed's legal and invest in a dispensary

I had a more steady, slow, and safe way of profit in mind

Index funds baby.

or the 4 horsemen.

or TSLA. that shit seems moon bound.

Where in GA? I'm in GA too.

Eden kinda bordering Pooler a mile or two off the Ogeechee

Heads up if ya murder/mug me though it's gonna be direct deposit so might be kinda a hassle

No risk no reward - bank account
Low risk low return- CD ladder
Moderate risk moderate return- Bond ladder
High risk high return - stocks
Extreme risk extreme return- penny stocks

or you could just go all in on SGBY and tripple your money in a month or two


Holy fuck you are in nowheresville


If I wanted high risk I'd go buy 10,000 lotto tickets

Is virtual currency still profitable?

Or gold?
A lot of global political uncertainty right now
Maybe it'll bump up

I have zero experience in stocks
Was considering using friends broker

I wouldn't even know where to start


At least I don't have to worry about the next plague

I could use some of the money to get the fuck out

Maybe somewhere close to investment opportunities lol

But seems like those areas would be expensive

>Is virtual currency still profitable?
>Or gold?
it doesn't turn a profit unless you buy low and sell high. You would be better off buying a blue chip stock with a good paying dividend.

>If I wanted high risk I'd go buy 10,000 lotto tickets
Thats speculation

Stocks are really something that alot more people should learn about

Look into buying some fixed income ETFs and just let your account be. DO NOT use a friends broker account. I repeat DO NOT use a friends broker account.

Check out vanguard maybe that is something more your speed.

Yeah your expenses will double if you get anywhere close to Atlanta

Again thank y'all for these ideas

I honestly have no clue what I'm gonna do with it

I just turned 24 and I've never had this kinda money on my hands, makes me a bit nervous.

I just don't wanna blow this opportunity that I'll likely never have again.

I think getting outside advice is good an idea as any 'v'

If you do the right thing, 10k in five years will be pocket change.

26 here worth close to a mill.

Was just poking fun at the higher risk ones

And yeah just the concept of a broker seems sketchy
But am open minded

Also I will take a peek at Vanguard

> $10k
> this kinda money

oh youth.

I remember when I thought that was a lot of money too.

Nowadays I would not even get that excited about getting a check for $10k. My mind would immediately turn to the taxes, other details, etc.

Life is funny.

I know it's relatively not much at all

But I have almost 0 expenses
That and the monthly SSI check

so if I'm not an idiot it's enough to never be uncomfortable

Lol I hope

Good for you to give money to your parents!

10K is not a lot lot of money. Start flipping used cars, and then use the profit to start flipping houses.

this is a scam dont be dum nigga

Stop mooching from the government.

Well it only seems fair
Fuckin 24 and still mooching off em

Hmm I knew house flipping was way outta the question, but I didn't even think to do the same with cars.

Also I figured as much, but I don't mind giving someone the opportunity to explain in person

100% you see these posts all the time they're a scam, nobody wants to make money with you, they want to make money OFF you

Cars is an easy one, because it's easy to learn about cars, lots of podcasts etc, always buy used never new, don't blow your full 10k, look at a car 3-4K that will sell for 6-7k. Some people sell their car for stupid reasons like they don't know they just need to buy a new battery, etc. here's a good reddit primer on what to look for in a car

webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:1sf_CAoY_H4J:https://www.reddit.com/r/LifeProTips/comments/15gh9j/lpt_what_to_look_for_when_buying_a_used_vehicle/ &cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca

The goal is to flip enough to start thinking of selling property. Your profit should always be used to prep your next business venture


I have MS
Nerve tissue is dying in my brain in spine

I have double vision if I look right

My legs give out randomly

I have to take these shitty injections that give me a fevers every week etc

I'm not looking for sympathy
But my parents have been paying into social security longer than I've been alive

I don't lose any sleep over getting assistance

I just wanna make the most of it

>But I have almost 0 expenses
>That and the monthly SSI check

Put the $10k in a interest-bearing CD or an index fund. Never touch it.

Put 20-30% of your SSI check in a savings account. That will be your emergency fund, not entertainment. When the balance is over a certain amount, transfer some of it to the aforementioned index fund. Don't move out of your parents' house even if you think you could afford it. The priority for you should be preventing homelessness and starvation in case shit happens, not becoming rich.

If I did go this route I'd bring a mechanic friend of mine to do the buy

Defiantly sounds better than lotto

Yeah that's the kinda long term planning I was going for
Because unless things change I've gotta live off this eventually.

That seems like the safest option

Know I'm a broken record but again thank y'all for the guidelines

I've never had to give much thought to this before