What's the best deal you've ever made?

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>buy blu ray combo pack movie at walmart for $20
>sell the dvd inside for $20
>sell the blu ray disk inside for $20
>sell the digital code for $20

boom. $40 profit by elderly people who don't know how to pirate shit.

Loaned a bunch of money to a felon to expand his business. I only made like 5k on the deal but it allowed him to expand to the point where he's now got several employees and he can take home 40k a year. Feels good that I was able to help him when commercial banks wouldn't lend to him. He certainly got the better end of it but he also did all the work.

Bought a used car. It was worth 12 and I got it for 8.

>someone backs into my shitty volvo in a parking lot
>insurance pays me $1000
> open up car door, pop dent out
>$1000 for free

Bet ~80k or so on trump to win the election (maxed every credit card / took out two personal loans) on 4-1 odds (average), cleared 250k profit, which is aus is tax free.

Went from in debt poor fag with maybe 20k networth after liabilities to now sitting at 290k (thank you stocks).

good man

Jesus Christ

Are you a Trump supporter or just an absolute madman? Congrats either way.

You were an idiot and probably still are.

heh good one, i find it amazing people thought he wouldnt win
retards, retards everywhere

>operate coffee shop
>competitor opens up
>after a month I go there a few times a week when getting groceries, getting to know their staff
>after a few weeks of getting to know the staff, I made deals with and convinced their top 3 performers, including their assistant manager, to come work for me
>got rid of my 3 worst performers
>business has gone up at my shop and their's has been plagued by health code violations and poor inventory management, regularly out of core products

Helps to treat your employees right.

Family of shitty ex-partner approaches me to work with me as they hate ex-partner too.
In months we build a business 20 times bigger than ex-partner ever could in years.
Swimming in cash now, feels good.

Louisiana purchase

dont know about my best, but my worst was buying some weed (about 10 gram) for 200 bitcoin some years ago

>Loaned a bunch of money to a felon to expand his business.

this never ends good ,´´..

this is /biz

I turned 25k into 30k in a year and did maybe 2 hours of work if you include depositing the payments.

Bought 1150 ETH @ 80 cents

I remember threads before the election by people saying they'd do this. I hope you're one of the few who followed through.

>Made 10k from odd jobs
>used 10k to make 25k in stocks
>Ask dad to match me for 25% of profits
>Dad matches me 25k
>Ask grandpa to match that for 25% of profits
>Use 100k to trade
>Make 3-4k about 4 times a week
>Ez money

I love it when someone I know asks me where I work or when I plan on getting a job.

I always grin and think of my various wallet balances.

>dad sells me a car that he could have traded in for maybe $5000 for $4300
>lets me go long periods of time without paying anything, basically I pay whatever I want whenever I feel like it
>no interest

I hate it though so I'm trying to pay it off quickly and trade it in.

Tens of thousands of free money from parents

17.5K in government grants a year

got 8k once for almost kissing a creepy millionaire. not even lying either.

Why do people feel the need to lie on the internet? It must be indicative of a very sad life


please dont operate like that in the future! youre going to go out of business if you operate like that.

storefront businesses work like this:

You bunch together, like a testudo, that way when people think of coffee they think of your particular strip. this works across the board. retailers work best when they cluster, its just how it goes. you need to be "the destination" for your city, then you really start getting the reputation and your street gets written about in the in-flight magazine to your city and even get into the common lexicon.

dont buy into "dog eat dog" every time when it comes to shopfronts, youre best off cooperating, especially if you have unique products. a cafe "experience" is completely unique. your neighbour might have a 70s theme and you might have a contemporary theme, its just different demographics. try to cooperate with your neighbors, i promise it will work out well. you can co-op on all sorts of bulk orders too.

It's like a coral reef, user. capitalism doesnt always mean somebody loses.

My friend gave me $20 for a $10 game code when I picked up a few from the store as a kid.

thats some firm conviction if true. i did ok on trump but orders of magnitude less than that. whats the next big one?

You know when you go into gas stations there are jars by the cash registers that ask you to donate to some person because they have cancer or something? One time, I noticed I looked a lot like a 52 year old family man with prostate cancer. Inside this jar, was so many quarters and crumpled dollar bills. In the picture, he was wearing a Saint Louis Cardinals hat. I went to Walmart and bought the same hat for $12. I went back to the gas station and said "Thats my Dad." and took the jar and walked the fuck out.

Best $623.47 I ever made. (AFTER the cost of the hat of course)

Did you not read the post

Traded a Dark Magician for some kid's Raigeki about ten years ago. Stupid fuck.

kek thats hilariously scummy.

Bought a domain name for $100.

Sold it for $120,000 17 years later.

Levelled up someone's pokemon go account for $300. I used a bot so basically it was free $300 for a few clicks.

Typo. I paid $1000 not $100

Just curious, what was the domain? Or, if you don't want to say, what was it in relation to that caused its value to increase so much?

Same here. I had 2k€ on Trump before he even had the republican nomination at a 9.1 quote. Put in another 2k€ in the last week before the election at 3.2 quote because i was 99% sure i had this thing when i saw Shillary and Obama campainging in deep blue states just days before the election. Made 24k€ total after taxes and broker fees.

Other than that i had a short on VW before the emissions scandal, cashed out shortly after. Got lucky.

I sold a resume to a guy for $810. Took me about an hour's worth of work.

Keked fucking hard !

That may be true or not. If he works in a mall or a shopping street whatever, customers are there by opportunity and being a one of kind business becomes much more interesting.

Bought a foreclosed house for $350k six years ago. It appraised for $685k when I refinanced last summer.

sucked a cock for $200

I bet all on Trump, 7k



Google stuff like "stolen gas station jar man with saint louis cardinals hat" and lots of stuff comes up but I'd be willing to bet this one, the one with ABCNews (too bad they seem to have taken down the story) is the guy in this post.

Someone post that picure of the European guy who put literally every penny to his name betting on Hillary winning then frantically calling the betting site back just for them to tell him his bet was irreversible. I wonder where he is now.

selling my textbook

"tools of the trade"

You might have more fun roleplaying on /b/

pretty impressive :)

Not when the other business does the same thing as you.

Occasionally it's good for business owners of the same product to work together against the buying public. But it's rare. Ultimately you always want to beat out your competitors and win the market.

I own a business sir.

nah i know people who actually bet on the election except they bet on clinton LOL

r0fl that is the most evil thing d0000d

Not lying bro, I may have lied to a bank on a credit application though haha.

boaght one of these

230.00 worth of shit for 150 wow

Thats fucking hilarious because I made that story up

go shill your shitty phone elsewhere

I usually get scammed when it comes to doing anything in life but recently I got a really good deal on a motorcycle I bought.

I honestly thought I was getting scammed considering how unknowledgeable the seller was.

Long story short, I underpaid by about $1200~ on a bike

wow. How bow dah.

what made you so confident to risk fucking yourself over for the rest of your life to do this? legit curious

Bought an e30 BMW ('87 325is) for $1600 in 2011 when i was a junior in hs. sold it for 5k in 2015. shouts out to Frank Ocean and odd future for making old bmws popular

I was already 70k in the hole (lifetime of poor money habits), so I read some books, refinanced, cut my lifestyle back, and paid it down to 60k, but it was taking too long. Given what I was saving, going broke at 60k or 140k would still put me way ahead financially, even if I have to have no credit for 3 years.

As for why Trump? I was piqued by brexit being this huge shock, and why Trump kept winning. My theory initially was that if people thought he couldn't win, he'd win.

Then I looked way into it, scott adams blog on persuasion was enlightening, following r/politics, the donald and pol, seeing the difference in astroturfing, throw in the predictive models all pointing to trump (2 Al's and 2 professors), the second debate 'because you'd be in jail' moment, rally size difference, the rigged polls (90% of polls had it at dems or women +2 to +11,even though going off the primaries it was Republican +1 to +4 turnout). Brandon Smiths blog on alt-market (a guy who is super accurate with predictions) called it early and made a case for why Trump is basically being wet up to crash the financial system.

The trigger for me was when the FBI announced they were opening the investigation, then when Clinton and Obama spent the last two days in the rest belt states, states that have been solid blue for 30 years, I knew they were done,and trump had two paths (one with and one without Florida) to win. Clinton being in Michigan the day before would have been like Trump going to Texas, it said their internal polling showed they were fucked.

I banged your mom for $5.

Actually it really wasn't a very good deal in retrospect.


Literally betting on Trump to win and getting 20k

Seconding this request

sold a machine for $400.000

agreed to move in with gf but i explicitly negotiated there will be no pets children or wedding just free sex.

You also post on whirlpool I see.

> Rasatouche

>work part time at RadioShack
>ring up transactions at cashier
>find a 1916-D Mercury dime in the machine
>in very good condition, a heavily worn specimen is worth $1,200, this would ring up $3,500 minimum
>take it out and leave a dollar in there
>have coin sold through prominent Dallas auction house
>final price $5,120
>after auction fees, my pay out is $3,000
>mfw I turned $0.90 into $3,000

I had a friend who did something really fuckin stupid. He stole money from me. His girlfriend got mad bc he spent that money alone.

We made a deal to fuck regulary and then tell him before dumping him.

Great deal if you ask me.

what were the odds?

> 17 years later

bought a knife for $150, spyderco southard... and sold it for $325.

>this would ring up $3,500 minimum
>gets $3,000

You're a fucking idiot

I bought 20 ounces of silver for $2.

Bought house in OK area for 325k in 2010. (Renton, WA) Have to move and sell 2 years later, but it is now worth 475k because all of the tech workers are moving into that area.

take my advice dont try that again

I buy video game stuff from thrift stores and garage sales and resell them on eBay. In terms of % of profit on an investment, I'd say that the Gameboy Player startup disc I picked up from a church sale for 50 cents and sold for $50 on eBay is up there.

Sold a Diablo3 item for ~170$

This fucking guy.

sold a cig to a french student for 1$

This man is smarter than me.

So? My laptop costs $800.00

I'm really depressed that I didn't do 10 k in him :/

bravo lad

hook an ausbrah up with some free pizza or something sometime my man kek
seriously dude i'm fucking proud of you regardless of political affiliations i think everyone can admit that took fucking balls

auction fees were almost half of the entire worth?????

kek i'm reading the worst financial decision one atm on the same forum

t. Thomas Jefferson

I don't intend to. I honestly think that guy will be a multi millionaire one day as long as he stays out of trouble. I don't get that impression from many people.

Makes me want to cry out of laughter how mad redditors are at this one

found a flaw in a bitcoin gambling site, cashed out 79 coins before they patched it.

I really don't care what happens to the other neighbors

I want money.