Have you ever shilled something on Veeky Forums?

Have you ever shilled something on Veeky Forums?

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I once posted a youtube video I clipped of a popular melee player crying. I posted it on /v/ and melee hell.

It got 5k views, I didn't make any money off of it. Overall a waste of thirty minutes.

yes, I shill games on /v/ / Veeky Forums and movies on /tv/

Not big money but it pays for my food, helps at the margins

>had a sports betting blog
>simple ELO-Rating, coded a program to give me tips, just had to feed the programm new data once a week (copy&paste; 10 minutes of work)
>posted them on the blog
>payout around 110% (pretty solid for sports betting)
>affiliate program with one bookie
>it was okay, steady but low passive income
>realised I need to market that shit
>pretended to have a VIP subscription on my blog, very limited and a long wait-list to join for 50 Euro a month
>faked stats and tips so it seemed like a great investment because my tips and betting history looked like a cash cow
>of course I had no subscribers, every one who tried to sign up received the same message; sorry you are on the wait-list
>well, at least they had my free tips but with lower payout they could follow
>some of them signed up through my affiliate link
>so I just needed more traffic to my site
>I put my money on both outcomes, losing a little but it was an investment
>for example: I choose a game with pretty equal odds for two outcomes, most of the times odds between 1.9- 2.00
>team will score 2 or more goals and team will score less than 2 goals, both with odds maybe at 1.9
>500 Euro on first bet, 500 Euro on second bet, so my stake is 1000 Euro and I get 950 Euro back no matter what the outcome is
>I invested 50 Euro
>after the game I spread my winning bet of 500 Euro at 1.9 on Twitter, Intagram, Facebook and /sp/
>"look at this guy. he is constantly betting big money and winning"
>more traffic to my site, more people sign up through the affialiate link, more money for me

I learned a few more tricks to persuade people but the above is the gist of my business model. I stopped updating my blog last year but I still receive money from it, people still sign up. I'll maybe start another one and try to automate as much as possible, offer more sports, calculate which bookie and affiliate program would be the best and design a more professional looking site.

Clever, you should reuse that idea to win even more indeed.

More of the leggy semen demon

No. But I've caught some faggots shilling their BuzzFeed ripoff "journalism" websites on here. One of them fucked off, but there's still one who successfully baits the board into bumping his threads until they have over 300 posts. I think he actually bought adspace on Veeky Forums so reporting him does jack shit. All he does is report things he found on other websites.

Who is that THICC goddess on the right?

Trumpcoin. Thanks for the 8btc

you have to go back

yes i did post some hashocean refs. you won't believe how many bites i got here.
made me some money before it closed shop.

How do i get into shilling?

Buy pepecash for starters.

What if Twitter merged with Square?

Think about it.

Jack Dorsey is the CEO of both companies.
They're both hemorrhaging cash.
Their investors are a bunch of hype hungry desperate idiots.
And combined they wouldn't be half-bad.

Hell, if Twitter and Square merged it would be the greatest micropayments company of all time.

Not to mention Twitter is basically a blockchain. Boom, more hype than you know what to do with.

I for one would totally tweet some birdbit to pay for stuff.

Not to mention Venmo is a great precedent for something similar, yet has nowhere close to the popularity that the combined forces of Twitter and Square could command.

All together, you have a major merger that takes two companies with negative profitability and turns them into a powerhouse for social payments, micropayments, blockchains, and slurping up investor hype money like no tomorrow.

"Squarebird: It's what's happening for business."

potcoin when it was pumping. i made 2.7btc off my .35

Hillary on /pol/, practically full-time.

Got paid $5 for ever 10 posts (with an attached image). It was a bitch keeping track of everything, but it was the easiest $15,000 I'll ever make.

>Getting paid to shitpost on /pol/
Is this paradise?

How do I get a job at CTR, bro? Can you recommend me?

>18yo available on call at any time
>been posting on Veeky Forums for 5+ years
>extremely familiar with site culture
>90+ wpm typing speed

>Veeky Forums resume

>90+ wpm
Now that's diarrhoea posting

Seems off topic but I like the idea.
>It's what's happening for business

currently shilling my website.

anyone want a million dollars?




don't want to risk not shilling hard enough and ruining my reputation here

>I am a psychopathic, high-functioning autistic, permanent hypomaniac with severe OCD and severe ADHD and antisocial personality disorder.

Shutup and take my money!

just the guy i hired to write the backend.



it's ok that you don't have sufficient money or don't value my opinion enough to ask privately.

Someone else will :0)

Daily reminder to report this shill everytime he spams his shitty page here


Not him but my programmer friend has shilled his games on /v/ and Veeky Forums before.

You just have to create something vaguely related to Veeky Forums then create a bait OP.

Also, how do you shill ebay stuff? I'm selling something some of my stuff on ebay and want some traction

thanks bro

You pay the but rape fees to eBay and paypal for the exact reason that you don't have to shill anymore.

So you're saying that ebay does the work by making the item easy to find?

Really made me think (srs)

I shilled my friend's youtube channel a bit because I think it will catch on pretty soon here, and want to see him make it.

Currently shilling my soundcloud on /mu/