Is there any way I can make a stable 2-2.5k income per month online?

Is there any way I can make a stable 2-2.5k income per month online?

I come from a 3rd world country and that's enough for me to live till the end of my life, which is probably just 5-6 years more.

fuck me

Good Youtube content?

I actually made 1.5k in dec from pokemon videos, but then not so much in january and this month.

Asking here to see if there's other easier opportunity than youtube because took me some ''''hard work''' to get that 1.5k

How many videos did you make?
You used free songs?

Everything involves hard work user. If you made 1500 dollars with YouTube it means you are good at it. Stick to it.

So, you just made Pokemon let's plays? What distinguished you from the millions of other pokemon streamers?

Shit senpai that's more than stamper makes, gg

a few. but one got 700k views and the other one is 400k and kinda got recommended in animations a few times.

kinda like a montage or some shit

Nothing. He profited from the fact that there are billions of people willing to watch those videos.

How about you stop being a Nigerian and actually go outside and work?

At least he made 1500 with YouTube unlike your first world unemployed ass.

cool projection buddy.

let's see what his 'youtube' career will bring him after a couple of years.

>anime reaction image
>bitter online
It's not projection. It's a deduction.

thanks everyone. appreciate it

yo op
Argentinian here
i have 3 online "incomes"
>Office from home, old businessman dont know shit about online bank transactions and general stuff (Around $300 for 10hrs a week)
>i get some random indian guys to do web pages and shit for me (from freelancer or Fiverr) (can go from 100-1000$ month depending on luck)
>i do some printing jobs, you know flyers,comics and shit (0-1000$ depending on luck , i once did 3500$ from this) (Esencially what you do here is: get the cheapest place that does a job for X, offer your buyer Y amount (usually cost*2.5) if they accept great. you just made x*1.5

[spoiler]AGUANTE MACRI![/spoiler]

There's a million ways to do that, internet is a big place. Some things are illegal, others borderline illegal, many take months,'s impossible to say if you can make it. If it's more like regular jobs then freelance of course can make this much, if you are good and marketable.

why only 5-6 years?

Can you explain more about these indian guys? What do you get them to do?

basically you get someone to ask you for a webpage/desing
"let me check how much time it takes so i can give you the cost"
go to freelancer say
"i need to do X job"
Indians bid on a proyect
"hey friend i work for $50 dolar"
You go to the one that asked you for the proyect
"Yeah it would be around 200$ in one week, 50% in advance sounds good?"
pay the indian guy
get it done.

So do you approve the work before you pay them? Like the money is in escrow or something? Or do they finish it and get the money?

lol typically that work is garbage. in the end, you get what you pay for.

He still makes $150. What's the problem?

freelancer has the money
if i think the product aint what i expected i get it back

does the buyer know?
most of them just want some shitty contact form and 2 pictures

why so much? how much is the minimum wage there?

here, minimum wage is 370 dollars. if your country is "third world" you are expecting to make 8-10 times minimum wage. unrealistic.

He made $1500 on YouTube in December.

if you make 1000$ (US) in argentina , you are a god walking around humans
Delivery food every night
Buy whatever you want
Pay expensive restaurants just becuase
Have a flat in the best part of the city
ME irl

>Delivery food every night
>Buy whatever you want
>Pay expensive restaurants just becuase
This is why poor south americans will always stay poor south americans

stock market.
Trade options

my country is very limited on what i can spend money one
>importing shit is hard and too expensive
i just paid 10 + 1 dolars for a 2 dolar ring from china
thats bulshit

I would love to make just $300 per month to rot in peace in my basement jerking off and playing games.

I was working for Appen and getting $320 per month until now, but the contract ended.

Now I'm trying to sell games on Ebay, for now I just sold 2 games in almost one month and made -$5 because of taxes that I didn't even know that existed.

how do you find people to sell the web pages to?

there are 3 types
>small bussiness that want an online store/contact page
>artists HURRR i want the pages Xdxddxdd
>random people that think they can make x famous webpage better (i want to make a facebook/twitter/youtube)

>>random people that think they can make x famous webpage better (i want to make a facebook/twitter/youtube)
How much are they willing to pay for it?
You know even pajeets won't make those sites with $50.

most of them catch the bait at 1500-2000 usd
"i want to make a programmers social network"
"i want to make a anime site"
"i want to make a twitter for dating"
that shit
most of these are implemented as wordpress pages or shit
indians want around 300-500

Okay so basically I do this
>find fag that wants website
>ask freelancer to do it
>charge fag more than i pay freelancer

can u help me with more detail on finding people who want websites I literally don't know where to work

>get business card (ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT)(this makes you look authentic)
>go to artist universities
>hello my name is user , i make webpages such as porfolios, contact forms and stuff , everything custom made, no random templates
>"having a web page makes you look legit"
>call me if you want to take you job seriously (or something less aggressive)

For bussiness
>Hello! Do you want to increase your online presence ?
>Most of my customers say they increased sells by 25%
>if you dont have a webpage , you dont exist
>i can make you one, i will make you a discount

for custom/serious stuff
(i once made a craiglist like webpage for $3000 , i only paid an indian $150)
>let me talk with my guys , they are gods at programming
>give me 1 week (that how much it takes to get bids)

i once sold youtube likes / instagram followers / twitter followers / facebook likes

Get Fivver
5$ = 50 likes
sold them 15$ to teenage girls who thought they will actually win "cutest girl" contests

With 1000 usd here in brazil you will be poor af, will be giving more than 30% of your money in taxes

>i come from a 3rd world country
Reported to ICE/DHS.