"Laid Off" for pointing out tax fraud

>20 years old need a part time job
>call local stores ask about part time jobs
>Cove Country Store
>job looks great, super nice, 28 hours a week, Saturday and Sunday off
>first paycheck, cash, no taxes, crap this could be illegal
>do research- it is

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>about that time the manager announces she has a better job and that she's leaving for a $10 per hour raise- Good for her.
>new manager comes in, seems nice. "at first"
>tells me about "new policy" about certain business "Gray Utility Services" that they want everything they buy to fall under the category of Diesel Drinks, Food, Ice, and eveything else

I worked at a bakery for a few months for $7.50/hr cash in early 2016. I just viewed it as "Well this is like $10/hr taxed so whatever."

Side note, if your buddy-buddy with the heads of the local schools and offices, the doughnut business is VERY lucrative.

>less than $0.08 to make a doughnut

>apparently since they work for the city their fuel is paid for by the city
>Talk to my manager on a wilm after they leave one day "Isn't that illegal" she blushes and quickly says NO
>after that she turns into a asshole talking about how people pay enough taxes la de da
>next week instead of 28 I have 26 I write it off as "ahhh its just slow"
>24 at this point I ask if everythings ok
>"ohh yeah business is just slow"

I don't care where this story is going. You gave up a cake job that didn't report your income. You are an idiot.

Ill look into that
>look at the time sheets mines in the back last name starts with a L
>everybody else is getting like 26, 28, and 30 hours with the manager getting 60.
>start looking at the schedule manager who has been coming in at 7 is not supposed to get in till 9 and leaves 3 hours after the schedule says.
>without saying anything ask her if it would be possible to work a extra hour everyday "I work the morning shift"
>"no we don't really need 2 people to be here till 10 am"

Op is a fucking idiot

Tell me more about this donut racket homie

Wow ok
>she started acting strange around me giving me less and less hours
>notice someone else comes in at 9 when I get off
>ask about that and make a joke about not being able to pay my taxes
>yesterday the head accountant comes in and explains how someone started complaining about how it seams like the store doesn't have to pay taxes and maks everybody fill out a w2
>get laid off today five minutes before I get off
>"some of our contracts are wanting to leave because you are too nice to them "WAT"
>given a check on the way out with my final pay funny how we always got paid in cash before
basically got laid off because I knew too much and I was a liability.
Is there any corse of action I can take?

>Is there any corse of action I can take?
Is there really any point in pursuing vengeance for a shitty cash in the hand job? Just move on with your life.

The store is called the "Cove Country Store" If anybody is wondering.

Report to your tax authority asap. You may be able to make some legal money off of this if you consult with a employment or business lawyer for unauthorized termination.

>just do it

thats a good idea
> (281) 573-3300 their phone number

Equipment includes:
>glazing machine
>large mixer
>deep fryer
>butcher block table
>drying rack

With these things you can begin the doughnut side of the business.

Basically, where I worked it operated like this. I'd arrive at 9pm every day. I'd start the mix and clean any dishes.

As the mix finished, I would fold the dough and let it rise. At this point I had 30 minutes of free time.

Once the dough rose, I'd begin rolling it, cutting the doughnuts out and setting them in the proofer and then the drying rack 15 mins later.


When it dried to a certain texture, I'd fry it, let it cool for a second and then glaze it.

Then back to the drying rack where it solidifies a little before moving to the display. Around the time I got the first batch out around 11-12, the breakfast cook and doughnut decorator would arrive.

The night would continue until around 4-5am when we'd all leave. I had to clean the entire kitchen alone every night as well.

But, they'd open shop around 6am and close around 11am. I produced around $300 in product a night. That, plus special orders and breakfast food made around $400-$500 a day if they sold out.

My town has 15k people, so the owners are well connected into the schools and offices.

Takes around $0.08/doughnut including overhead to produce, and then sells for $0.85 all day.

Fuck them over, do it anonymously but fuck them over good. They are the reason your country is missing income

>Is there any corse of action I can take?
Google "IRS whistleblower reward" If you think they're actually evading a lot of taxes, you could get a reward for reporting them.

/ thread

But op you messed up here. Employer fraud is only something you should bring up when it's not working in your favor.


>Company hires wageslave retard to do menial tasks
>He's clearly autistic and starts sperging on day one
>Has no idea how our business is structured, but keeps having autistic fits about taxes
>Have to cut his hours because he's underperforming and customers are complaining that he's sperging
>Starts so much drama that we have to have the accountant come in to get the office under control
>This dumb autist still doesn't stop
>Fire him with a feel good excuse
>He then goes on the business board of a Chinese Hentai Trading Card forum to post our address and phone number

fuck they pussy n shit man

So OP, you're doing this for ethical reasons, right? Even if you were the accountant filling the tax reports the IRS couldn't touch you.

Basically this

Why the fuck did you put this in so many posts, you could have put this in far fewer posts, I'm sitting here trying to fucking read this little story and I have tp keep looking and scrolling and looking and scrolling, fuck your shit thread and fuck you op, you mother fucker

>Cove Country Store

Hey m8, do you hire mexicans?

>I am incapable of reading a book nevermind a few paragraphs

I don't really post that often on Veeky Forums and I do not know the character limit for a post

I am doing it for ethical reasons because lieing on your taxes is wrong even for the right reasons.

I worked hard and was always friendly and pleasant the "quoted" complaints were about me giving them the wrong kind of cigarettes which is understandable because I do not smoke. I only mentioned the tax thing one time during lunch only to my immediate supervisor. I graduated late last year and I only took the part time job so that I would be getting some income until I found my career. the accountant comes every thursday to pick up the cash. the hours that were cut were given to the new manager so that she could enjoy the extra 44 dollars per day.
its Japanese Hentai not Chinese Hentai
>even a retard knows that

Oh god. They chose not to pay taxes in Texas? Good fucking luck.

Report them to the IRS.

Do they not pay taxes? brb starting business in Texas

Not that guy but thank you very much

You're too honest for this world, user.

>basically got laid off because I knew too much and I was a liability.

Obviously you dont even know enough to keep your mouth shut

I can see why you would have concern when the job doesn't contribute to your social security benefits.

At the same time, tax-free at a chill store sounds real comfy

Texas doesn't have state income tax by the way so you'd only have to pay federal.

All the fucking typos in your story doesn't inspire confidence in your competence.

When Houston sends their incels, they don't send their best.

>"Laid Off" for pointing out tax fraud
you're fucktarded. unless the company is "raided" on fairly regular basis, it's not your fucking problem and you should just stfu

>I am doing it for ethical reasons because lieing on your taxes is wrong
holy shit OP are you 13 ?

>lying on taxes isn't wrong
Oh look, another soldier in the Free Shit Army.

How is it not his problem when this scheme required him to commit a crime or lose his job?

If the IRS investigates them based of your tip and finds fraud you are entitled to some big money (% of the total fraud).

>a fucking country store
OP isn't getting jack shit

Sure thing.


u get $$$$$$$$$

>Cove Country Store

Where exactly is this?

I like how Op uses quotation marks for emphasis
>"at first"
Did you graduate high school, Op?

Seems to be a lot of self educated Redditor Wikipedia Veeky Forums shitlorts around these days that need a swift curb stomp

ITT: OP is a fucking retard.

Could take 10 years before you see any money, if you are lucky enough. IRS doesnt have to pay shit.