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"Serious gains guys" edition
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> When is it coming to my country?
The only "plans" are on an Australian and Chinese beta. Neither of which has gained much traction.

> I hit sell when the stock was X.XX, but it actually sold at a lower price, am I being jewed?
Jewish tricks? No, and please refrain from the antisemitism! Robinhood graphs are just shit and only show you an average, not-really-realtime price. To get Bid/Ask prices and important things like candlestick graphs, you should use a more robust platform.

> How is it free?
"People" invest your settled funds when you're not using them, just like banks.

> Is this the place to pump and dump and/or shill a worthless stock?
Are you aware how small this community is? Better to try stocktwits or r/wallstreetbets

> It's been X days, why isn't my account verified yet?
Not being approved in 3 days seems to be the new norm. Nevertheless, call/email their support if you've been waiting more than that.

> Where can I get better charting or bid/ask?
Real brokers, like TDAmeritrade's thinkorswim. Otherwise you should be using stockcharts.com, finviz, or a non-pile-of-shit for your graphing in addition to Robinhood.

>How do I git gud?
People here are gambling, don't listen to any advice in this thread. Do, follow news, earnings reports, and stay away from leveraged etfs, also learn difference between LIMIT and MARKET


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Big tax cuts coming soon!

You really shilled the chatroom? Joke

Hope you all have a pleasant weekend. Someone have the next hot meme on my desk by 8:59am tomorrow.

Sold PIP and LIVE for minor gains.

Holding out to moon on these. Only JAGX, DRWI, ETRM are down, but expecting to at least break even next week on those

I was kidding because he guy was "recruiting" now hat I think about it I should have made one for activision

Apparently we've got DRWI as a weekend warrior. Shilled by the retard pepe himself.

Could be MYOS guy, could be an imposter, however after he shilled it, it went up 10%.

what are good stocks to invest in for the upcoming border wall project

now I dont know if that was from people buying his prediction or something else. Frogposter claimed that was the insiders making their purchase before the announcement. The timing was just right. If I dont get results by next wednesday I am dumping it.

yep it magically went to 1.80 on no news and traded around 1.70 yesterday. I checked finviz and google finance, couldn't find anything to explain the jump.

not a single day goes by without me regretting not buying a couple thousand dollars of bitcoin 6-7 years ago

tfw you bought 105 shares of IMMU @ 5.74


i thought it would run to 6 maybe 7 and was chasing like a fucking rookie

Holy shit, take a look at SGNL

i put in $1000 when it was $90 a coin. my dad convinced me pull out. it shot up to $1000 a coin a week later. such is life.

I first heard of bitcoin when it was hovering around $3 and decided against buying

Could have been fucking rich by now

Makes me happy when I think of the people who did get rich from holding it.

Literally memes to millions.

I meant why would you post that pic. I don't want to see that shit I'm celebrating. My gains nigga

>its a Xavier thread episode

ive been thinking about my losses lately and I think one of my big problems is I try to trade too many things at once.
my new plan is to focus on a handful of companies, just a handful, and only trade those.

I will become expert at reading specifically their charts and following their news.

no more blindly jumping into things I dont know enough about

Is KBSF worth getting into?

it perfectly captured the essence of what im feeling

now the problem is trying to determine which stocks are the right ones for me to follow

You feel like a child with a tumor? Better off using the brain wojak

Finally even on CGC/WEED. Got fucked by the tradehalt when it reached 17 dollars. Can't wait for earnings gains next week.

Been a great week. I lost a lot less money than I usually do. Sucks about the weekend.

yes exactly, a big fucking tumor i call IMMU

MSTX just released the S4

We're gonna put a meme on the moon.

You ready cowboy?

I'm ready user, strapped into my seat. 429 shares at .1389, I'm fucking pumped

Im going to read over the s4 this weekend i'll let you boys know what my exit strategy is sunday night.

Until then

Is anyone still holding from before their drug got denied?

MSTX going to the moon? What's it going to be on Monday?

I want expert analysis with key points highlighted on my desk @ 8:59 tomorrow morning

Redpill me on AZRE

We got shilled again most likely....MSTX gonna do a r/s

Dude the R/S doesn't matter in this scenario they are doing a reverse merger. Savara instead of going through the ipo process is merging with mstx so they can take over the ticker the r/s is non sequitor because mstx is being acquired at a valuation price.

$80 a share
Also pic related guys monday for sure

I heard R/S don't even register properly on RH? Idk man I hope so I just haven't seen a company perform well after doing a split so I'm skeptical

Anyone know where to get Level 2 for free? I just want to see live bid/ask.

this site has good candle sticks, but can't seem to find bid/ask information anywhere.

the design of that site is a fucking mess. Someone recommended it to me also but I could never find where the fuck the bid/asks were

Yeah... I've poked around a little bit was was completely unable to find it.

lol found it. In that black graphics area theres a button for LII book quotes. Click on it and enter your ticker

Right but I don't see the bid/ask.

BATS offer an orderbook aswell. On phone forgot link

>Weekend hits, now bored and nothing to do but endlessly speculate


below that dude its a tiny white button that will bring up a pop up window with a table

Oh mah man! There we go! Man, what a terrible website.

yeah and that table is only populated when its 'live', for me at least. It should be empty right now.


with you, atleast no more 4.5 hours sleep

It's honestly so tempting to try and jump into the crypto markets just because they are open all the time but I like my relatively predictable commodities and know nothing about financed memes

same. I fucking hate waiting on weekends to trade again.

I'm BSTG at .305 and IMMU 5.3 for the weekend the AH did pretty good for BSTG but hit me on IMMU

Looking good for Monday.


First timer here, going in on 300 shares of three memes earlier today, got nothing to do now but wait for next week and see what happens. What do you guys usually do to pass the time? I've got a reading list and not much else.

Obtaining money through the use of unspeakable crimes against humanity

>Obtaining money through the use of unspeakable crimes against humanity
But I thought the stock market was closed on the weekends.

If I want to trade and I'm in Canada, how fucked am I?

Is it possible for me to open an American bank account and sign up that way? I'd need to be a citizen to do that I'm sure.

Reading, I like my garbage fantasy books, going through the malazan series right now and it's pretty good so far (if really confusing)

Right now I'm looking at ethereum trends and regretting not being able to grab the 10.xx level on the ninth since it would've been an obvious buy to me on a technical level but I know fuck all about cryptocurrency or what a good broker is for it, going to have to get into it at some point

we have alot of illegals such as yourself coming over and making bank accounts and even voting. im sure 1 more couldn't hurt.

fuck this week, i had it till i chased IMMU

Any low fee'd trading platform in US? I don't even know how to use a wallet, and doesn't converting bitcoins to real money cost alot? Why not trade futures?

fuck pic related


Is it gonna go belly-up? Will there be a breakthrough? Will it go to zero....

Or will KTOS soar while we bomb the shit out of ISIS with new drone tech?


The one day and 3 month chart for NAK is uncanny in similarity.

Also, I might be autistic.

have any of you guys used a bloomberg terminal before?

i was interested in getting a trial but im assuming it still costs a small fortune to obtain

You're probably the only guy on Veeky Forums that DOESN'T have a Bloomberg terminal.

You really think a bunch of NEETs who buy 2 shares of a penny stock are shelling out 20 grand a year for a terminal?

I see you guys mentioning bids/asks, I found out today that when you open a buy/sell window in RH you can tap the number of shares for "this is how many shares you can get with your current buying power at the price" and tap on the price (I tried this in a limit buy order) to get bid/ask prices

This probably isn't news, but then again neither were the "HOW DO TRADEDAYS WORK WHAT THE GUF IS AN INSTANT GOLD" posts the last few days

yeah this is a good tip

but be aware that is delayed data, 15 minutes behind

you can use tradingview.com to can get realtime data for current bid ask (and nice ass charts too)

What is a Bloomberg terminal

My campus has it for free for students

My top 3 for 2017
$CARA again

NVDA might be a good proxy for Nintendo around the Switch launch. Going to do some more research.

Anyone bagholding $xgti? I'm playing the waiting game to see if I can recoup my losses.

Hey guys, can you help me understand Robinhood instant? I've been using the standard for a while now, and the wait time always kills me.

It says that it's free, but what's the catch? And how does it work?

Nintendo is only a $200 stock, why wouldn't you just buy it instead of NVDA?

It's a limited margin account. That means RH will loan you, at no cost, unsettled funds (Many brokers do this because there is no risk, and it's very appealing to traders). You then no longer have to wait the three days and can trade with your profits instantly.
However, because you are now using a margin account, you will be subject to SEC rules on pattern day trading. These rules are simple but quite restrictive on the number of intraday trades you can do if you have less than $25k in your account. You get three, and each one only resets every five trading days. Buying and holding for at least one night before selling is unrestricted.

If your campus has a terminal then you just have to make an account and you can use it. Ask before you use it though so your dumbass doesn't try to charge expensive alternate services to the account.

NTDOF is an otc ADR. Robinhood doesn't offer otc trading.

Thank you, user.

IMMU looks like it's in a 3 month long uptrend, and the news it just had may very well make it go higher and higher. Holding it for the weekend was definitely a good move as long as you're willing to watch it go through some consolidation.
But BSTG looks like a terrible stock man. It's been in a downtrend for a while and it looks like you're trying to catch a falling knife.

Do any of you get lucid dreams finding yourself on a grand moon mission in the market and then realizing it's not real.

Same here. We can only hope

Had a dream a couple of nights ago where MGT was re-listed on the Nasdaq and trading for $25 a share

If anyone has any stock picks they'd like me to tell you whether or not it seems like a good pick, by all means let me know.
I'm using the RSI, SMA, and MACD indicators as well as things like volume and patterns.
All technical analysis.

DRWI pls senpai

IMMU is going to spike again monday r, right guys


Why the fuck did they delist $MGT dindu nuffin

Support is at 1.55 at it looked like it closed at 1.65 friday with lots of volume on thursday
The RSI is at 33 which indicated it is relatively oversold right now.
Personally I wouldn't buy this stock because it just looks like it's all over the place.
One day it opens at 2.7 and the next it opens at 2.25?

Seems way too risky, but it seemed like a relatively bullish week so i'm thinking it may go into the 3 dollar range if the momentum continues.
Don't be surprised if it continues it's downtrend though.

My bad I meant 2 dollar range lol

Thank you

What sites do you use to look at all the info?

I use stockcharts and tradingview

I saw it's RSI was pretty over sold was hoping it would jump up just because it has volume and oversold. Not planning to hold long. But it jumped 5% ah hope it doesn't get destroyed in PM

What resources did you use to learn TA?

Because the SEC wants to keep us poor

Did we at least get any advanced warning about the decision to delist?