Is having a gf a financial mistake?

Is having a gf a financial mistake?

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rich people are way more likely to be married than poor or middle class.

so you decide.

>Is giving away my hard earned money to a roastie for doing nothing a financial mistake?

gee i wonder

they're also more likely to be divorced.

what if she puts out sexually and does errands

Objectively speaking, yes.

If you explain that your heavy budgeting/savings/investing is justified and she's cool with it, not really.

If she's like most girls and just wants your attention/affection/hang out and do things with you, odds are it's going to eat into your finances, yes.

Whodathunkit - social interactions and activities demand resources.

Addendum: more than money, a gf is much more likely to be a drain on your time as a resource.

I'm not saying it's bad - humans are generally social creatures. Depends on how much of both time and money you can be bothered to divert from yourself. Lack of time is by far the most likely culprit in eroding relationships. Simple really - you stop hanging out with people and relationships cool, eventually freezing.

so the secret is

1. get married
2. get bitched at to put on the pressure to work hard and succeed so you can be a provider,
3. have a bitter divorce where you still lose a lot of money, but its more than youd have without getting bitched at for a decade or so

>what if she puts out sexually and does errands
so your giving her money as well as letting the succubus drain your precious life force? sounds good bro

not likely.

rich people don't get rich working normie jobs.

it's more likely that the qualities that make rich people rich are the same ones the opposite sex finds attractive. So if you don't like having a sexual partner there's a very good chance you don't have what it takes to get rich anyways.

though living with someone and splitting the bills and the income is absolutely proven to save you tons of money vs living on your salary alone or splitting bills with roommates but not income.

>is having two incomes but less than twice the expenses a financial mistake

gee i wonder

Having a girlfriend hasn't been a financial mistake to me. We split most of the bills, she can cook way better than me, she is very ambitious in her career field and it's not uncommon that we both work an 80 hour workweek.

We both want to be rich, and for the last two years it's pretty much been a team effort for us to get there. What really helped is we both brought connections to the table that really helped us network with local businesses. Wouldn't have been able to get as far as I have without her. Will probably propose mid 2018 if it's still going well.

If she isn't a lazy cunt then id say you are good.

t. Gf is a student right now so only time will tell

Thats actually the only reason im single

>oh baby I just absolutely need the new Gucci handbag
>I think it's time to move to a bigger place
>you're not going to give me a cheap wedding ring right? You do love me right?
>let's go on vacation to Peru and Hawaii!
>I think we need a beach house in Miami, my bff Jen told me about hers and it seems absolutely amazing
>go to work! But honey, you make enough for the two of us! Don't you want me to stay home and vaccuum once a weak?

It's really not that much money for me. It's really just food, and I tend to eat a lot of her food anyways so it evens out


Why arn't you marrying a gf that has a job? The girls who are the gold digger types are usually the retarded ones that are prone to cheat. That, or they are very conservative.

Just tell her u dont want to waste money on stupid things and mainly just want to bang.

High iq correlates with wealth and income.

Also the higher the iq, more like a person is a single and does not have children

not as good as living with your parents

Not always true

Most girls that work usually do it so they can still save while hoeing themselves out.

Girl I know just got a bf in the nick of tax return time. She's dumping his ass after valentines as well.

depends how big your allowance is

Video this conversation and post it here, I could do with a laugh

>gf makes more than me
>splits bills
>listens to me about what to spend money on

Im ok with mine

U woudn't understand my native language. She is not gonna respond weird, I usually say it jokingly.

Same person btw

>Having a SINGLE gf

You guys have it all fucked up. The goal is to be so rich that you can maintain your very own harem. Money before women makes the women that much sweeter.

You decide


>>gf makes more than me
shame on you. I hope you're working on that.

Usually yeah. But you don't just lose money, you lose time and energy too. You have to remember your money isn't your only resource in life. You'll give her time and energy that you could use for learning and making money for yourself.

It makes perfect economic sense for a woman to have a boyfriend/husband. It makes no economic sense for a man to have a girlfriend, or even worse, a wife.

This is just the big, aggregate picture of course.

That screenshot always makes me rage. +1 Internets to you sir.

>it's more likely that the qualities that make rich people rich are the same ones the opposite sex finds attractive.

No. Men and women aren't attracted to the same qualities in each other.

The qualities that can help make a man rich, i.e ambition, charisma, type-A personality, cunning, work ethic, can make him attractive to a woman at least as a beta provider.

But that doesn't mean men want some type-A careerist to be their wife and the mother of their children. A woman's economic status has nothing to do with her wife-ability unless we're talking about some crushing debt she'd be bringing into the marriage, which would be a massive negative.

In other words, men's economic status is highly correlated to their sexual success and marriageability, while women economic status either has no impact, or if their status is very high, has a negative impact on their marriageability because they can rarely find men that make more money than they do, which is the kind of man they almost always want for marriage.

>the only reason I'm single

There's no way it's not fake...


The sequel is even better.

Highest rated comment on this was something like "If you didn't know about his money, would you want him back? My guess is no."

I was at a dinner with old friends one time about a month ago. This one girl was there, not one of my friends, but the friend of my friends GF, so a few degrees separate.

She's 30 now and was always kind of a cunt to me and many others. Been a jizz jar club slut too. Now looking for those provider bucks. Kept trying to talk to me and I mostly ignored her or gave terse answers. Everyone was talking about marriage and shit, and one of her friends asks her if she has anyone lined up. She says "Maybe. user (me) here is gonna settle down some time soon, right?"

By this time I was buzzed (we all were) so I didn't give a fuck and I said "I've known you for 9 years and the only that's changed about me is money and everyone here fuckin' knows it."

Brief silence while all the guys try not to crack up, all the girls are tight-lipped and probably offended lol. Turn to another guy and say "You been watching The Man in the High Castle, right?" and we went from there.

Good times.

Is it really crazy enough to be fake?

It's possible that his friends were just fucking with her though, like they made it up just to fuck with her head. One time a friend of mine got shot down hard by this girl so we just told her his dick was huge, no idea if it was or not. She tried to get with him after that and he told her to fuck off.

> We broke up because HE had been dishonest.


not if she is rich or her family is rich to support you

Women are like a house.

Make a good buy and that house will support you for life. Make a bad buy and that house will take everything from you.

Problem being, houses don't have minds they can change and an entire Government to use against you to throw you out of them and move someone else in while forcing you to still pay.

Sure, but so are all sorts of other things in life. There are worse things to spend money on. Besides, people never appreciate the value of love. I know this is Veeky Forums and all that, but happiness should always be the thing to strive for in life and love is a pretty damn potent source of it. Comes with tons of pros and cons though so make sure you don't pick blindly

I tell any serious gf i don't plan on marriage fairly early on
Some get it some don't

there is literally nothing rage-worthy about that. she did nothing wrong. she acted accordingly based on what she could have known at the time; a guy with no ambition is not a good mate. beyond that, him being vague as hell to her about his situation is wrong; and hes just a lucky motherfucker with an inheritance to boot. its not like he worked for that shit.

god, you butthurt mra-types are almost as bad as feminists

>butthurt mra-types

Yes, anyone who doesn't think women are special and perfect is a morbidly obese MRA who lives beneath the first floor of a house, or whatever convenient fantasy ad hominem you can pull out of your busted boipussy at the moment.

Face it, she said "my news feed has been filled with my peers getting married, buying houses (in this bubble) having babies, and other various accolades. I can't help but feel jealousy by this...Three weeks ago after seeing a girl I knew from high school buy her 3rd property with her husband (note: I guarantee HE bought that shit, not her) I felt like my relationship with Will was juvenile and had no future."

Later: "If a man with disposable income meets a woman he likes, doesn't want to treat her?"

She's openly admitting she wants him to fund her fucking rat race status whoring and give her bullshit presents.

Stop defending whores, you sad twat. If she didn't have a cunt you'd say she was as much a loser as you think he is.

Yes, but more so are children.

Marriage and kids is a net loss.
/pol/ will dispute This by saying save the white race etc, but the truth is if family and spreading your genes is want you really want go to Africa and have 5 families for the price of one.

The trick to single wealth creation is getting large amounts of capital and building up compounding interest early.

Then you can do whatever

oh yes how dare she want a man who has ambition, goals and financial security to start a family and life with. how dare she follow her biological imperative.

>If she didn't have a cunt you'd say she was as much a loser as you think he is.

you're applying male-logic to females exactly how feminists apply female-logic to males. literally male version of feminist bullshit.

If you haven't

1). Studied female brain/female psychology

2). Been in a relationship with a girl. (an actually girly girl).

3). Had female friends or close female family

then you have no idea what you're talking about

there so you obviously know how they think. so you're faulting them for what exactly? You acknowledge that they're innately different yet you're mad at them for behaving in accordance with their nature.

my employer gives me enough usd for 70000 snickers bars per year

the red pill everybody
egalitarian? fuck that
equal pay? dual income? ACTUAL security?

nah, it's in womens' NATURE to be worthless leeches

I always wonder what these betas are thinking. Seems paradoxical to me.

You sound like a lunatic.

they want to have it both ways. I find it hard to believe that anyone with actual experience with girls (dating, deep conversations, sex, cuddling) can say the shit they say.

this is so true i have a family friend thats a trust fund kiddie. went to nyu paid for being a subpar student. 45 now, lives in a 8k a month loft in manhattan, never worked a day in his life, and pulls literal models and cheats on them

Oh yeah.

One of the reasons why I don't have a gf.

Gotta love normie self aggravating bs though I told a homie about it and he just told me to stop thinking about a relationship like an investment.

I love the dude but he gets leeched from his fat gf

Why in God's name would you ask anyone here?

>not having a girlfriend that makes as much money as you and is responsible

>Is having a gf a financial mistake?

obviously this depends on your girlfriend

>One of the reasons why I don't have a gf.
lol sure buddy

>they're also more likely to be divorced.
Objectively not true. Divorce rates for rich people are less than 20%.

I normally hate the way people act in these, but this one I don't have a problem with. You don't have kids and start a family with a poor unemployed loser. Everybody ITT has said it's only a good idea to get married to a working professional, why are women somehow exempt from this?

Great analogy, I'm going to use this.

A house can also develop problems, user.

they both did nothing wrong.

he specifically filtered for a girl that wanted nothing from him. she failed.

she specifically wanted someone who was ambitious and rich. he didnt show it. he failed.

shes just pathetic for wanting to crawl back.

keep in mind however. there is no universal morality that men are supposed to support the woman, or work to give his woman a great life. feminism outright asks that this not be the case.

so shes just a foolish and pathetic woman who cant see this dynamic and just let it go

Gf - yes
Gold digger - yes
Good wife - no.

While there are opportunistic streaks present in her case, I honestly can't see it scoring a point for the redpill camp. She was looking for a partner to share a life with. While the guy showed no ambition nor offered an explanation or justification for the perceived passivness in building a foundation for a possible future together, he went and said he saw her in his future. This is basically setting both sides up for a big disappointment. If he wasn't actually interested in founding a family, he should've just said so. Being 26, she was chasing her biological clock by then in all likelihood. That is just a reality you have to face - majority of women will begin to feel a nagging need to have children and settle with a family after their early twenties.

She hung around for almost a whole year. All the while being under the impression he was poor and frugal. She did prod him about possibly changing this situation since both him and her seemed to be into eachother enough to warrant spending their lives together. And this is completely reasonable - why would you willingly start a family in a weak financial situation. She literally did nothing more or less than try to remind him that he should improve his situation with a little effort.

It's fair to assume she now has a sour retrospective on the whole thing because, as it turned out, everything was actually alright and they could've actually taken their relationship to the next level, but the guy was a moron and insisted on playing some "prove your worth" game. She still misses him, and that is precisely what makes it even more painful - the entire time she spent with him, everything they needed to live a happy family life together was there. And by treating her every now and then, she's not asking him to pay off every fantasy she has, jesus. Basic bitch shit, like roses on a special day or a nice little restaurant date. How hard is that.

Unlike you amerilards, Eastern Euro women and men get along great.


having a permanent gf if you are over 7/10 is a financial disaster.

we have this race with gf when she gets a raise i go ask for a bigger raise then it's her turn.

>Eastern Euro women and men get along great
because drunk wife beaters would know what getting along looks like

Ideally nobody should be abused by their significant others, but are you implying there is no domestic violence in the US?

The point was that here in eastern Europe the women are generally much more honest about worrying about the financial security of themselves and their partners if starting a family is concerned. Especially those of slavic origins.

Ask yourself this: would YOU devote yourself without question to a seemingly unambitious/undriven partner, who shows little or no signs of improving their lot when the subject of a future together has been discussed.

Hint: you wouldn't.

You would eventually have to start asking the hard questions: "Are you serious about us?".

This isn't greed or golddigging. This is basic relationship risk assessment and management. You're on Veeky Forums for fuck's sake, you'd think people here would be more likely than most people to connect the dots.

If you can't attract a quality woman instead of golddigger trash then you deserve this future

>quality woman

>because drunk wife beaters would know what getting along looks like

>Find a somewhat conservative girl (yes they exist, but hard to find) with a good job and education
>Make it explicitly clear upfront that you're not interested in marriage or children
>If she's not okay with that then move on
>Always use your own condoms, even if she's on the pill. Pull out as well if you're really paranoid.
>Tell her to fuck off if she's starts asking for you to buy her/pay for shit

Not that difficult. Just don't be desperate and latch on to any girl that lets you fuck her.

yes because u have to buy lunch and dinner twice a day and whenever you go out somewhere nice youre also paying twice.

alright user
my income totals $85000 per year
where can I find a girl that pull that

>Find a somewhat conservative girl (yes they exist, but hard to find) with a good job and education
>Make it explicitly clear upfront that you're not interested in marriage or children

implying a conservative girl would be ok with your second bit

and then you go onto say "not that difficult", yea ok bud

>Conservative = family oriented/religious

Tell that to all the MGTOWs who voted for Trump

altright voted for trumputin not conservatives

I don't follow

no because if I didn't have a gf/wife I'd eventually blow my brains out.

tried to stay away from women for 5 years to focus on my career and became very depressed and alcoholic. it's gay, but a good woman really improves my life.

oh wait you mean conservative doesn't just mean family oriented religious, I took conservative as meaning non degenerate, in which case, they would still not be ok with no marriage and children, face it, the majority of all women want marriage and kids


When i was younger i recieved some money, with that money i bought rental properties. Literrally retired at age 22 got a hot girlfriend like really hot, playboy model, litterally always on the playboy morning shows and now always on playboy radio. Everyone says ooh shes just a gold digger blah blah blah. I've known her since before i had money. Anyways i was with her for 4 years SHE bought a house for us to live in i lived with her and she was just a bitch so i left after 4 years. We continue to talk here and there. Anyways 6 months later she is really starting to talk to me again. Find out her grandma died and her family is getting millions. She is getting 500k herself. She wants me to be in her life, her family wants me to be in her life, they will probably end up giving everything to her when they die which is im guessing 10s of millions. She already owns and runs her own business and makes close to 100k a year and never even went to school after 12th grade.

So is it a bad financial mistake for me to get back with her and married?

>the majority of all women want marriage and kids
No shit. That's why you make that clear upfront and move on to the next one if it doesn't fly.

"Not complicated" may have been a better way to phrase it that not difficult. Since there is a lot of trial and error involved with a number of women.

Trump isn't really conservative


Compared to Americans and Northern Europeans, Eastern Europeans have based families and relationships.

>marrying the vaginal jew

>Divorce rates for rich people are less than 20%.
Do you have a source for this?
Or did you just pull this statistic out of your ass?

Yes-even working a shit job you can live a decent life single. Don't listen to /pol/ mongoloids for advice on living life.

Imagine being this much of a beta cuck

why not just buy a fleshlight or a sexdoll by that point

Slight corrections since I haven't looked at the data in awhile.
It is actually 25%, and the data is based off of education, not income, however, the two are linked.

I've done two of those three things, women are shitty and you're proving it.
Whatever you are white knight or women its sad.

Thee tall gymnastics are amazing.
Either way you're not in the relationship for the relationship its self you need finincal incentive to be in it.

>conservative girl
>girls that dont extist and or parrot what thier boyfriend says/watches.
Pick one

>Among those ever married, percent ever divorced - Bachelor’s degree or higher: 29.8%
>Among those ever married, percent ever divorced - Full Sample: 44.8%
That's pretty interesting.
So they have 1/3 less divorces, but it still makes it seem like a bad investment.

The right gf isn't. Maybe short term it'll cost you for dates, but two people combined will be able to buy a home and retire sooner due to combining your money.

>hurr door what are roommates

I think the rich being less likely to divorce has more to do with estate tax planning than love. It is essentially more of a business venture.

Because human contact and relationships are pretty necessary for being mentally balanced.

Most couples i know are broke as fuck and always unhappy so i say yes yes it is