What's your end goal Veeky Forums?

What's your end goal Veeky Forums?

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To get out of the rat race

AKA early retirement

Yeah, early retirement. I'm too physically durable and not autistic enough for disability, so my only practical path toward NEET status is wealth accumulation.

My main goal is to blow up and act like I don't know nobody

One property in each major city/activity centre that are all on short leases/airbnb/(whatever's in vogue at the time) so I can travel the country at my leisure and always have a place to stay.

>tfw probably can't retire until 50
>by then my vidya/manga/anime backlog will be unsurmountable

I absolutely love my job, so early retirement isn't big for me, but I'd like the financial freedom of doing whatever the fuck I want whenever I want. I grew up in poverty, so having those financial shackles removed, and being able to embrace true freedom has always struck a bell to me.

Asian wife

Nigga there is no way those are E-cups. Taiwanese E-cups maybe.


own a recording studio and sign artists that have hit records over and over

To retire by 30.

I'm currently on track.


Land, mansion, create intergenerational wealth.

I'm not greedy, just want comfy living and an early-ish retirement. Like 70, anything earlier than that would be boring. Enough money to support a family and take them on 2 nice vacations a year while working.

At the very least not live paycheck to paycheck like a schmuck.

how? and what is your current age?

Doing your son.

No one gets rich following the rules, user.

So? Break them.


Why not just rent on airbnb yourself?

How are you doing it?
Don't tell me, while being a law-breaking badass, you're too much of a pussy to anonymously tell a bunch of randos on a mozambican paper shredding aficionado club

Only dumb criminals share what they do you fucking mongoloid.

Make a pile of cash trading equities, travel a lot, perfect my Japanese, join the Navy when we go to war with China, get sent to Japan to do Navy things, go into business with Navy buddies, retire to sail a yacht around the South Pacific.

don't have one, don't need one

That was my goal, too, as well as having enough to comfortably provide for a couple kids.
Retired 5 years ago, have never watched/read any anime/manga, thankfully.
Am still playing ps3 games from years ago due to said backlog, though.

To not be dependent on a job for comfortable survival.

To become a billionaire, be one of the most rich people of the world and be at the top of the mountain in the areas where I act at least in how much money I get.

Generating enough passive income so I can sit at home all day

have a networth of $40 million in 2017 dollars

I don't even know..

>by then my vidya/manga/anime backlog will be unsurmountable
Made me chuckle. But it's the same here.

so what's your job then?

How much money do you need to retire with 30?

My goal is to end all goals

Own a comfy, well situated city apartment, specially soundproofed so none of the outside noise gets in, while the convenience of the city is at my fingertips.

Enough passive income to live a comfy lifestyle of self-betterment and learning new things (leisure activities, traveling and entertainment at will, but bigger purchases would still require me to put in effort and initiative so I don't just waste away and stagnate as a human).

In EastEuropoor terms this would put me at around 2000-2500€ per month after bills and taxes.

I believe this is entitely achievable and, honestly, more is unnecessary.

to be better at what i do.

World domination as the richest man in history. I have a plan.

£100k flat I'll rent out

£200k dividend income

£30k left invested

+ £50k pension left to grow

Retire to SE Asia, hopefully a couple of foreign trips a year

Even with those investments I'll still have to leave frugally

The property I rent out will pay for my overseas accommodation + food & basic expenses


are you me?

at least 50 acres inawoods away from all the normies

As of right now, I'm sitting on ~$300000 AUD p.a. (roughly 230,000 USD), this is from my salary, investment properties, and a growing, albeit small, index fund.

I see a few more chances of advancement in my career, but I'm fairly happy doing what I do.

A goal of mine has been 600,000 a year, I see a path towards it, but it is a very politics heavy one.

I feel there is diminishing returns on increasing my income beyond 300,000. Tax eats into it heavily, and you don't hit fuck off money till you are rolling in millions (which I most likely will never reach). So even if I don't reach my goal, I'll be happy.

Although it would be nice.

early retirement is my main goal.

may get to it by making my own restaurant, then after a couple years of milking society i'll sell it for the highest bidder and sleep for eternity

if i get $1.5mil then i'll be all set..

best thing about it is i've got a ton of advantages already and i'm still 22, will exploit everything to get to the top.


I'd like to make 50-60k CAD, have my own small apartment with a nice TV and soundsystem, an econobox car, and live in or close to a major city so that I can take in the occasional concert or professional sporting event.

My goals aren't that lofty but I still feel too autistic and pathetic to achieve them

To go back in time and fix the mistakes that make me regret waking up in the morning every day.
But since I can't do that I think I'll work till my parents die, donate my money to my sister and kill myself.

Why are you guys working to not work?
what will you do when you reach neet status?

Organize your life around something you enjoy doing. make cool shit. contribute to the world.

Make enough relatively passive income through online business(es) to be able to travel the world while working, learn about culture and life and values and love.

Simultaneously putting enough money away to live an upper-middle class life in the USA once I settle down and marry. Use savings to open some kind of business in USA.

Raise at least 3 healthy conservative kids with strong morals. Ideally 5.


Most of you sound about 1 peg above NEETs living on welfare in their moms basement.

You have the same goals and aspirations. The only thing that makes you slightly better is that you're generating money right now and not sucking on the government teat.

I want to have enough money to buy a ticket to the Moon, it is my minimum goal in life.

I just want to live life without having to spend 8 and half hours a day in shed. I honestly don't ever see me having a sustainable passive income, but you never know.

Thats the thing, you have to find something you can do that is not a shed and that you can 'get into'

Finish my PhD. Become a Professor (low low chances of that happening). Hopefully patent some things along the way. Plan B: start my own company. Plan C: work in industry. Plan D: science writer lol

Also kill it on the side with my cryptocurrency hobby :)

>I just want to live life without having to spend 8 and half hours a day in shed.
what does that mean?

He's Swedish

First I get a job
then I get the khakis
then I get the chicks


Passive income of at least $5,000 per month by age 35, retire, and invest in entrepreneurs and small business.

lol good luck with that, my buddy is well off because of his parents and all he does is promote for two nightclubs and run his own edm label, has about 40 artists from north and south america, puts out music regularly and is still far from reaching any success. getting a hit record can take many years. it's not as easy anbd glorious as it looks - very expensive and a long grind.

but if i was to have an edm label today what i would do is sign a couple local puppets that i could easily manipulate, stick a mouse head helmet, or some shit on their head (brand them), hire a couple overseas VAs, have them source ghost producers in developing countries willing to work for $6-10/hr and farm s1ck beatz all days and put out A LOT of music (i think it's a lottery, you need to pump out a shit ton of music and hope something sticks). in dead mow 5's masterclass he talks about how he thinks edm has already peaked and is going to slowly decline now, so you might as well cash in before we're all listening to K-POP in a few years. I'm currently outsources creatives in another field (not music) and it's working the same, there's a lot of creativity overseas and is extremely undervalued, and in today's digital world you can run agencies while living the digital nomad lifestyle.

i'm surprised so many people are aiming for early retirement. i understand if you're a neet who hates their job and wants to be well off asap, but if you're an entrepreneur at heart why would you ever stop doing what you were born to do - hustle? my end goal is to have several tiny homes around the world in interesting places (i.e. on the edge of a cliff in scotland, in snowy forest in north canada) and travel between them whenever i get bored, and be able to run an agency online. i don't need to be filthy rich with bratty kids, i just want to be happy and have time for the little things in life.

World Domination.

humanity is going in a shit direction, I just want to contribute to bring about our ai overlords as much as possible desu

I want to provide for my family.

I won't be at peace until I achieve that. I don't care about myself. I want my parents to stop working and enjoy the rest of the life, start a business for my brother so he can get on his feet.

Get a house and trust funds for kids and so on. Just be able and have capital to trade everyday and deliver. I don't know why I put so much weight on my shoulders but that's me.

When I see my inner family circle financially stable and capable of everything, I'll be happiest motherfucker on Earth.

Came here to post this.

We are odly similar.

Also, i want a scrap yard to dick off in.

Tbh, death.

Richest man in the world.

Expend 80% of my assets by the time I turn 60...

live life. die poor.

>What is your goal

Work as a competitive and/or Political-Risk analyst for the private sector, then on to wallstreet where I'll start my own intelligence firm.
Retire at 45 with a wife, kids, and a ton of guns and cars.

I have no goals. Already make good money, am a CFA charterholder, have a cushy job, etc. I figure I'll just start spending a lot of time traveling once I am more loaded since I can take practically unlimited time off work. When my parents die I'll be set for life regardless. I will probably work for the foreseeable future since If I didn't I would probably slip into some kind of existential hell. I love books/movies/spending time with friends/whatever, but even that stuff gets old.

You sound like my retarded cousin who lost everything.

> make enough to eliminate the possibility that you hate your life because of financial stress


Also same

>I'm surprised so many people are aiming for early retirement.

I'm surprised that there are goals on this thread OTHER than early retirement. In my mind, that's the only goal that's worthy of anyone's time.

After you achieve that, you can essentially do any other fool thing you want, whether it be playing guitar, counting your nose hairs or just crawling into a whiskey bottle for a few years.

Wish you all the luck in the world achieving that, bro.

Likewise brother.

Slowly crawling toward the finish line.

Marry the girl I love and have kids with her.