Need $300 ASAP

I have decided to become a YouTuber. I need $300 to buy equipment. Actually need $900 because $300 for equipment and $500 for Sony Vegas Pro but I think I'll substitute Vegas with my smartphone camera and video editing app for a while.

>inb4 go flip 300 burgers / suck 300 cocks

I had an accident and now I am stuck in home. My country does not give disability bucks.

What is the best way to make $300 ASAP on the Internet?

Or anything I can do at home?

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for one, you would need to flip like 1,200 burgers minimum to make $300.

also torrent sony vegas?

then buy a used 16MP 1080p point and click camera (second hand) for like $60

check out this link for ideas

>I have decided to become a YouTuber.

>What is the best way to make $300 ASAP on the Internet?

Show me some of your work and I'll lend you 300 bucks for 300 bucks back and 25% of all your future earnings on youtube

Also you don't need fucking Sony Vegas, there are plenty of good editing tools for free, maybe later when you actually earn 1k per months

No gambling pls.

You're late to the party kiddo.
You'll make 3 cents per month off youtube if you're lucky

What sort of injuries/impairments do you have if I might ask? And roughly how old are you? I'm thinking of ideas re work you could do..

Use your phone to record video. Or buy a cheap ass camcorder. You won't get anywhere in this world if you can't be resourceful. Take it from a fellow YouTuber, buying $300 worth of equipment right off bat is incredibly retarded. The first 12 videos you make are not going to mean shit and you will probably delete them anyway, and you might not even LIKE doing YouTube, you might not even get anyone watching you. Your first few videos are going to suck anyway no matter what but you might get a couple people interested in your style. Once you've made 12 videos, and you like it and you see growth, then you can invest in equipment. Come back to us then and I'll offer $900 for 51%.

I'll make an offer as well. I can give you 900 bucks for 45% of your youtube earnings for 1 year, then a lifetime 10% royalty on all youtube advertising revenue.

all of this is contingent on you showing some of your work or expressing what your plans are

>$500 for Sony Vegas Pro

you realize Sony Vegas Pro is one of the easiest programs that you can obtain for free

>and $500 for Sony Vegas Pro
you better stop it now.

>If only my non-established business could buy "X", then I'd be incredibly successful!
This is the downfall thought of all entrepreneurs.

Ultimately what you'll be doing is making a product. Your product will be youtube videos. If you suck, and your content sucks, it doesn't matter how good your production value is. If you're good, and your content is good, it doesn't matter how much your production value sucks. Only increase your costs as a business when you have to, usually in order to take the business to the next step. What you're asking is how to jump to step 3 when you haven't started step 1.

If I were you, I would do this:
1. Film with phone, upload to PC
2. Use free software to edit, and get it uploaded to youtube
3. When funds build up from content, purchase better equipment

get an honest job for like, a week or two.
like really.
it's not hard to have 300 dollars.

invest in the stock market.
have your fingers in the bowling ball.

screencap this


Hmm what?

you guys are right. i was being an idiot. I will just buy $50 snowball mic and film with my camera. ill torrent sony vegas. ill get equipment when i make money.

i am 22. i can't walk anymore. thankfully i still have boners so i'm grateful it hasn't been worse. i was thinking of becoming a YouTube guitarist.

>film with my camera
film with my phone

Do you want money or do you not?
Don't make a thread asking for money then

1. you dont need money to start on youtube, you can any semi-modern phone or computer.
2. you need talent or the ability to make people think you have talent.

i needed quick money but now i don't
this is a public website go away bitter scammer

>get a job son
>fuck off mom I'm a



>I have decided to become a YouTuber.

Sony Movie Studio is more than enough and costs way, way less.

Yea good luck on jewtube
You gonna go nowhere with that attitude

thanks user

>decided to be a youtuber
ok prepare for long slog
>I need X
really not going to make it

also use kdenlive for free video editing,

already installed

installed MuseScore, Pinta, Kdenlive, Audacity, FL Studio, and VLC.

what do i need more?

i'll be a youtube guitarist

Wannabe guitarist youtuber here too, user. I'd recommend buying an audio interface to record

well i heard for guitars usb mics aren't really good (they are for vocals), so i was thinking of getting a refund for the Blue Yeti i ordered and buying an audio interface and a mic, but I think it will be more expensive?

Godspeed user, may you reach 1 million subs this year.

oh and btw i play acoustic

You can use a Mic plugged into an audio interface in order to record your amp or plug the guitar into the audio interface and use a software like Guitar Rig or others. If you're going to buy you're first interface just pick a Focusrite Scarlett, it's no doubt the best choice.
Good luck to you too, user

I'm again
So If you want to play acoustic buy a Mic and an audio interface, you should be able to buy some beginner stuff with less than 200 dollars

user.... just stop

>better chance at youtube gamer

>moving the goalpost

>$500 for Sony Vegas Pro
if i had a reaction image right now it would be someone laughing, laughing at you

please be bait

These guys make six figures playing acoustic guitars on YouTube.

it's possible user