WOMAN coin

Why isn't there a woman coin? Its price would instantly skyrocket to 2 BTC per coin because of all the pathetic thirsty beta orbiters. The price of a woman is one of few things which is seeing constant exponential growth since the 1950s.

You can "mine" it but the rewards will keep getting delayed as the blockchain won't be "in the mood" to give you your reward. There will also be a shit-ton of bagholders (pic related).

Why hasn't anyone come up with this?

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Yeah, and events like the wymyn march will serve as good pump & dump bases.

>pump & dump


This idea is so stupid that it might actually work.

i like this

If you set this up, I would buy it. This could actually be meme'd into existence.

Bump for potential

would buy it, someone needs to launch it, but as disguised as possible

make it nigga pump that pussy dump that pussy

11/10 would pump full of estrogen and then dump like my ex wife

>shit ton of bagholders (pic related)
very good user

where do we pump this? Call some magazine and make it about 'progressive womyn and tech' and we will all join the pussy palooza after

This is such a retarded idea but I love it. Here's the plan to pump it:

>prop up some reasonably non-retarded illegal immigrant as """"CEO"""
>claim to huffpo that this is how she's "fighting back" vs. trump's threatened tax on remittances
>also claim that they're going to be worth 75% to the BTC or some shit
>something something women in tech
>get shilled all the way to CNN, national discussion on how progressive cryptos allow the mexicans to dodge taxes
>price skyrockets
>we make like an elizabeth holmes and dump the shit out of the coin

fucking flawless

get this on yobit now, make it proof of virgin, or something like that

Set this up and give us the details


You still here?


this needs to happen. it needs to be discretly though. huffpost, buzzfeed and co would pump the shit out of it if it

top kek im still here lads

didn't expect this to pick up

too bad im technologically illiterate and new to this. started trading shitcoins on yoshit and c-sex just a month ago

Seriously this could work, needs a really nice "women in tech" generic bootstrap website with african american females on the hero image. However it can't be over-the-top satire like the C+= feminist programming language thing.

And whoever creates it needs to pretend to be some group of "women in tech" initiative

Literally perfect for pump and dumps

Also it should be called something like Fem Coin cause "Womyn Coin" might be too obviously satire to the normie women, and "Woman Coin" might trigger the woman vs womyn SJW extremist crowd.

>proof of virgin

you guys are sinister as fuck gahahah

any Veeky Forums devs here? we gotta create some kind of new memetic algorithm (maybe use the cult of kek DNA formula as basis) so that this isn't just another p&d shitcoin

i gotta read more on what makes decent altcoins so much stable than shitcoins and if that means its more expensive to make, etc.. with the proper dev and financing we could surely make this?

>inb4 pathetic thirsty beta orbiters warn wymyn and the normies not to buy a coin that "originates from the alt-right"

jesus christ thats afucking billion dollar idea

80% of the coins will be sold to the top 20% of the biggest BTC holders

>Call no-coiners virgins


I kek'd hard.



you must have a gf in order to invest in womancoin

but you can't "buy" or "own" womancoin because that's sexist. you only invest in it.

I like this idea
when do we start
we can fuck r9k for easy shekels.

>tfw I got the idea because I spend too much time on /r9k/

>that woman
holy shit

I'm bretty fugin med rn

This is my favorite story. It gets even better.

no longer mad, really /comfy/
git fuk'd bitch
that will guy is a fucking legend

Will is a hero

Women are too stupid to purchase crypto let alone use it.


Okay boys. It has to be an extremely simple cypto. Make a nice web wallet. Let womyn spend their coin. give it a 90% premine or some shit

Tbqh never understood why was this so popular, she seems mostly reasonable, save for the "treat her" and clinginess part. I mean, is it the Disney "muh pure gf will be like Juliet and love me no matter what" /r9k/ stuff? Money isn't everything. That's like you meeting a girl that had shit hygiene, you realise your life goals include somebody who looks presentable and doesn't smell. You break up and suddenly her friend tells you" lol joke is on you she's a famous cosmetics and hygiene star". I bet you'd be confused as fuck, but in the end it doesn't matter that she has a potential to be beautiful if she spends your time with you reeking and dirty.

back to /cgl/ with you, foul roastie

This is exactly what we shouldn't do with this coin though, we don't want to mock the feninists/SJWs with this coin, we want to get them to buy in and leave them bagholding.

The man didn't want her blowing all of his money on stupid shit

That's how you go from rich to poor

How about just 'Pussycoin'.

Pussycoin, go ahead and grab some!

brb polo

You would also only get 79c for each 1$ worth of woman coin you sell.

That's perfect bait!

>buy at $1
>sell at $0.79
>wymyn unironically enraged because they don't understand spreads

top fucking kek