What is your favorite opinion on Tim Sykes?

What is your favorite opinion on Tim Sykes?

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He's really good at selling a fake lifestyle to steal money from poor people

1. Promotes an activity overwhelmingly engaged in by poor people due to financial limitations, like the lottery.

2. Sells a "system" by which they can overcome incredible odds to actually win.

3. Profits!

Guy got rich by shorting. I don't doubt his achievements but his trading is almost impossible to replicate. It's not like anyone can be a Tim Sykes. You have to be at the right place at the right time. Trading is 90% luck in my opinion. Now he makes his money by fooling people that they can do it too.


So "How to make millions" is essentially scam?

>"How to make millions"
I would say anything with this title is a scam, not just the flaming bags of dogshit this guy sells.

Has anyone ever noticed he never takes pics with any "friends"? His only friend are his parent and probably his now ex fiance who was like 17 years old.

This dude is such a loser.

Can you give some advice for a good book/video?

For what?


He is famous for turning his bar mitzvah money into a million dollars. Little do people know that he got a billion dollars on his bar mitzvah.

You're almost certainly wasting your time.
The more basic offerings which cover the fundamentals of the market can be duplicated by looking online. i.e. they won't teach you anything you can't learn for free.
The more advanced (and expensive) publications will detail strategies that may or may not have worked at one time, but have a high chance of not working anymore (that's why they were published).
The bottom line is that there is a very small percentage of people for whom trading is a feasible idea anyway. You may believe you are one of them (so do a huge percentage of people on this board), but it has less to do with acumen than it does disposable resources (something in short supply here).

Should i just drop the stock market dream?

What user is trying to say, Trading isnt viable unless you have a lot of capital to lose, IE your already rich and looking for a passtime.

If you're going to trade, find a system that's repeatable and focus on that. There's so much shit out there on how to trade that it'll make your brain swell. I started looking at what I found the most interesting then focussed on that. I liked commodities and how it effected and was affected by global markets. All industries are impacted by these. Before I got into researching the markets I was in a completely dying industry & couldn't figure out why. That's why I started looking for answers and found them in the markets. Sounds dumb but it was pretty therapeutic. So, that's the angle I took and began learning some technical analysis (Stochastic, RSI, MACD) and started learning about the COT report. You have to realise that there's alot of risk and there's not a hell of alot of guys who start out like TS. If you rush in and over reach chances are it'll be a real Short trip. Tim has some interesting shit on YT and creative ways of getting around pattern day trading rules and good info. But it's not worth as a beginner (or experience) to shell out the $ he's looking for u to spend. There's Tons of free shit out there to learn from and you'll probably have some stuff that will wind up in your trading grave yard but take advantage of the free stuff to learn where your niche is before spending THOUSANDS on a system.

Well, user? Do you fit this description?

Not if it's something you'd want to pursue in the long term. If it really interests you how could it be a waste of time...?

No my friend..

Well, that's my point.
Very few do, and the rest are usually better served by investing, that is, boring monthly or annual contributions to ETF's or other diversified funds.
Being unable to devote full work days and serious amounts of capital to trading tends to result in losses for the overwhelming majority, because without these things, it resembles gambling more often than not.

>Tim Sykes

>In 1999, while attending high school, Sykes used $12,415 of his bar mitzvah gift money and began day trading penny stocks.
>bar mitzvah

well that's a surprise... :D

>learning some technical analysis (Stochastic, RSI, MACD)