What's true best way to suck money out of furries, weeaboos, and Gaiafags...

What's true best way to suck money out of furries, weeaboos, and Gaiafags? We all know there is very little they won't throw their NEETbux at, but what is the most efficient way?

Start a Patreon and just do a bunch of shit all over the internet. Make porn, post on Reddit, post on /co/, post on /a/, make a youtube channel, take a shit in your mouth, etc.

Furries are not only the scum of the earth, but they are also some of the biggest fucking spenders on artwork of their special snowflake characters. I know of a few who commission multiple (mostly pornographic) images of their characters every single month, and pay solid money for it.

Honestly it's almost disgusting. A girl I know makes a living essentially drawing furry porn. Technically she's a freelance "character artist" but probably 80% of her work is for that community.

This is what I've heard

My art skills are not so great. My programming/computer skills, however, are pretty damn good. Do you think they would pay for some sort of furry game if I were to find an artist to pair with?

Where could I shill such a product?

Furries have a self hate complex and they spend more time hating on each other than they do anyone outside.

Your goal is to target something that isn't talking from the outside in, but from the inside. There are entire sites of furries just hating other furries.

>Southern cuts and Orloff
>Not Special Blends and Bacardi

>A girl I know makes a living essentially drawing furry porn
My sister got sucked into that when she finally realized that there is no money in actual art.
This garbage makes up a majority of her income now.

Still holding out hope that she'll fall for the STEM meme like I did.

hmm this sounds incredibly familiar to me

Ive been in the furry community for about two years now. My advice? Don't. That, or cater to the really weird shit. Chastity, infantilism, extreme bdsm... That or just be a 14 year old YouTube Shawn wasabi cover animator. Look up kittydog on YouTube; shit gets eaten up even though the art isn't that good, primarily because it's cute and catchy.

Veeky Forums weebs really like playing with anime pictures and survery shit. Best way to make money here is ad revenue or patron.

-The guess your waifu genie
-The gender percentage thing were you upload a picture
-Javascript waifu simulator
-One device were it expands images of your waifu, but maintains the quality
-The one were the anime expression matches the users expressions
-Any 3d interactive hentai model. This could be good for you, since 3d modeling doesn't really require drawing skill, it just requires a shit ton of time for a noobie
-And most recently, the automatic coloring mang thing

Normie weebs like
-Anime reviews (cringe)
-Anime vines (cringe)
-imgur anime memes
-poorly drawn but rendered well porn
-Anime-kickstarter steam games. Especially cringy vn's like nekopara.

btw, you dont need drawing skills to get popular on art. It will just take more persistence. I know one guy who gain followers pretty quickly just by doing this:

-Spamming pictures of anime eyes plus expressions
-Anime faces
-then the shoulders
-Colored pics
-full body
-sakimichan-tier shit

Wow. Reflecting on all this just makes me hate anime fandom even more

What's the best way to suck money out of people trying to suck money out of groups of people they don't like?

She can fall for my stem meme any time, if you know what I mean.

The first person to make anime real is going to be the richest man on Earth.

This is the most reddit post I've seen all day. Congratulations.

Oh? And you want to explain how im wrong? Probably an assblasted /a/non or /jp/sie

No, you are actually correct in your post. It's just so full of nu Veeky Forums buzzwords (normie instead of normalfag, cringe instead of shit, for example) that I can tell you're in your early 20s and just stated posting here within the last 2 or 3 years after leafy or r4chan alerted you of this site's existence.

Ive literally been here since 2012. Also, you watch leafy? Im pretty sure youre the cancer. Also, anyone who uses the term "buzzword" is an overly offended autist. Seriously, you guys are no better than the sjws on tumblr without amount of offense and assumptions you have for me.

Fag has always been an overused word and ive seen way more people on /a/ and /jp/ use nornie instead of normalfag. Shit? Are you fucking kidding me? Do you even know what a cringe thread.

Youre a pathetic faggot t.bh. And im 18.

Oh, and fyi you fucking sperg

I heard of Veeky Forums through ED articles and forum posts. I didnt even know what reddit was till i started seeing it in cringe threads. Ive never even made a single post on reddit to this day. Ive always found youtubers cringy. Even jontron and that gamegrubs shit i thought sucked back in the day.

Seriously, any 4channer who unironically gets butthurt over the "buzzwords" is fucking retarded; hence why you cant disprove anything i say, just make autistic arguments.

Now kys

that will be some biologists who specialize in GMO in china then to appeal the otaku crowds.

The top earning Patreon account is a furry game. Make the game an "Early Access" game where people can buy into the project at an early stage with the benefit that their suggestions will help shape the game.

Just make a high quality girlfriend simulator with porn

>multi post self validating essay on why i belong on Veeky Forums
>im 18