Is automation a danger to middle class people ? should it be worried ? should it be regulated ?

is automation a danger to middle class people ? should it be worried ? should it be regulated ?

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why ?

won't it kill jobs ?

will kill mexicans jobs. You still need smart people to keep check and run those robots

>should it be regulated ?
Good luck with that Bernie. You could add it to the speculator tax bill it might actually pass when Trump pisses everyone off

Automation is preferable to outsourcing. Even in plants that are heavily automated employees are still going to be needed for maintenance, QA/QC, logistics, records keeping, regulatory and security.

Yeah, and then more mexicans will go to college and cause even more competition for degree jobs. I swear, robots might be a bigger threat to society than the aids virus.

Automation is a service to humanity.

>You still need smart people to keep check and run those robots

What if robots get smarter to run themselves with no human input?

> educated mexicans are a threat to society

What? You think there wont be more competition and saturated degree market?
>Dont worry user, im sure the SELF AUTOMATED robots will require a whole big team of people to maintain :D

Nope, automation is only a threat to the scum sucking lower class without any other means of income other than being a literal worker drone. Wtf do drones do with their money immediately? Spend it on garbage that won't increase their income, that's why they're drones.

A.I. and automation will just make things easier, there will be Universal Basic Income.
dont worry subhumans, i'll turn earth into heaven


god i hate you instrumentality fags

Or company owners will get rich af
Lobby against expensive ubi type taxes I dunno just an idea

Like accounting plebs. Accounting bores me they're all ugly Asians anyway lol

it is not a danger to the current generation
there is some danger for truck drivers in about 10-15 years

Competition is the basis of progress, user.

We shouldn't hold back humanity for the sake of the less capable.

Nah, humans will always be valuable for work, we're a machine that can multitask, learn, think outside the box, and handle almost any tool. We have already augmented ourselves and will continue to do so more in the future. If you're telling me that even in a post automation society humans are going be make us obsolete then I think you vastly underestimate our usefulness.

Not to mention there will be tens of billions of us, growing at an exponential rate. We're going to come pretty cheap with so many of us around.

humans are shit at multitasking compared to computers

Seeing as how 90% of all the jobs are service industry, no.

>growing at an exponential rate.
We aren't growing at an exponential rate though. The rate is actually declining over time.

>literally all wealth comes from labor
>laborers are scum lol
thanks for your input you semi-literate inbred white male

machines doing all our work should be a great thing. only with a retarded, nonsensical system like capitalism could it be a disaster

Robot sexbots when?

It kills shitty jobs and forces better education, if more people get educated the human race will evolve faster and likely create jobs never seen before

Short term: yes
Long term: absolutely not

>likely create jobs never seen before
Why do commies and utopians assume that this will never happen? It's not like most of the jobs we have today could have ever been imagined for most of history.

If those Mexicans are replacing you, it means that you're simply not competent enough or simply not worth the pay. It's survival of the fittest. Don't expect to be privileged just because you're born in a first world country.

Freelance translator here. Can confirm.

Google Translate is literally killing my job. It has gotten so good for European languages that basically it eliminated all basic-level translation jobs.

And now it's starting to work well with Korean and Japanese too.

My job will disappear in 10 years (and that is a long take).

What's your plan to get money once your job is fully replaced?

I am looking into freelance writing gigs since it will still take machines a lot of time to actually "create" something.

But as you can expect freelance writing is SATURATED with desperate English majors (other liberal arts majors as well). The competition is fierce, jobs are scarce, and people are willing to kill their rates to secure jobs.

Translation has been much better. You could work with actual dignity so far then Google happened.

I am also considering learning to cook or go to law school.

how old are you?

Freelance writing is such worthless trash on the internet, it would probably be better to study philosophy or actually learn about an in depth subject and write about that rather than bullshit artists like most writers seem to be.

I have written bs travel articles on mturk for these. Travel sites and you can tell when an article has been written by someone trying to churn out bs

You won't make real money like that. Why don't you study engineering or other productive subjects instead of law or cooking? That or you can skip learning formally and try to do business in a niche yourself.

middle class isn't a permanent condition, automation or no.

>is automation a danger to middle class people?

More spare time.

should it be worried ?

Change is unpredictable, but so is tomorrow.

should it be regulated ?

Let the market regulate it. If the outcome is not beneficial for most of the people, they are going to vote another Trump.

Actually not. Most people would play video games, watch porn and do drugs in their spare time.
We need to find something only humans can do.

no and no, idiot.

I'm glad my job requires a personal touch and will never be replaced. Technically card dealers have already already been replaced thousands of times over in all sorts of electronic ways, but playing with a computer can never hold up to the charm of playing against an actual human being.

1. automation isn't as disastrous as outsourcing
2. literally every job is under threat of automation

How many McDonalds places have you walked into now where you order through a machine instead of at the counter?

>automation isn't as disastrous as outsourcing
>people on Veeky Forums still don't understand comparative advantage

>literally every job is under threat of automation
>people on Veeky Forums still don't understand why human interaction is still important when doing business

I work as a paralegal and we take work off trainee lawyers, there's already software available that will take lots of work off paralegals so yes, we're all fucked

>How many McDonalds places have you walked into now where you order through a machine instead of at the counter?
Literally none, and the very fact that humans can be cheaper than machines I think speaks for itself on how humans can be useful for work in the future.

Then we have reached some sort of epoch.

Easy jobs are in danger.
Currently doing a project to automate a loading arm that supplies oil tankers.
We're in the early stages, but I'm confident my project team can make an almost fully-automatic vision based system.
The operator only has to push a button.

The only thing left is CREATIVITY

It will still take machines a lot of time to imitate creativity.

Accountants are done for.
Consultants are okay for a while.

The difference? Creativity.





Because you need a capitalism for that. Creating something new and original is rare in socialism

Is that a fact?