Salescuck thread

Is there a worse job than being a salesman?
seriously; calling people out of nowhere and pushing an idea into their throats is disgusting, while the product I sell is not that bad ( a trading platform) I still feel terrible, I'm nothing but a filthy wagecuck, I'll be back to NEETdom

Sold windows for 3 months. Discusted with myself. Average 2500 a week for 3 months and quit without notice.

Boss says we are "helping people."

No. What we are doing is oushing people to refinance thier shit and buy windows at $1,000 each.

Average house has 15 windows.
Damn good windows tho...

I didn't realize you were talking about physical windows until you said avg house has 15... thought you were talking windows operating

I may be retarded

Salesfag of 4 years here. And yes I have coldcalled.

Sounds like you are working for a shit company. Cold calling is beyond dead. You might as well have those fucking vaccuum tubes in your office for sending messages, go out side to your Chevy Bel air, then drive home and put a record on.

They want you to cold call because the company has zero or shit marketing, and it's run by boomer faggots who think cold calling still works.

Find a new sales job, fast. Lie and tell the new people that you are a star salesman at your current job. They'll never find out. Get the Linkedin going as well.

Just depends on if you were being dishonest or not. If you had to lie to sell then I would have quit too.

But you gotta understand, some of these housewives have more money than they know what to do with.

I can't tell you how many homes I've been in where the wife is wearing about $50k in Jewelry, I see their bedroom and closet and she probably has over $50k of clothes and shoes.

People have money to blow man. And if you are telling the truth when you sell, then it's their choice to blow their money with you.

Look at strip clubs man. Men go in and drop hundreds on girls just to do it. Are the strippers wrong to take the $?

>while the product I sell is not that bad ( a trading platform)
Well, this is the place to be talking that up.

I'm in sales, but do no cold calling. All of our clients come to us. We provide a service they need, and it's my job to provide them with an appropriate quote. I get 30% commission.

Are you interested in that?

Whose platform are you selling?

I like cold calling you get to say hello to so many different people that you'd otherwise not get to say hey to. I called a guy in CA and TX and get to do different accents to get on their good sides "Howdy, how you doin' today?" or "Hey there how's the clam chowdah treatin ya? Its it all hunky dory?"

Been in sales... hated it.

First, it was back in the cold-calling days. Pounded the phone all day for weeks on end.

Finally got appointments. It was national so on the plane at 6:00 with 5 meetings per day.

Worst part was I didn't like the product (equipment financing). We weren't cheap, didn't offer anything anyone else couldn't do better.

Never got commissions on follow-on sales, just new customers.

Now I still get cold calls and at first I was polite but now just stop them, tell them I'm not interested and let them get on to their next call.

I actually think equipment financing is a super important product, and a great way to get into plenty of lines of business.

That being said, if you ain't offering true value in your product you will be relegated to a commodity at best.

Thing is, many owners expect salespeople to be enchanters that make money out of thin air (no pain). They are fooling themselves, a person in that position would never work for a salary, if you'd like to trade tell me

Either quit and find a non sales job, or grit your teeth and get rid of this notion in your head that "buying things is wrong". Being tenacious and having the nerve to sell to people is an amazing skill to have. If start your own business you will have a leg up on the competition simply because you can put aside your emotions and sell to people. If you ever want to persuade your wife or your friends you will get better results with salesman skills.

If the product is good, you are helping people with their lives. You are objectively making the world better. I know how it is though, it takes a lot out of you. But you will never reach your potential in life unless you are going balls to the wall every single day.


You have a good point, but I'd like to ask you something, is trading a good product to sell?

I don't know. There are always a lot of products out there, so if you don't like you can always go somewhere else. Also, if you haven't already check out Jordan Belfort's Straight Line persuasion course, do it, it's absolutely amazing. It will make you WANT to go out and sell.

What's your business ?

Doesn't look like it matters.

>Restricted Jurisdictions: We do not establish accounts to residents of certain jurisdictions including Japan, Canada and USA.

Yea that's unfortunate lmao

Chase still cold-calls

Bankers print off lists and work their way down when no customers are in store

Maybe not 'cold call' per se since they're existing customers but the idea is to sell them more shit

>Is there a worse job than being a salesman?
No. There's no better one, either. It's one of the only jobs where your pay is directly correlated to your performance and effort.

Stop selling out of your own wallet. You don't know what people have or need. As a salesman, your job is to force someone to do something they normally wouldn't. Most salespeople stop there, but there's a clause to that sentence, "In order to improve the quality of their life." Stick with it. Sales makes you a better qualified job candidate than 90% of millennials.

I'm the timeshare faggot that used to post sales threads on here. Got headhunted for a salaried 6 figure job because of sales skills. No degree and three DUI's and I make more money than 99% of people my age. Don't knock sales.

Yeah that's totes different tho. But i see your point.

Oh shit your threads were the best! What are you doing nowadays?

I really dont get how sales works at all.

I was trained since KINDERGARTEN to interpret anyone trying to sell you shit on the phone as a scam. Just how? I feel like the only people who could trust some random jerkoff on the phone trying to convince you spend over 200 dollars HAVE to be mentally retarded. Its just seems impossible. I cant believe. Like how? How does something like that go? How does the customer just not hang up on your ass within 5 seconds? Why would a customer just take a random phone call from someone they never heard of? Why?

Left my old position because we oversold the area and the corporation itself started to go downhill. Stock went up, but it was because they fucked the profits out of the reps.

Made a LinkedIn and put out some feelers; got picked up for another sales gig with $60,000 salary and between $30,000 and $200,000 in commission. B2B and way less stressful.

Well, if you ever make another thread I'll be lurking. Glad to hear everything is going well.

Real estate sales agent here, 6+ years of this shit....

There must be more to life senpai?

yes, being a cook, I make 25 cents above the minimum wage and my job has no breaks and takes more skill than jobs that pay easily twice the amount

How far are you from reaching the level of the guys on million dollar listing?

Very. I'm Ausfag, my market place average house is around $400k at 2.75% commission before company, franchise, owner and marketing split. Basically as an agency commission varies between $4k-$6k on a sale. I hate prospecting too. Good GCI for my area is $200-$300k in a year.

How many sales do you make a day?


>Like how? How does something like that go?
You have to be very engaging right off the bat. True cold calling doesn't really exist anymore. Your leads are typically curated in one way or another. You know just enough about your client to grab their attention in 10 seconds.

>How does the customer just not hang up on your ass within 5 seconds?
Because you typically use their name.

>Why would a customer just take a random phone call from someone they never heard of? Why?
I answer my phone pretty much regardless of who's calling.

You'd be better served asking about sales by the week or month. If Australia real estate is anything like American, it has busy and slow seasons that depend on the region.

>I didn't realize you were talking about physical windows until you said avg house has 15... thought you were talking windows operating
>I may be retarded
Was gonna write exactly the same

Not measured in days, if you scored a sale a week you would be laughing, we aim for minimum 2-3 a month and the rest is just cream. Two a month at an average com of $12k is about $280k gross com a year. Very tight market here at the moment though.

Biggest part of real estate isn't selling the home but selling your services to list the property. Listing is 70%+ of the game.

>Is there a worse job than being a salesman?

Not if you treat your valued costumers like shit.

Walked out of a Smart and Final today and left a cart full of drinks because Cashier said to keep drinks in cart as if to move to the other register line while I already had items on the belt. This was before none of the checkout were open and he just stood there like it was not his problem while waiting for the other guy. Walked away and exited on no transaction while they had to clean up an abandoned cart filled with items.
Got some stuff at Safeway and like usual took care my own groceries like my own bagger. Dude swipe in and gave me a club card for free.

I work in retail so I know.

I've worked retail, and I'm a kinesiology major, so I have a lot of experience with medical devices used for cardiovascular measurements. Does anyone here know much about medical device sales? I've cold called quite a bit in a marketing job, I hated it. I hated retail as well. Would this be any different? #1 I'm not selling overpriced clothes, #2 I'm probably going to be spending most of my time training people on how to use the device, right?

Dell computers, this is Chip

>Does anyone here know much about medical device sales?
They prefer you to have a tangentially related undergrad degree. Bio or premed work well. Barring that, a few years in sales with a good track record can get you in the door. You will be visiting hospitals and doctors' offices nonstop. Just look around for different gigs. I know some people that do medical sales. The money can be great, but be prepared to deal with serious cunts and cheap department heads.

>Is there a worse job than being a salesman?

Yes, but its still pretty bad

Wrong attitude

Wojack is for closers

Different guy, but I'm going to apply to a pretty large car dealership in the next week. I can only do part time sales rn, is this a decent entry into sales?

>is this a decent entry into sales?
Used to be. Car sales, unless you're at a used lot, are more or less customer service. Hours suck for the pay. You won't do anything shady, but you won't gain much more in the way of sales. It's a good way to get your feet wet, but if you're new, I wouldn't stay there longer than a year.

Just my two cents.