Mom is forcing me to get a job

>Mom is forcing me to get a job

what the hell do i do

Is it hard to get hired in fastfood?

It's easy. Look presentable at your interview.
While working, get as many certifications in random shit as you can.
I've known people with nothing but a high school education but good jobs since they're certified in everything from autocad to 30 different kinds of heavy machinery.

Okay ill try that

To get a fastfood job do i just apply to all of them in my area even if they're not hiring? I kind of live in a shithole and when I look on my local listings for jobs pretty much ALL of them are some sort of MLM or some other scam

Yes. If you NEED TO GET A JOB ON THE QUICK applying in person as well as on line is the best way to do things.

>Look nice when applying
>Look even nicer when interviewing
>Call them/Go to the store and speak to a manager a couple days after applying and politely ask if they've read your app

>>Call them/Go to the store and speak to a manager a couple days after applying and politely ask if they've read your app

I've done that a couple times before but it's always kind of awkward. How does one actually do this without it being retarded af? I feel like I'm just annoying them

That awkwardness is just part of it. It's someone you don't know very well who has something you want.

Just make sure that the store is actually hiring rather than that "We're always accepting applications" bullshit, and if they are, say something along the lines of
>"Hello, I'd like to speak to a hiring manager."
>"Hi, my name is [user]. I'd really like to work here and I was curious if you've read my application yet"

Anyone who cares enough to come back again and ask will look better to most entry-level employers. It's only a problem if you spam them, but going in a few times every three days or so for maybe a month after applying really couldn't hurt.

If you get more than one interview, do not tell the other potential employer unless you've accepted a position and need to tell them you're no longer interested.

Just don't act like a sperglord and apply to as many places as possible to hedge your bets.

Okay thank you user

I'm just always kind of embarrassed because I'm 21 and not that smart or have much experience doing anything.

That's quite alright, you might be a late starter but better late than never. Showing initiative is the first step.

I don't have too many skills to speak of, entry-level jobs are all I've ever worked. You can be really overpaid doing next to nothing, thanks to minimum wage.

Personally, I would recommend pizza delivery. I made way more than min wage thru tips in exchange for an hourly pay cut. You just need to have a car/license/insurance.

>Personally, I would recommend pizza delivery

I've considered that, or perhaps some sort of serving or bartending job as that seems to make a lot more than minimum wage with tips

But I don't have a drivers license or car for pizza delivery...

I consider a car and the necessary maintenance and costs to be an investment. Look into a cheap, reliable, under-$3,000 shitbox if you can get a loan or a generous relative, definitely if you get a job.

Unionized grocery stores are also a great bet. Seriously, unions make it next to impossible to fire you if you don't do anything stupid.

Always wear a suit to the interview

"I have to review your app again" is code for follow me to the back suck my dickh real quick. He probably won't finish in your mouth bosses just like to see if you're eager to take orders it's best to act quick so it's less awkward

damn you are a nice dude. This board is chill af

Yeah but that's like mindnumbing labor. Plus you get bossed around by old fags

Also i was considering just lying on my resume with the help of Veeky Forums and making it look all good to then apply to some actually decent jobs

Is this a decent idea? Seems worth a try, or at least I could do it parallel to working a pleb-tier job and if it works out then good but I don't lose out on time or anything

Do you want a job or what? They pay you money because it's mind-numbing, not because it's fun.
It depends on what you lie about. Fudging your job description is one thing, but don't generate job experiences you didn't really have because some people do check references and blatant lying on the application is a non-starter.

I've never worn a suit to an entry-level interview. A nice polo will do.

>but don't generate job experiences you didn't really have because some people do check references and blatant lying on the application is a non-starter.

Okay but what I'm thinking is how often do they really check references... I'm somewhat skeptical that they check them frequently, let alone at all for low to low-mid tier jobs (correct me if I'm wrong)

And really is there any downside to trying this approach? At worst - I don't get hired. At best - it all works out and I get paid bretty good(relatively) and start building good experience?

I only wish someone had helped me out when I was starting out.

I was unemployed a month ago, it's frightening being without a job when you have rent/car/insurance/cell/etc.

It's not easy

I have some savings and over the last few months my parents have been forcing me to pay for my own things more and more. Im running out of money at this pace

say you are available for every day for work (don't worry if part time they will only give you 3-4 days, and 5 if full time)
be available on weekends is a plus
living nearby is a plus
be outgoing and highly motivated during the interview
listen carefully and attentively to the interviewer
ask questions at the end. lots of people skip this but it is recommended to show you are interested and were paying attention

dress nice (no tshirts, no jeans)
don't look at your smartphone during the interview
try to smile
don't be a dick
don't try to joke too much unless the interviewer is also some sort of hippie I guess.

don't ask about wages unless it is skipped over completely. Obviously if you are chosen you will get the run down on pay and it is usually already on the application what basic pay will probably be, otherwise it will be minimum wage to start.

A lot of people I see that somehow get hired turn around and say OH I CANT WORK 5 of the 7 DAY OF THE WEEK or IM NOT A MORNING PERSON. Try to avoid being a dirtbag.

It isn't rocket science, it's fast food service.

Don't lie if you have no valid job experiences. Knowing an industry means knowing a local market, and in more densely populated areas, similar employers talk and could possibly cross-reference the word of ex-employees against the word of the employer. It's entry-level, nobody is going to come along with a Masters in Dishwashing. Some will have more experience and thus are more valuable, sure, but most places are more than willing to pick a name out of a hat if it means training some random asshole from the street (that asshole being you, user).

Did you have decent grades or ACT/SAT score? Shit like that can give you an edge, and it's that kind of information that you can bullshit without too much consequence.

You'll like the burden of responsibility once you move out. I, for one, put great value on self-sufficiency.

Basically, do everything says.

Join an office temp agency. Seriously why set your bar on fast food when you could do basic filing ect and make your cv look less shit?

>ask questions at the end. lots of people skip this but it is recommended to show you are interested and were paying attention

what kind of questions?

Can you elaborate on the interview part and give specifics/examples? Like I understand how interviews should run for actual positions for something important (research the company, explain your strengths by relating to things you've already done...) but how does it work when you're a fresh leaf and it's a shitty job? Does it even matter?

If they pass over any details on the interview like expected hours per day, any certifications that they would like you to have, you can ask them about opportunities to be promoted (this one is good).

If you feel like it is the kind of interviewer that is relaxed you can ask him where he sees himself in 5 years. If he says running one of the chain locations you can say you would like to be in his position when he leaves, that sort of thing.

>You'll like the burden of responsibility once you move out. I, for one, put great value on self-sufficiency.

Yeah but it's so much nicer for parents to cover all the costs so it's like if you need a new phone all you need is just "Earn $400 and buy new phone", instead of first paying rent, then food, then car insurance then all your other expenses and then maybe you'll have enough

Luckily right now I only need to buy some food and cellphone bill

Okay thanks senpai

get a job at walmart!

walmart is a great place to work. most people on youtube like it, or at least don't hate it.

Is where i started. Get a job in some equipment. Any equipment. Even fucking mowing service and learn to wrench.

60k a year.

Dropped out of college.


Just kill yourself or kill your parents, sell the house and live like a king for a few years then die. You'll thank me when you're 40.

>Just kill yourself
>You'll thank me when you're 40

I have college Tues-Wed-Thur at 1800, should I tell them that? I'm just like OP I guess, 20, I do have some work experience (about 2 months cleaning and 3 months security, though more customer service than anything), but yeah. Can't seem to find a job even tho I've been applying here and there for the past 2-3 months. I dress nice (pretty casual with a nice wool coat) and I don't look like a sperg. I can also speak without sounding like an autist so I don't really see why someone wouldn't want to hire me. What am I doing wrong? I have cell to pay and credit and I'm down to my last 50$ in my bank account. Also 950/1000$ on my credit card so yeah. :(

Good advice right here

>fast food
why the fuck?

go for something like lawn care, office droning, warehouse worker, janitor

Grow a spine and tell her NO

Oh know, you will be forced to develop some self respect!

That's rough mate, I really feel for you.


Seconding this. CAD monkeys are still in demand. You may have trouble getting into a company without relevant experience but smaller ones do want people they can train in their ways. It can also be a foot into an engineering speciality as a drafting technician without having to go to school.

It takes patience and determination. I would be up front and tell them that. Most employers are more than willing to accommodate for schooling if they're willing to hire you on.

wow if only i could get a fucking interview, fuck you

Food delivery isn't really worth the extra money. You have to factor in the extra expenses that come with it. Car insurance will be higher since you'll have to report that you're using the car for commercial purposes. You'll have to cover the extra gas. Even if you get a $2,000 beater that you don't care about keeping after the job, you'll still have to pay to maintain the car so it's driveable on the job.

>Is it hard to get hired in fastfood?
Depends in where you live. In burger land flipping burgers is guaranteed. In europoor the economy for low paid jobs is fucked and it will be even more fucked in the future.

>is guaranteed
no it fucking isn't asshole

lol you must be brainlet and bodylet

ok so you admit it isn't guaranteed, glad we could clear that up. if you were trying to get hired on in my area you would know exactly what I have to deal with. also yes i am a "brainlet" i went to "school" in a rural area in the american south. yes i am a "bodylet" i have a medical condition that prevents me from getting physically fit. if fast food is so easy to get in to then why would those two things even matter you fucking faggot. eat shit

>you are not guaranteed to flip burgers even in burgerland
What the fug? When I was in the states I saw quite a bit "now hiring!" signs. I have never ever seen a now hiring sign here in the khanate of fingolia. Frow what I saw having above avarage wages pay off a lot better there since the taxing is not as progressive as here. Though I also saw some of the poorer neighbourhoods and trailer parks, being poor sucks everywhere but it is especially bad in the states.

>since you'll have to report that you're using the car for commercial purposes.


>Apply in person
Jesus Christ. What time are you people from? This is 20 cock sucking 17. No one applies in person anymore. Paper applications haven't existed since 2011 after ICIMS took over that shit.

>Is it hard to get hired in fastfood?

Not if you live in Nowherevile.