Is there a way to get competent alcohol brands at low prices/bulk? Like straight from the source?

Is there a way to get competent alcohol brands at low prices/bulk? Like straight from the source?

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Retail prices are often lower than wholesale prices for liquor.

Well shit

only if you brew your own

Im considering this. It sounds like a good life skill

alcohol spammers... please. get lost.

>straight from the source
Buy casks at auction




How would these even work?
>liquor store buys from wholesaler
>sells liquor cheaper than wholesaler

Kansas random price 19.99.

Good luck.

Can bootleg at double price uere till u get caught.

A few trustworthy jack drinkers would keep u making extra cash if u wanna risk jail or theft.

Wait... that cost 4300.

Mybmathbis fucked and my ohone keeos freezing. Could buy jack and scam people selling it as other if u wanna be a cock. Bootlegging seems only way to make money and around here is just as much trouble as weed with less profit

Kirkland for Costco does this.

Dude... your math says you would LOSE $4300 by doing that. Guess some people gotta pay the stupid tax

Well you get to keep the barrel.

the thing about alcohol is most people can't tell the different brands apart. they just drink it and as long as there is an alcoholic burn they're fine.

buy empty bottle of expensive shit and fill it with the cheap shit. no one will know the difference especially if youre selling to college kids.

Yeah well. Am a backwards tard. Far from rich. Found 1 reason

>most people can't tell the different brands apart.

You have to be completely alcohol illiterate or a complete degenerate not to be able to tell apart between mcallans aged scotch and rich and rare from Walmart.

I like rich and rare by the way

no no no retards this isn't your ordinary bottle of jack for $20, this is what they sell as their single barrel reserve for $35/bottle or whatever bullshit they call it.

Either way, no one who buys that barrel will be doing it to flip it for a profit. Hell I'd buy it just to keep in my cellar.


Go to Costco, buy brand name alcohol rebranded as Kirkland. Their vodka is Grey Goose, for example.

>Go to Costco, buy brand name alcohol rebranded as Kirkland. Their vodka is Grey Goose, for example.
Why do people keep repeating this myth?

or you could get a barrel, fill it with $20 bottles of jack, sell it for $8k "at a discount" and pocket a few g's

>a complete degenerate
chucks oncogenic poison that fucks with inhibition and is involved in a majority of domestic violence cases and rampant among the poor. talks about degeneracy.

here are some fun facts: alcohol is directly responsible for 5% of all cancer cases and involved in another 20%.

drinking just one beer makes your colon incapable to take up different nutrients for up to 24 hours. after a few days of this your performance shrinks.
to say it in another way: you get stupid. not just because you flood you brain with poison.

alcohol lowers your pain tolerance, making you the whiny little bitch you are.

alcohol lowers testosterone productions. this goes nice with the whiny little bitch part of your personality. and also helps you grow bitch tits.

fat and ugly old guys drink alcohol. look at those disgusting old farts and look at their eating and drinking habits. there's a reason they look like they do. and they look like they feel. alcohol is the ultimate degeneracy.

Assuming that this is the Jack Single Barrel, you'd be paying about 40 bucks a bottle.

A bottle retails for 45 or 50, so no real profit margin.

The best bet is could see for that barrel would be to buy it and put it in your bar. Charge like 5 bucks for on the rocks and you'd make a killing on it.

When I lived in Arizona, I would make runs to the closest Costco in CA to buy liquor. I would get bottles of Lagavulin for $55, but back in Phoenix it would be about $110. The back of my car would look like Mr. Laheys car.

damn I have been drinking so much alcohol lately, I needed to read that.
but seriously though, a glass of red wine a night is actually healthy
Perhaps the red wine was involved in the other 20%, as it helped with the aliment

>moralizing nigger faggot

no, man. you're completely free to drink as much as you want, but people shouldn't act as if this wasn't a bad idea or even a sign of being cultivated. in most cases it's a bad decision and people should at least why to make theirs.

don't sweat it, man. if you feel like it's doing no good, stop. whether or not the glass of wine is healthy depends on the person (genetics) and his life situation as far as I know.
the other 20% are mostly because even though alcohol wasn't the direct cause it was identified as a beneficent factor in developing it. It's like imagine you're a smoker, but you would not develop cancer just because of it. Along comes alcohol and pushes you over the edge. If you would have developed the cancer anyway, the alcohol makes it worse.

But just in case, please don't panic about it. Think of breast cancer. A drink a day increases the chances your tits falling off by 5%. Each additional 10g increases it additionally by 7 to 12 percent. Chucking a bottle of vodka a day suddenly sounds like a death sentence (which it btw. is, but most people manage to survive surprisingly long that way.) but we're still talking a 60% increase on a 0.44% chance to develop it when you're in your 30s.

You are retarded

Can confirm, I'm a fat ugly old guy and I love scotch.