Car/weeb demographics

>your car
>do you watch anime
>what is your favorite
Purely for scientific purposes

>2000 CE lancer coupe
>Inferno Cop

2007 ms3
One punch man

Megumin is best gril

Bebop for TV, GITS for movie

anime or pedoshit anime?

>93 Miata, 03 CL-S 6 speed, 07 DRZ400SM
>Mirai Nikki

Sa22 rx7/falcon xr8 one tonner
Black lagoon and gankutsuou

Sry for shit photos

kill everyone who likes anime


1990 Probe GT (rt Im borderline carless at this point tho since I dont drive it and am selling it)

>1999 Honda Prelude

>inferno cop

Top choice

>Fiesta ST
>can't pick just one, but I'm really enjoying Made in Abyss right now

>09 Volkswagon GTI
>Kaiji/One Outs
Getting older, I tend to enjoy moeshit a lot more than battle shows. Odd how that works. Although Sports anime is god tier.

>'90 F250
Don't care if it's shit it's comfy as fuck

>your car
'15 Alfa 4C
'08 Honda S2000 CR
'00 Honda Prelude Type SH
'09 Honda Civic EX-L
>do you watch anime
>what is your favorite
Hard question. Let's go with Mouretsu Pirates, but I generally like CGDCT stuff.


>hell yea mang
>mob psycho 100

>2000 dx si type r civic
>hard to name one but the fate series is pretty mad i think

>'12 Holden Commodore VE SS II & in the process of buying '08 Polo GTI
>yes, fucking lots of it
>SDF Macross (but I can't get enough of SoL moeshit)

>2014 dodge avenger
>lucky star

>04 Matrix XRS and 89 Mustang

>04 Matrix XRS and 89 Mustang
>Little Witch Academia

06 Corolla
K-On, Aria

my nigga

>2016 Subaru STI
>Lucky Star

'13 Ford Focus SE 2.0L Sedan 5-speed manual Magnetic grey.
[email protected]

99 Integra
Just finished Luluco Space Patrol, trying to find something similar. Any anons willing to help me out?


2005 Mazda 3
Ping Pong: The Animation / LLS!

can you please sell ur integra to me

89 Dankcord
Yes, but not too much
cute, easy to watch shit like kobayashi dragon maid

>your car
Honda Fit
>do you watch anime
I'm on Veeky Forums aren't I?
>what is your favorite
Higurashi Kai

2002 TL

>2002 Subaru Impreza
>JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

watch more imaishi shows.

>MRS built for handling
>settogo manpai seri-osi?

>your car
1989 Mitsubishi Colt GT w/4G63T swap (recently de-riced)
2014 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5
>do you watch anime
Of course.
>what is your favorite
That's a tough question to answer, although I'm currently rewatching D-Frag, it's just hilarious.

>your car
2017 Subaru BRZ

>do you watch anime
Rarely, I prefer manga

>what is your favorite
Kino no tabi

>1991 Toyota MR2
>Made in Abyss

>2000 Ford Taurus
>Gurren Lagann

>pic related
>a little bit
>Gundam Wing

>1994 Nissan 300ZX
>I used to
>favorite of all time was Hunter x Hunter

>2013 Genesis Coupe 3.8
>Yes, but not as much as I should
>Aachi and Ssipak, because I like Korean shows about feces and I own a shiny, fat piece of Korean shit

But really, GitS.

My fucking nigger.

>Racing 240z
I'll ignore the last 2 options so i can do a satania itasha

Mazda MX5 NA

Why does Veeky Forums watch so much /a/nime?

The same reason you watch capeshit.

Because anime site
(somebody will argue with this)

I won't, I had no interest in anime for years until I drunkenly went into some anime thread on /k/, started watching and got hooked.

Kawasaki Ninja 250

hell yeah

dragon maid or EVA, tough choice

very nice

Forgot waifu pic

>1991 BMW E36 325i
>Hajime No Ippo.

>01' Galant
>sure, it's an anime imageboard after all
>too many to list them all

03 legacy l
dtb s1/ psychopass s1/toradora


1989 Dodge Daytona ES turbo
Big O

>you car
a blobeye WRX

>do you watch anime
yes but I wouldn't consider myself to really be an anime watcher. I hate most of the anime people recommend. I think Japanese fantasy stuff is convoluted retarded shit. but I do like the slice of life stuff a lot. I also prefer dubs

>what is your favorite
Welcome to the NHK and Beck mongolian chop squad and stage 1 or 2 of initial d

I'm giving manga a go. berserk and one piece are starting to give me the typical Japanese fantasy trash vibes

thinking of starting oyasumi pumping because it sounds to be more like the slice of life stuff I like

>I also prefer dubs
Just kys.

>liking dubs

just end yourself m8

>>your car
Mercedes W124 Wagon
>>do you watch anime
>>what is your favorite
Sailor Moon and initial D

I don't see why the hate. I've never watched a dub where the voice acting spoke in a way that the acting was bad.

plus it makes it more relatable. you fags can't even understand Japanese so how the hell would you know that the actual acting and stuff is "superior"

vy ss commodore
anime is cheap cartoons
dragon ball z i guess. probably dragon ball though.

Nigger just stop watching anime. If you think dubs are decent you're fucking retarded. If you can't even appreciate the abilities of Jap VA's it really isn't the medium for you and you should go back to your bazinga sitcom.

Subs > Dubs

You bring a good point of bad vs good voice acting, that's why we choose Subs.

We don't know if it's shit, so it won't bother us, because we a no speaka da langauge

Fuck that's a nice Colt.. What's the setup?

fuck off dagumi

I really don't see the fucking deal bro

do you read manga in Japanese even though you can't read origami? no, you read it with the English writing so what's the big deal?

>Pic related (it's slow lol)
>Oshiete! Galko-chan

Any other faggots name their car after their waifu?

>Citroen Xsara (pic is from internet)

>N/A R34 Skyline

That'd better be a manual at least...

There's a huge difference between being able to find quality and accurate manga translations in comparison to dubs destroying a show because it's the same 5 cunts who do every damn show (not to mention the sjw influx into dubs).

I want to marry galko

sometimes I watch it with the sub and the dub on at the same time.

a good chunk of the time I find what the sub says to be awkward and not the way someone would talk, whereas the dub speech patterns would be more natural flowing

and I've never found the dub to change the context of the scene or show so I honestly don't see why there is such a superiority complex over dubs.

>1995 commodore ss
>Dragonball z

>2008 ms3
>Welcome to the NHK

>Welcome to the NHK


2017 Ford Edge ecoboost
Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis

Go watch maid dragon. Changed dialogue to bitch about the patriarchy or some some shit. Plus I prison school (I think) changed something to reference gamer gate.

>2017 Toyota Aqua [Translators note: Toyota Aqua is japanese for Prius C]
>Not for fucking years
>Haruhi/Armitage/one off 90's OVA's

Why am I not fucking surprised.

>oyasumi punpun because it sounds to be more like the slice of life stuff I like
please report back after you've read it

'16 Focus SE autotragic
Oshiete! Galko-chan

Please tell me you took Hoon's slap off your car.

Stage 1 tune, 88mm GReddy turbo, upgraded intercooler, and a blow-off valve although I'm unsure of what brand as it was installed by the previous owner.

Pic related is what I'm working towards for the Colt, I really want it to look mostly stock.

2008 Toyota 4runner

>2015 civic

>1999 Toyota 4Runner
>unironiclly Dragon Ball
DBZ is ok and I haven’t watched Super or GT yet

>2000 Chevy Cavalier (autotragic)
>Yes (on occasion)
>favorite? Hajime No Ippo/ Baki the Grappler/ Samurai Champloo/ Wangan Midnight

yes and my favorite is soukou no strain

97' sebring
Kemono Friends

I loved BECK and NHK
Try watching GTO I think it's right up your ally

God I want to get an itasha car, would be dank as fuck

>your car
1993 Nissan 240sx with KO'ed engine
2017 VW Golf GTI Sport DSG

>do you watch anime

>what is your favorite
I'll go with a standard classic, Cowboy Bebop.

Pic: Piston slap KA24DE death, 14 years 150k miles of daily red line. R.I.P.

>1989 240sx

>mazda 323 1991
>hibike euphonium

>whereas the dub speech patterns would be more natural flowing
That's because it's translated the context into your native language
>a good chunk of the time I find what the sub says to be awkward and not the way someone would talk,
When the Japanese dialog is "So", and the meaning conveyed is a little more than "Yes" then the translator will do that thing that kids shows do, where one character literally looks at the camera and outwrite says exactly what's happening just so the dumb fucking kids can follow along. That's what the translator is doing for you, because directly translated japanese is such a fucking mess for people used to being babysat by the english language it's just easier for subbers to go "Fuck it, let's just explain the full meaning in every line outright, rather than the viewer having to pay attention to body language and inflection"
It feels unnatural if you're reading the subs first, and listening second, rather than listening and applying meaning from the subs to the audio

Gr8 taste mate