Best sports car for around 5,000 that isnt a miata

>best sports car for around 5,000 that isnt a miata

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Deep user, deep.

$5k isn't much and you have very little options other than a Miata.

if you want a sports car in the true sense for under $5k a 1st or 2nd gen miata would be my first suggestion.

my second suggestion would be a Toyota Mr2



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3k civic w/ a few simple mawdz

unironically want 2nd gen so bad

gonna need sauce opie

im turning in my WRX lease soon and probably selling my 335i so i can lease a new base 3 series just looking for a cheap car i can fuck around on and tweak
and not worry if shit breaks. Ive been debating e36/46,e39 540i, bugeye wrx, posibly even a beat to fuck g35/350z in the 6-7k range (i know not to buy a revup engine)

Porsche 924/944

I wish

not OP but it took me a second to find this


none of those are sport cars other than the bugeye wrx and 350z which are both known to burn oil... soo

Used cumstang

Half an s2k

Even miatas dont go for 5k in most places,

basically everything in your budget is going to be a piece of shit that used to be a great sports car or typical commuter thrash

Get more money senpai

Integra gs-r. Or something like 1st gen mazdaspeed3.

This, I've seen some decent looking MRSs online for around 5k


Not OP.

If you're willing to drop a turbo in the bay, and swap the suspension,
what's something that you can make sporty for around 5,000?


Surprised no one mentioned a 4th gen fbody.

VX SS Commodore.
can have one one in smicky condition for 5k, probably even drop new suspension in it for that price.

if I could get a porsche for under 5k ausbucks i would buy it, even if its just a rolling shell.

you are a fucking idiot mate.

you are that bloke on gumtree who starts a project then tries to sell your half finished bodge job for market value 2 years later because it ended up costing more than you can afford.

>>best sports car for around 5,000 that isnt a miata
Civic it is then.

no i'd sell it on FB for 3/4 of the market value

is a muscle car a sports car?

All of the above

>Neon SRT4
>C4 Corvette
>Integra Type R
>A lot of 70s, 80s or 90s sports cars if you get lucky

I bet that bitch is under $500 and I'd ride her around all day

>that isnt a miata

Mazda MX-5

Moderately used VFR800.

Eaily pic related

What kind of mods?

An fc rx7

>sports car=shitty econobox

New edge or sn95 mustang. Npi 4.6 is a turd but you can still have fun. Pi 4.6 is a decently quick. Many sikk skidz for many miles.

I love you, advicedog

Foxbody LX, or GT. Rare, but I've seen a few, SVO.

the mods that make you go fast