Looks Good

>Looks Good
>Great Engine
>Is Cheap
>Dodge Bro

Tell me i am wrong, spoiler YOU CAN'T!

i once thought the same, then I found out

u are wrong

I"ll admit I'm a Dodge fag, but even I know the Avenger was shite.

looks meh
engine meh
dodge meh

that transmission RUN FOR THE HILLS

You are dead fucking wrong

No i am not!

Why did you post a Charger Interieur?

Here are the pros of an Avenger.

>looks alright
>decent mileage (around 25mpg)
>repairs are easy and parts are cheap

Thats it. The "best" engine option it was the same thing in my Charger, which was anemic and ate through intakes like no other's business. They fall apart really easily. They're pretty comfy rides tho, I'll admit that.

Thanks for the post.

Which engine do you have?
Also could you put a V8 in a Avenger, i know it's FWD or AWD (but maybe you can).

>no V8
It's shit, family.

What about swaping one in?

Why not a 300C

love my avenger its my baby
its got the 3.6L engine and ironically enough about that its faster than a base charger and challenger cause its uses the same engine but a lighter body

Cool dude!



Unlike GM and Ford Dodge never made a FWD V8 to swap in.

>the Avenger had a V8 when it came out in the '90s

Oh, wait.

I have owned an 08 AWD RT, and a 13 R/T.
Modded and Autocrossed both

What kind of mods are available for an Avenger? Were you competitive in your class?

Not many. Standard intake/tune/exhaust. Then suspension shit.

Once you begin modding, you get severely outclassed by much better cars that respond to those kind of modifications well/much better than aFWD rental. That being said, it did okay.

Which one did you run better times in? Could you feel the AWD in low speed turns?

>modding an avenger

Pick one

I love my charger. Literally best car I have ever had. Mine is a 07 RWD HEMI 5.7L.

Shitty version of the charger

trashy, cheesy cars. why own a dodge when you can own a GM for a few thousand more. christ, have you ever done brakes on a dodge? Is there a more infuriating and unnecessary thing on the planet? I think not

>zero to sixty bro much zero to sixty gotta get that zero to sixty
are americans really this shallow? plus i'm pretty sure the talon and the stealth are both dsm pieces of shit

One of the worst brake jobs I ever did was on a Chevy Colorado.

Drag racing was a huge part of Americas car scene back in the day. Probably not something as popular where you don't have room for straight roads and cars powered by lawn mower engines.

I have a friend with a 2012 and it's a really chintzy feeling automobile inside and out, it drives like shit too.

>Probably not something as popular where you don't have room for straight roads and cars powered by lawn mower engines.
not a europoor sorry

I had the 3.5l v6 (SXT trim). I modified mine by the time I had sold it and was pushing about 330 at the crank. Not bad for a car I initially paid $2000 for.

I wouldn't put a v8 in a Avenger. I've seen turbocharged Avenger that are alright, but it's expensive and really not worth it.

ITT: Basketball americans


Man, fuck you shit talking faggots. This is my buddies car, we fucking abuse the fuck out of it and it takes everything we've thrown at it. I know chrysler dodge jeep has a bad rep but you guys are ridiculous.

It's a lot fucking better than mopping around in a camry or something

Not even once

It's literally a worse Camry though

>I want to be a Dodge Charger but they made me a rental fleet car instead: the automobile

Only avenger owner I know is someone that had to buy a new car but needed the cheapest shit ever they'd get financing on.

This car and the Dodge journey are "desperation" cars. Dodge Journey is pretty much intended for single mothers. You know they had absolutely no option of anything else but couldn't front the money for a used vehicle that wouldn't break, so they bought a Dodge.

Sick b8, but this is literally the worst car Dodge has ever put out...souless POS

>>Looks Good
>>Great Engine
>>Is Cheap
Yes, when new. That's why you should avoid it.
>>Dodge Bro
So, 3 years in and you've spent more on it than you've purchased it for?

This is a much smarter poorfag mopar investment
>buy nonrunning nigger owned 300c with pimped out interior
>repair with parts from police surplus charger