Why are women such god awful drivers?

Why are women such god awful drivers?
Video very related, I filmed this a few hours ago.

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As a truckerfag, I see this daily.
Yes 80% is a woman and the rest polish cunts

Truckerfag here

It's usually women, 9 times out of 10. Usually on the phone. Texting while driving should be mandatory 5 years in fucking prison

Completely fucking agree. I think it would be more realistic to implement like asspoundingly harsh fines and jail time. Like $1500 first offense and then $2000 and 30 days in jail second offense. Then it multiplies from there. All mandatory of course.

I just wonder who has to die as a result of this shit before the government and law enforcement decide to do something that will actually be to the benefit of the people.

>I just wonder who has to die as a result of this shit before the government and law enforcement decide to do something that will actually be to the benefit of the people.
A driver on his or her phone would have to kill a politician's child or some other close family. That's usually how it works around the world. The ruling class doesn't take action unless something affects them directly or is an easy target for virtue signalling.

how the fuck do people like this get their license
slamming on the brakes to a complete stop on an open freeway with that much fucking room jfc

Totaled mystery desu

Tell me about it

Photo of the balding Pajeeta in the RAV4

If you want proof why self driving cars are a good idea, just look at American public roads.

It's funny that you say that, because American roads are literally the only place where autonomous cars could reliably function.

>nigger tints
bet it was a black "INDEPENDENT STRONG WOMAN"

Ahh, fuck ya, 90% is black/paki males, the other 10 black/paki females

Considering the fact all the vehicles in the vid are heavily tinted, I think it's just a warm climate.

There is something wrong with having tinted windows?
just about every car on the road where i live has tinted windows.


t. nigger central, Atlanta (or Houston)

>in parking lot
>see mitsubishi magna pull into a parking space
>then reverse
>then go in again
>driver gives up and goes to look for another spot
>settles for a spot that you can drive in forwards and drive out forwards
>roastie gets out
totally unsurprised

Country victoria in Australia actually

I live in vegas, and any hot climate (arizona, nevada, california, texas, new mexico, etc.) are going to have tinted windows. Do you not tint your windows? Is that way you call it niggerizing a car? Because you live in new york, detroit, cleveland, or some other cold climate low sunlight area where tinting your windows is somehow a bad thing?

Fuck off dude. I don't want to step into a 120 degree car.

Enjoy life in a sweatbox full of niggers or beaners.

That's cus Australia is fuckin hot mate.

i mostly have guys drive like cunts around me, maybe 1 in 10 is a woman

i guess you buttblasted beta virgins get angrier when it's a woman because they ignore you everywhere else. enjoy dying alone and unloved!

Found the nigger.

Hello, Stacy.

ur mum loves me because i can supply the double dicking she requires every night

I get angry at anyone driving like a retard, because it affects and even endangers others, doesn't matter if they're an old fuck or young fuck, doesn't matter if they're male, female or attack helicopter

Bad womyn drivers are usually oblivious, incompetent fucks whom you have to watch out for because they act like they're the only ones on the road, men are usually aggressive impatient idiots and act like they own the road but at least they acknowledge the existence of other vehicles, bikes, pedestrians, etc. around them

I much prefer men who drive like idiots. I have two acquaintances who used to drive like ABSOLUTE madmen, like, a night of hooning was getting inside a fenced football field during a strong storm, and proceed to drive 60 MPH, doing handbrake turns in the mud, stupid shit like that, but neither of them got in a crash in their 5 years of combined insanity. The three girls their age that I know who actually frequently drive have crashed more times than any in our group of friends can bother to count. And when I rode with them when they were in a hurry, they were extremely inattentive and unpredictable on the road, which are extremely important things when driving

A lot of drivers dont seem to comprehend that accelerating away is often safer than stopping. Its like an automatic response: danger->BRAKE!

I particularly love when someone cuts you off and instead of just completing their retard maneuver and getting the fuck out of the way, they instead stop deer-in-the-headlights style and block your path out of the situation. It's like they're doing everything in their power to make sure you hit them. I cant count how many times ive experienced this, luckily i was able to go around or stop before hitting any of these fools.

Im constantly reminded that i need a dashcam.

>doesn't hate women
>must be a woman
>*logic of a millenial recluse*

>I much prefer men

says it all, really.

>Heh! I've taken THIS one out of context... I have won...
bravo normalfag

t. triggered MRA

>u mad?


>no u



Yes, I do prefer men drivers, because at work, I know 9 guys, all of them between 23 and 38 years old, and none of them got into any car accidents of their fault in the last 4 years. They have, on occasion, bitched about their daughters/wives crashing their cars, though, and two of them got t-boned by women running red lights while bullshitting with their cell phones

I won't say any of them are perfect drivers, none of us is, but they're far safer and more conscious of their surroundings, which is EXTREMELY important when driving, since there are other objects that move along with, as well as relative to, yourself on the road, and it's necessary to asses what you can and can't do if the car in front makes a sudden unexpected maneuver, else you will eventually crash into someone/something else, or force someone to do so, which I have witnessed once

Men are more attentive to driving and more mindful of the dangers of a moving 3500lb piece of metal, see if a woman can be mindful about driving a semi truck, they're just not built for that
Hell, I can still remember the face of "frozen in fear/deer in headlights" of this woman, who must've been in her 30s, who was easily doing 50 in a 30 street, and locked her brakes for half a fucking block while almost t-boning me in an intersection where I had the right of way. Can still remember my father cursing at the top of his lungs to her, too, and how I thought I was going to need to learn how to walk again because of a shattered pelvis

No such situation, not even close, happened with a man, ever, and if they get pushed into a nasty spot, they usually react more accordingly, not just locking the brakes and freezing in fear, but acting in a way to mitigate the situation effectively

t. third worlder with a decade's worth of street survival in bicycles, shitboxes and trucks

less likely to have bought the car so they don't feel the need to take care of it? i don't keep statistics but most of the bad women drivers i notice are driving minivans/suvs so i'd assume they're driving their family car. i very rarely see bad women drivers in sedans

This honestly, family

I know a girl who worked her way into owning a car (hard as fuck to do where I live) and she's an excellent driver. Pays attention to where/how she parks so others won't damage her car while shopping, constantly checks her blind spots (bikes and mopeds like to get right deep in there for some goddamn reason), signals properly, and loses her shit when she sees people using their phone while driving

A good bit of personal responsibility does wonders to people in many aspects, driving included

missed her exit like a pleb

marry her user

I don't think irrational anger is a trademark of a good driver, user.

In the US when you turn 18 all you have to do is show up to the DMV, be able to name some signs, and do a 3 point turn after driving through a neighborhood and you get your license.
However, the tests you need to go through to get your license before you're 18 are a lot more rigorous (60 hours of driving 12 at night, highway tests, road tests, etc etc) but when you turn 18 they stop giving a fuck.

Fucking Calgary?

Well then, most of you fuckers are dying alone.

>in fucking prison
>female prison
Wow, now she knows quilting skills. And women do gay shit all the time in college anyways, they'd just enjoy it.

this. I was taught to plant it if I run a stop sign or give way sign, get out of dangers way, and then pull over and stop.
also definitely get a dashcam user. the best investment you can make for your DD.

lmao pole detected

>the retards love the toyotas
Oh what a shocker

I'm no family man, too lonely-autist to do that sorta shit, she'll want chillun, don't fancy ruining some poor sap's life just because he/she/xe was born to me

Seems very rational when you consider it's about as dangerous as drunk driving, and socially accepted, as well as a constant occurrence, sadly

Alone isn't a problem. Lonely is

I'll probably die in a glorious ball of fire when I crash my shitbox at 150+ MPH into a cow or chupacabra or something at 3AM tho

The video was ether accelerated or you were speeding.

>you know what will get me puss? whiteknighting on Veeky Forums!
waste of dubs tbqh family

>be police
>see that guy you don't like
>pull him over
>excuse me sir, were you just using your phone while driving?
>no officer
>well it's my word against yours and it looked to me like you were


>not having a dashcam pointed inside the cabin
He was going towards a green light though, I'll give him a pass.

>car turns left into his path of traffic
>driver responds like turning left into someone else’s path of traffic

Sounds about right


Yes. Near Foothills medical and McMahon stadium

From personal experience dealing with retards in London, the men are reckless and the women are incompetent. They're both dangerous, just in different ways.

honestly i blame all parties involved

if i saw people turning like that i would slow down and approach with caution and definitely not continue speeding forward like a lunatic

>i would enable the retard and try to maximize the time my vehicle is in close proximity to them for maximum risk
found the roastie

>someone turns into your path
>instead of slowing down and letting them pass you wait until the last moment to panic brake and swerve into opposing traffic lane while honking furiously
>"that'll show them!!"

this is you

my car after meeting a woman driver.
i fucking hate women

Tiny brains

It's how I avoided a collision with an oblivious chink. You turn when you can, mindlessly slamming on the brakes is bitch tier.

Why the FUCK did you keep speeding towards this shit?
There was literally no reaction on your side shortly before it was almost too late.
You're almost just as bad as the fuck in the Toyota and should give up your license.
Reaction times like a pot head.

Because he had the right of way, and expected the other idiot to not stop?

How long have you been driving?

He started slowing down almost immediately

If that was true, judging by the footage he was WAY over the speed limit.

Except he didn't. You can literally see his car dip as he suddenly decides to brake just before the second car nearly hits him.

He's the kind of faggot that just plows through with the right of way, without accounting for retards like in the video. Had he hit her, he would have been found at fault 50/50 along with her.

Look at the distance. The silver car was turning before the camera car had even passed the bus stop. There was ample warning and the braking didn't start until he was deep into the intersection.

What kind of camera do you use? Pretty clear even at night.

He does get off the throttle at least, I never said started braking.

> deep into the intersection
It that was true he would have blown through the intersection or into the car.
You can't start breaking in an intersection and stop that quickly

>giving up your right of way
You're either a woman or a cuckold. Based on your pic you're a furfag so consider suicide.

>a warm climate
oh I am laffin

Tell me more of your morals on legality and then in the next sentence about your plans to drive over 150mph on a public road

Turning right woould put him into where the car should be going, going straight would put him into the car, so he drove toward the turning lane where traffic should be waiting on a yield.

You're a shit driver, senpai.

>Doesn't know about countries with de-restricted road speeds

>a fucking imbecile blocking my way? I have the RIGHT of way, I will just plow through it. doesn't matter that I'm also at fault here and will lose tons of money and maybe even my health.

>a tornado coming my way? PFF. I have the RIGHT to drive on this fucking road! fucking tornado can go fuck itself, I'm going through!

I don't give a shit what the distance is, if I'm in the right of way with a green and a car pulls in front of me I'm not fucking braking.

Otherwise you'll be having to brake at every fucking intersection, and cause someone behind you to run into you.

You have to make the expectation that someone who is turning is going to complete that turn in a timely manner and not just stop like the idiot in the silver car.

The person turning in the video is 100% at fault though. Also tornados don't carry insurance nor can they be sued so great strawman.

If you have the right of way, then by definition you're not at fault in an accident.......

Are american women really like this?

the only person I know who fails to match speed when merging this bad is my grandmother(and she's had her keys taken away after nearly killing more bikers than the original Kawasaki Triple)

>yeah but uh he was talking about the moon tho so not the USA hahaha wowww

So you seriously plow through massive matter that whatever reason blocks your way and won't move in time just because you have the right of way?

By law you have to drive accordingly to the driving situation at hand. If you don't react and just go through shit being a blockhead you actually also get fucked in court.

>I don't give a shit what the distance is, if I'm in the right of way with a green and a car pulls in front of me I'm not fucking braking.
You should literally and unironically have your license taken away.


he's just funposting

I wouldnt assume that senpai, I've met cunts like this.

>think that because i live in a 3rd world country shithole shitheads that people complain about on Veeky Forums dont apply to me
>live in a big giantic city where 90% of the population drive manuel
>most of the people are really damn good drivers
>almost everytime i see a shithead driver its either a very senile man or a woman
>about half the times i see a woman driving she has a phone in the other hand or texting with both hands while the phone is resting on top of the steering wheel

I swear to god i get more and more annoyed when my 55 yo mother has to bitch at me for being misoginistic when i tell her that overall womans dont know how to drive.

I don't get it

>texting with both hands while the phone is resting on top of the steering wheel
Oh fuck, I've only seen this from a few very young girls over here, like 17-20 year olds only. The males at least have the decency to look up the road while talking, they don't ever text while driving, though they still need to be neutered/Zykloned

Shit's what nightmares are made of. Makes me wish every new car had a mandatory cell phone blocker of some sort, so you can only use it from the rear seat or while the car isn't moving or something like that

i tried to make me feel better and not lose all hope in humanity

My phone.
I use the auto guard app

Where was that? it looked oddly familiar.

Calgary Canada

my mom always told me, "Don't hesitate. If you're going to go, go."

cool mom, congrats

thanks. shes a good mom.