You have just been appointed as the president of a small European country, and being a budget conscious government...

You have just been appointed as the president of a small European country, and being a budget conscious government, you've been assigned with just €75,000 to choose a official State car.

What do you pick? The only requirements is that it must be a 4-door car, for you, the first lady, chauffeur and bodyguard to ride in.

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Triumph Dolomite Sprint.

European? Jaguar XJ

American? Lincoln Continental

used w140 guard

Frick all these gay cars give me a ctsv, corvette speed Cadillac ride quality. all for $85k while still meeting op requirements.


a ct6 just to annoy the eternal g*rman

3k civic (with 72k worth of simple mods)

Because Nobody uses it as an official car and I am a hipster.

our president has one.
t. latvia

A used Maybach 57.

This but with many upgraded parts


1985 Bentley Mulsanne, armoured, 13000km/8000mi, 49900€.

im a eastern european president

this or an e34

I hope my bodyguard has a toolkit.

jesus, i had to look that thing up.
>african engineering

Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo

This. Or an armored e38 for the lulz.

Fiat Ægea (Tipo)


Lada Niva 4 door version

Is there any other answer?

Btw, redpill me on the W220. I know that the air suspension is a bitch, but other than this? Im looking at the S320 diesel.

W221, sorry. The W220 is a sorry Mercedes from a dreadful era. Know a guy who owned an S350 but he didn't really care about maintainance since he had (probably still has) a safe factory so he is doing pretty well, financially speaking.

I'm more surprised that the Africans actually tried to manufacture something.

best toyota century for that price

armored mercedes 300d

Honda Legend or Opel Rekord

Maybe an S90 actually

If we didn't make any cars domestically then the Buick Regal TourX. Plenty of space, sleek design, and then I can return like half my budget to the government to use toward tax relief for the people. Small gesture, but I'd want to set the tone early of having my priorities straight.

e38 with 73,000 euros worth of simple mods

Kek. Dad owns an S350 and he bitches about how the side mirrors don't always work.

He hasn't had an air suspension issue yet but I'm hearing about it a lot.

3k civic with 72k worth of mods.

Other than that, any other issues worth noting?


That terrible camber... Do they even have a Idea what quality control is?

jesus christ

Alfa Romeo Giulia, only cool if you are not Italian. If you are, either a cop or a polutician.


Damn beat me to it lmao

A used one of pic related, G63 AMG.

Or a used Range Rover Supercharged.

From Europe? Check
4 doors? Check
Versatile? Check
Fast when you need it? Check
Demonstrates strength? Check
Storage capacity? Check
Amenities? Check
Weather approved? Check

I'll concede they get shit gas mileage though

I’d buy a 3k civic without any mods and put the rest of the money back into the budget of my country you fucking bourgeois fat cats

used airel atom
>for when you need to get to your meetings right fucking now

>and being a budget conscious government
I started to believe this was a hypothetical scenario, and then I read this. Now I'm sure it's a hypothetical because those don't exist.

Fuck off Charlie

>a country so shit 72k matters in its budget
Robert Mugabe pls


This. Having a public servant fleet is nice.
You can even paint them, if you want them fancy looking



Jaguar XJR with the 2008 facelift...

More like 73000 euros worth of transmission repairs and electrical gremlin weeding

doesnt have to be a 600
but any w140 SEL

in some weird color, not black or silver

750iL's, a lot of them. I'd probably end up forgetting about the nation/country and just be wrenching on them 24/7 in pure bliss or excruciating agony.

>4 door car
fuck off they can ride in the bed

>the two V12 BMWs with weeb names guy

You. I like you

>shitty front wheel alignment
>cheap build quality
>hideous lines all over
>disgusting, cheaply made "leather" interior
>ugly shape
>stupid logo
just lmao

>Frau Bismarck
>Frau Bismarck Zwei
>Biscuit and Biscuit Zwei
What's so weeb about those, I have no idea. I might call them Sachiko every now and then but that is besides the point.

Lexus GS Hybrid
>poweful enough to take you fast and comfortable to any european country without having to stop on every petrol station
>hybrid engine great for driving between offices in the capital city

my country woudln't have many hills and cold winter so I don't need 4x4

fuck im drunk, i must have mixed you up with a biscuit & pudding poster

E38 is Biscuit, Pudding, Prinz Eugen, was my E34 540 touring, may she rest in peace.

Honda Civic

ohhh, right. I'll pour an glass extra just for her

And to stay on topic, i would use my beemer

I lack the knowledge to know about any technical incompatibilities or real indepth stuff that could happen so just bear with me.

>Mint first gen Lincoln town car or Continental Mark VI as base
>get a p71 police intercepter,replace the frame on the Lincoln with it
>put a supercharged coyote engine in it

If I am being realistic though, probably a Clean 300d, LS 400, or 5th or 7th gen Toyota Crown

Check wether all the settings in the centre screen works. Like go through if the welcome lights work, etc like that. The rotary controller is very delicate feeling to the touch and I always fell it's gonna break when I touch it, so see if it's smoothing rotating. Also check the grab handle of the rear passenger centre armrest. I broke that because its a very light delicate feeling plastic but it was replaced soon. Go through all the seat controls. I remember going through a forum a few years back and reading about the seat control issues.

The car is depreciating like a rock falling from a 10 storey building so think a lot before buying it.

Coming to mechanical issues, I have exclusively only heard about the airmatic suspension issues. I think it's a pretty solid car except for some interior issues I mentioned above.

You can always go through many forums online for W221 on

They are really helpful.

Excuse the shitty English and incorrect words. I'm on mobile and autocorrect is a birch at times.

You don't understand!

Thank you kind sir.
The depreciation only works in my advantage as I wont be re-selling it, or if I were to do it will be for peanuts. But yeah, I see that entry-level, high mileages ones have even gone down to 10.000 euros.
I was initially tempted for an E Class, but the S has been depreciating so much its actually a plausible alternative. Sure, there is no 2.143 cc engine in the S Class (except for the S250 but I wouldn't buy it anyway) so the 3.0L V6 demads more on taxes, insurance and fuel, but yolo.
I only hope that an income of 3k euros/month would cover somewhat the maintainance.

>African luxury

Kek Mugabeposters btfo

I do, but I doubt you'd get a coachbuilt luxury car of which 8 exist in the world for 75000€.

Hey now

African luxury = mosquito proof

I'm not him but that's still a Mercedes S Class. You never know what's waiting for to go wrong and you have to shed a ton of money to just get that part repaired or replaced. Not to mention the huge waiting times for the parts to arrive. I too have heard the SClass of that era to be going good but just give yourself a lot of rethinking before going to get one. Good luck m8.

I am somewhat familiar with the costs of it, from this safe factory friend. A regular service costs around 600 euros (oil+filters+brake pads), a heated windshield costs 1500 euros, air suspension compressor (the part which is 99% the cause of the suspension fail on this W221) costs 450 euros each..

Largets bill I ever saw on an W221 was on the whole steering column which broke down. Total cost was 6800 euros (parts + labor + VAT ). But the whole steering column fail is a pretty big deal.
So yeah, I am somewhat aware of the prices.

And noone likes him

Just get a lexus mate.

Lexus is particularly shit at diesel engines, in Europe atleast. And Lexus didnt catch on very well, in Eastern Europe atleast.

lol looks like they handed a first grader some scissors and told him to cut out the leather

Lexus/Toyota SUVs are very popular amongst rich people in eastern europem just watch some dashcam compilation and you will see many of them in Moscow or Kyiev

He's actually a pretty chill dude

Is it tax free? Car tax is more than 50% in some countries, you get a base trim smallest engine BMW 5-series or an E-class with that.

A small country not a poor one

tfw you realize the seats are uneven

My people, that is to say squatting tracksuit-wearing slavs, consider me a man of impeccable taste.


Are you aware of the fact that seats can be adjusted?

At least it has a leather dash unlike GM.

Can't go wrong. Possibly swap an ancient Benz diesel engine and slap on a big-ass truck turbo as well for ripping mad skidz while rolling some moderate coal

Only possible problem is, dunno if the wife/daki will fit comfortably, may need to get the estate version

xc90 r-design, senpai

W210...the official car of the gypsy who barely made it to 3rd grade in school but then decided to quit.

I shall store the tears of the plebs in my center console cooler



>What's so weeb about those

>calling president a chill dude
you sound like a fucking leaf


>Lexus didnt catch on very well, in Eastern Europe atleast.
Lexus is luxury brand here
peole buy it beucase Lexus/Infinity considered more reliable than modern german luxury cars

And then funnel the money I save into my off-shore bank account for hookers, drugs, and FIFA bribes.

>people being loyal to the brands that produce the most awful unreliable vehicles
Yup, Europe is retarded.

This is mostly because of Lexus not going all out in Europe. They first came with the CT200h which is a poshed up Prius dissapointment, and they came up with the 2.2 D-4D engine from Toyota on their first cars. 2.2 which is quite plagued with issues.
So now Lexus is more of a curiosity for the super rich people, but it never caught the mainstream ability of the big 3

Because Lexus is focusing on build quality and reliability for years to come by. People are obviously rich and dumb enough that they don't save cash.