When it comes to buying a new car/truck do you go to the ghetto dealerships or some of the high end dealerships?

When it comes to buying a new car/truck do you go to the ghetto dealerships or some of the high end dealerships?

>I'm looking at a place but this one is in the ghetto area and is run by Mexicans.
>Prices look good and their inventory is good but literally in the fucking ghetto....

More comes down to the salesman and how willing they are about negotiating that day.

dealerships exist to upsell you on services added onto your note, which you are going to turn down no matter what because you are a smart person

i can't imagine it matters so long as there's nothing shady done to the vehicles themselves and the prices are reasonable to you

someone more knowledgeable can address whether the financial offerings can differ or not

Well I've talked to dealership guys and I honestly think the warranty they sell is actually a good thing, literally 2k extra for life time warranty? How is that a bad thing?

Lifetime powertrain? What? Never heard of that.

I bought a used truck and got a 3/36 warranty for two grand that covers everything. Worth it for peace of mind that I won't have to drop in a new engine if something goes wrong.

Warranties are always a ton of bullshit to deal with. When you need to use them, it's like trying to get water from a stone.

At least in my experience that's the case.

Warranties are the most profitable part of the sale. Do the math.

I bought my warranty at cost +200, what the employees at the dealership pay. Peace of mind on a 100k mile truck is worth 2k imo.

>lifetime warranty
Haha no

>cost +200
You can't put a cost on the warranty and a dealer cannot reduce it. Manufacturers cover warranty, not franchise dealerships. Franchise dealerships have a beneficial relationship from the manufacturers warranty because every time you come in for warranty work they can upsell you services (which they actually make money on). Aftermarket warranties/warranties offered on used cars through the dealership (not factory CPO cars) are always scammy and they will easily weasel out of covering almost anything, they are pros at it. Stop listening to salesman. Let me guess, it was really hard for him to knock it down that low and he gave you a really special deal that they basically made no money on, because you are so special. That NEVER actually happens (though they tell every single customer that's what is happening). Dealerships always make a killing on used/CPO cars.

i know your pain

It wasn't the salesman. It was the finances people. In any case I made sure to get the price that employees pay for the same premium ford warranty, in writing. Honesty I hope it ends up being a waste of money

>I hope it ends up being a waste of money
That's not the issue. The problem is that if the engine or trans blows, then they will blame in on you and decline to warranty.

I bought a WRX in a Mexican ran dealer in California . I got a great deal already paid it off

>Mexican ran dealer in California
Isn't that the only kind?

The brand name dealerships are great if you want a new car and a manufacturer warranty

I have tried the mexican/arab dealerships multiple times in my life and never bought anything from them, always ended up going private party on craigslist. A 5-10 year old truck is a 5-10 year old truck, i dont see the point in paying 10-20% more for it from a fucking beaner who couldn't even be bothered to vacuum the interior and "forgets" it was in an accident.

Also, in Houston at least the trend is to move towards 'no haggle' policies at the mexican joints. Takes the fun out of it and sticks you with their markup. That plus the extra fucking bullshit "dealership lot fees" theyve all started adding is enough to make me walk away.

>buying new
>going to dealers without a specific car in mind
shiggy diggy.

Blame me for what? Changing my oil every 5k? Warranties are governed by the Magnusson-Moss Warranty act. They can't just deny nilly willy.

I buy new from high end dealers. Never bought second hand from ghetto dealers for it could be an abused car owned by some blackie.

benefits of warranties is you can get your money back, pro rated of course

Fix it again tony, crapsler automobiles somehow manages to make money on selling lifetime warranties on the 5 least reliable brands on earth(no circlejerk look it up). The way it works is the write you a check for the repairs until the repairs become more than the vehicle is worth, then they write you a check for what the vehicle is worth.

I don't understand how such an unreliable rolling recall machine can possibly make a profit on lifetime warranties, but they've figured it out.

So should I get my money back on my used car warranty?