I'm buying a 2015 Ford Focus today because of poor. The car is priced at $14,000, but I'm thinking I could barter a bit...

I'm buying a 2015 Ford Focus today because of poor. The car is priced at $14,000, but I'm thinking I could barter a bit. What is a reasonable counter-offer? Was gonna ask for $11k

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>finance or lease?

>New England

if you get an automatic the transmission will explode all the time, don't do it user. Get literally anything else

automatic transmission is the worst. never shifts smoothly, shudders and jerks. Ford will refuse to fix it, my mom has taken hers in 5 or 6 times to the dealership and they did nothing but charge her for shit that didnt fix it. They even had the audacity to say the transmissions are supposed to work like that.


>spending 14k
Just get a civic for 3k or fix your current car.

Counter-offer with $8500 and if they outright refuse forget about it and go buy a Camry.

Fixing a "3k civic" could easily be more than 5k, user- it's not worth it.

>transmission is so bad they were sued and lost


I wouldn't.

Why not buy a car that's more fun for the same price? There's plenty of options.

Pls do tell

Not immediately. It'd take 2-3 years to spend that much

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Corolla you nigger

congrats on being the perfect example of why poor people stay poor

Mazda3 is very similar to the Focus. So is the Accord, Camry, Altima, Cruze.

Personally, for $14k or less, and if I was "poor" I'd get a Honda Fit. 40mpg hwy is nice. So is the space and cost of ownership.

Being poor isn't about a lack of money. It's a lack of money skill.

very well said, thats a tshirt!

>Driving an auto

This is what you deserve.

its the lack of wanting to give yourself to the system. its called wanting to live a fucking life not in slavery and constant worry and boss appeasing so you wont get fired for saying something that hurt a higher ups feelings

also drugs

i bet you got a job from your dads friend or some shit

some people have nothing but a shitty personality

>someone else is more successful than me
>must not be from their own efforts
>now I feel better about my poor decisions.

Really, dude? Get off that victim mentality and take responsibility for your own actions.

Can get new 2017 sonata for 15k in new england

Manual is fine, run far away from their auto

What are you doing paying $11K for a used car that's not even very good
I hate the 3K Civic meme but maybe it's time you had a serious time thinking about it

So you are poor, but somehow can afford an 11k car (a shit one at that).

lol ok


get this instead.

or better yet, this.


he doesn't have 11k cash. he's trying to finance a shitbox like a dumbass.

Oh lol, that's even more embarassing.

You are a fucking retard OP.