Just did this to my car today

Veeky Forums is this going to hold up?? Mechanic friend told me that it would and I should be just fine

>facebook photo
>cant see any metal in that pic that isnt rusted
glad facebook normies are actively trying to kill themselves

should have bent it

it'll work, right ??

>chinese pot metal wood screw

No, OP

Nah, safety wire. Gotta be professional about this sort of thing.

atleast use a roll pin, or a tapered dowel pin. those chinese screws are brittle as hell.

>im responding to a shitpost seriously

OP here, which one should I use?? What do you guys recommend in replacement of the screw

You should replace your tie rod end, then use the castle nut and cotter pin that it comes with to secure it to the spindle.

I wouldnt trust that over 5mph.

?? It handles it perfectly fine going about 85mph every day. Car gives off a weird rattle but otherwise it's ok

At least use a grade 8 bolt or something. Drywall screws are total shit at shearing forces. That's going to bend and outright snap at some point.

I would just weld it to be on the safe side.

>Veeky Forums is this going to hold up??
You are using a drywall screw. Those are notoriously weak as they have a huge ratio of flange to central shaft. In addition, drywall screws are made of cheap steel which will fatigue on you.

Having steering control of both front wheels is highly overrated.


>reverse image search shows no results

why wouldn't you at least use like a stainless machine bolt or something
why does a mechanic even have fucking wood screws

>Mechanic friend
He's neither a mechanic nor your friend, OP

>Captcha: sold warning

Used roofing caulk to seal up my windshield. Car no longer leaks!

i dont see the problem should be just like driving a mustang

A fucking wood screw.

Not even a cotter pin. Fuck this bait thread

Crown nuts and Cotters pins are fucking cheap, and probably could be gotten from a local autoparts store.

Castle nuts*

I used clear silicon to do mine. You can't even tell.

just go to a fucking junkyard and get a castle nut off the same model vehicle and pocket it

probably a bait thread but i worked in a shop for enough years to see people actually think this stupid shit works

>Mechanic friend
That tie rod end takes a lot of torque when you turn the wheel, I wouldn't trust a deck screw.

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Your mechanic friend better not come anywhere near my fucking car.

Just put a blob of weld on it.

its only temporary unless it works

everyone say i need to replace the tire but i just put in on new wheel and fix the slow leak with a small can of fix flat. that was last year

also shit diy mechanic thread?

and pic

>claims to go 85mph in that deathtrap every day.
Nice bait fren.

OP again, should I put a blob of weld instead? From reading the comments here it seems like I should use something else more sturdy yet small. Thoughts???

Who tf is brian?

I admit i went a little over kill and it looks kinda shitty... but considering how much it rains in mobile, i wasnt taking any chances with it.

Just get as much weld in there as you can, should be fine then.

These black screws are fairly brittle. If you really wanted to use a screw instead of a cotter pin, should've used a non-hardened one.

Screws are different than nails.
Screws dont hold up very well to lateral force, thats why if you try to bend a nail or ping it sideways with a hammer it snaps clean off.
Its also the very reason screws arnt used for framing.