Don't worry bro I'm a good driver

>don't worry bro I'm a good driver

>upshifts into overdrive at city speeds and chokes the engine

>coasts in neutral for 500 meters

>inexplicably floors the gas while reversing

>gets so close to the car in front that you can't see their rear lights

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ayyy that last one just means you're not LOW ENUFF BRO

>touches dick tips with bros like a high five

>permanently slips second gear at parking lot speeds

Tbh if you have a car with enough low end torque you can drive at lower speed in a higher gear and improve gas mileage. Dont want to lug it too much though

>be me
>drive BMW beater
>ordinary non-extra super gearbox
>have 5 gears
>its okay
>use clutch and throttle at same time
>use clutch and brake and throttle at same time sometimes
>ride is silky smooth
>absolutely no jerks from speed difference in drivetrain and engine
>very rarely people comment or compliment this
>when they do I feel good inside
>continue driving safe and reasonable and comfortable
>hone my skills in driving simulator
>don't take it to the road
>because I'm afraid of the police
>except one time
>Toyota GT86 wants to challenge me
>fuck that guy
>suddenly doing 200 kmh
>passenger was having fun but now she said "don't kill us"
>ignore her
>fuck that toyota faggot thinking he can beat me
>make it okay, but none of us "wins"
>except we both win, because nobody got hurt from this reckless bout of stupidity
>dwell on the experience for some time
>review the dashcam footage
>recognize that i felt safe and in control
>come to my senses and realize driving 150+ kph is never safe
>improve as a safe driver
>grateful that I'm still alive

I have a question about "lugging" the engine. I know that dipping the revs into 3 digit territory and feeling the rumble is bad, but what about accelerating in higher gear? Is that also lugging the engine? If the car responds when the pedal is pushed it's alright... right?

It's unnecessary strain, the engine is working much harder. Lower gears lessen the load on the engine, they take much less force to move the drivetrain. When you accelerate in whatever your tallest gear is, even at highway speeds, you're asking the engine to perform more work than it has to, down low in the rev range where it isn't producing much power. Just downshift.

Responding to the pedal is a pretty good indicator. With these funky electronic throttles they have these days they tend to play tricks so it feels like it's more torquey than it really is. But there's not really any good reason to start really stuffing your foot in to it unless it's up near the power band, and if it doesn't give you anything more when you put your foot further in then you definitely should be in a lower gear.

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if your revs aren't too low, its not that bad, but you're better off dropping down a gear or two to accelerate because its easier for your engine and its faster as well.

This is how you should drive, download ecodriver for your mobile and play. that how you drive good for your engine and good mileage
The person playing is bad though

my dad gets pissed when i don't do this
>you're gonna fuck up first gear!

this is literally me, but with different car and I crashed kek

>upshifts into overdrive at city speeds and chokes the engine
I'm doing 45-50km/h in 5th in the city and there's nothing you can do about it.

>t. virgin drive

>guy at work bought a new charger
>the most obnoxious color they had
>”you guys wanna go check it out?”
>why not
>go for a ride
>guy is flooring it on first to show how hard it pulls, hits the rev limiter several times
>shifting like absolute dogshit, like he wasn’t even attempting to rev match, just forcing the shifter into place like some nigger
>flooring it on turns, braking hard on turns, shifting gears on fucking turns, braking too late too hard and flooring it
>legit bitting the goddamn seat with my asshole
>”so what do you guys think”
>yeah man, so fast good for you

Fuck this guy, people like him are the reason these cars cost that much to insure and have to have nanny aids to keep them safe on the road.

What's wrong with coasting in neutral?

>t. mad cause chad got a new car

You're doing exactly the right thing by reflecting and learning lad

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>Virgin driver complaining about the charging Chad charger

very nice user.

im in a daily driver 1986 325e. so fun. so slow. must floor to keep up with new civics.

no regrets

It strains the clutch more. To figure out if your clutch needs to be replaced, put it in high gear and floor it and see how bad it slips

Manuel Charger?

Is it bad to coast for long with the cultch engaged?

Any time the clutch is engaged the throw out bearing and thrust side of the crankshaft journal bearings are experiencing wear

Sorry, clutch pedal depressed and clutch disengaged to be scientifically accurate

It shouldn't cause any significant wear beyond normal use of the car. Technically you're asking more of the throwout bearing and stuff than it's really meant for, but it's not it should matter at all in a modern car.

I don't know why you wouldn't just leave in in high gear if you're doing more than coasting to a stop, though.

Well, somebody should cheer it up.

you can get a charger with a manual?

>be me
>toyota corolla beater
>want to die
>don't wear my seatbelt ever
>regularly floor it on the highway up to 160 with my hands off the steering wheel when there's no other traffic on the road
>wheel alignment is too good for my car to kill me
>too pussy to just flip my car into the ditch and die

So I've been wearing my clutch out for 3-4 years now?

Probably not enough to care about. Think how many people sit in traffic or at red lights or waiting for their drive-thru burgers with the clutch pedal on the floor. Unless the throwout bearing is a piece of crap it'll put up with that at least for as long as your clutch disc lasts.

>I don't know why you wouldn't just leave in in high gear if you're doing more than coasting to a stop, though.
I'm a petrol Jew and my way to work is pretty down hill so I can coast more than 2-3km off to work everyday.

If you have a modern fuel-injected car, you will be burning zero fuel if you're coasting in gear. Whereas if you coast with the clutch on the floor then you will be burning enough fuel to keep the engine idling. It's not a big difference either way, but if you're also a brake pad Jew, then the obvious choice is to coast in gear to save on both gas and brakes, and that way you are also being a throwout bearing Jew.

Remember: if you want to think like a Jew, you have to Jew in every way possible.

Kek that's for the advice

Yeah, they're designed to take wear and the throw out bearing is easy to replace anyway. Using a good engine oil with a high film strength is a little more important with a manual transmission to cushion that bearing

>see red light a mile ahead
>leave it in neutral to roll the car

Anybody else do this?

I brake until idle in high gear and then take it out of gear without using the clutch and coast

It has nothing to do with the clutch. Unless the clutch is actually slipping you're not causing any extra wear.

Lugging your engine is bad because you are putting a high load on the crank while oil pressure is low. Its bad for the bearings and journals.