Why is kia shilling on a board where most of the people earn under $30k a year

why is kia shilling on a board where most of the people earn under $30k a year

u realize that you're not helping by making this thread right?

don't worry, if we avoid them we won't become the next /g/

wait, what happens on /g/?

I make almost $80k/yr. I figure probably half down and a two year loan.

just go ahead and kill yourself you fucking piece of shit shill.

I guess everyone thinks everyone works at Taco Bell or something! A $40k loan is not that much!

Steve would feed $40k into one of those machines in a day!

The board is shill central now. It's genuinely horrible, I'd say about half the posters actually browse Veeky Forums, the rest are paid

To make things worse, everyone's gotten so paranoid that they call shill on anything they don't agree with. It's fucking impossible to have a normal discussion there now.

I'll have you fags know I make 11 dollars an hour and i wouldn't even buy this car. i could roast it on a track or drag strip with just a few simple mods to my honda s2000

-Fully built 10:1 high comp
-Cp pistons .60 over with upgraded wrist pins
-Brian crower H beam rods with Arp 2000 bolts

-ARP 1/2” l19 head studs

-Unorthodox racing pulley set
-Carbon ceramic pistons
-Titan modified oil pump
-Titan crank damper
-Titan head gasket
-Lan Evo misfiring system
-VWR T6 manifold
-VWR 6” downpipe
-master cylinder delete
-Tial BOV
-Reinforced floor pans rivets
-Rebuilt driveshaft
-Tial 80 mm wastegat
-Billet timing belt tensioner
-4 way titanium cam gears
-Full Ferrea valve train +1 valves
-HKS 272 cams
-Unorthodox racing cam gears
-Garrett GT-4780r 100 mm DBB turbo with .96 hotside
-Ross machine racing intake
-PTP turbo blanket
-Reverse intake vaves bored to the top
-ID 3000cc injectors
-VWR pump hanger
-Pirelli antelope fur fuel filter
-Dual staged walbro 450 E85 pumps
-Aeromotive FPR
-Custom 3d printed gallo converter
-Ross machine racing fuel rail
-AEM 5 bar sensor
-AEM fuel pressure sensor
-AEM Infinity 8
-Custom harness for traction control, flex fuel etc.
-Haltech content sensor
-stage 4 handbrake cable
-7 degrees of camber
-Boost logic driveshaf
-Carbonetecs 2 way diff
-Blue C5 corvette spoiler
-Megan coilovers
-90$ custom katana shifter
-RPS triple plate carbon clutch
-15x10” rear Weld RTS wheels
-MT ET streets 295/55/15 drag radials, pretty much brand new.
-19x8.5” front zigen sport engine wheels.
-front seats are now cloth
-Kenwood double din with serius xm, GPS, backup cam, Bluetooth etc
-Autozone boost gauge
-AFX wideband
-AE86 foglighte
-TRD 13k tach (9k redline)
-The body kit is 100% molded in. It is not coming off.
Battery is relocated to the trunk with an on/off switch as well, brand new braille battery.
-Car makes roughly 250 whp as it sits right now

The Tial BOV is shit mate. I'll take the Kia Stinger over your box of rice.

Why would any company even want to spend valuable resources to viral market their shit products on Veeky Forums of all places? I dont get it
I agree, I can't even tell if these Kia Stinger threads are shilling, shitposting, or genuine. I don't see anything wrong in discussing the Stinger and maybe some banter/shitposting on the side, but the rampant baiting and the rampant shitposting going on now is impossible to discuss the damn car

Hyundai did it for their elantra with 5 elantra and 1 sonata thread. Not even the good car they make the genesis.

What's there to discuss though? It's probably going to mop the floor when it gets here, but all we can do now is wait.

No, they aren't shilling. Butthurts who hate the Kia just act like they're bad shills, or what ever they do, so people would think more negatively of the car.

I'm still on the fence whether the first constant Stinger threads were paid shilling or just a couple of guys that genuinely like the car, but the current stream of Stinger spam is probably just shitposting in response to the first few threads.

I think the first ones, with all the specs and the randy pobst video were legit just people interested in the car. and so was i honestly.
but now that the initial hype is over its just shilling and false flagging.

Which specs?

this. remember when nyaa went down and we all had actual productive threads on how to get our animoos back? some aussie made some broken ass site and people still shill him to this day in a self contained general called "Nyaa Replacement General" when replacements have been found eons ago, the general just serves to shill that broken ass site because its a "/g/" (not really) project
A few months ago me and some buds offset the balance of those dead generals now it's full of shilling for the dedicated punching bag (the guy who actually did stuff)

Nigga the 8400 and 8700 btfo of Ryzen!!!

I actively refuse to believe any companies marketing team would be stupid enough to spend time and money posting on Veeky Forums.
I do believe that there are lots of boys on Veeky Forums that love to shit post and watch the world burn. They use Veeky Forums as their personal sources of entertainment. They create threads like the Stinger threads because they want to create hate in the board for the lols. They live to see people squirm.

I would love to moderator this board. I would be a fucking Nazi moderator. Anything that remotely appears to be "shill" or "bait" would be immediately deleted. This means stupid ignorant comments as well. Would I ban some people that didn't deserve it? Probably. Would it save this board from shitposters? Probably.

Insightful contribution. Very on topic about the much-anticipated Kia Stinger.

bleh it's not a c class or a bmw, who cares

While I understand the danger of a Nazi mod, this board could really use it for a few years. Used to be that it was fine to have chill mods, since you could trust people not to be shitters.

>implying anyone gives a shit about the unreliable arabshit c-class as well

kia is crap