Do you like linear or punch in your back at 5k rpm acceleration?


5k rpm

>punch at 5k
Fucking torklets, I swear.

>non linear acceleration

Enjoy wrapping around a tree

boost bump all day long

linear is boring as fuck

>faggot with a fucking DIESEL FIAT that loses all steam after 2.5k rpm thinks he has something to contribute to this thread


Yes, that's about where your redline is haha

I prefer having a big fat torque dip in the middle with no punches in the back.

I prefer mine at 6k, leaves 1-5 for DD and 6-9 for fun

when I step on the gas and the a/c compressor disengages, it kinda feels like vtec, only slower

>what is a different kind of cam

Does this look like a diesel redline?
t o r k l e t s

>not longing for death by snap oversteer

fuckin got em

>rpm to 8000
>redline at 6500


It's actually 6,800. And it doesn't stop pulling till you hit the limiter. All of them 205hp and 300Nm.

Anything else you wanna """""lol""""" at, babby?

Not the guy you were responding to but a 200 hp bowl of penne al dente is still plenty to lol at. I’m doing it rn in fact

t. civic with a few simple mods owner


Oh fuck thats worse. You posting that like its something to be proud of? Oh damn.

>t. Golf owner

I mean, I’m not, but even if I were my car would still be faster then your pos.

Still loling btw

Better than the shitboxes all the delusional weebs on this board drive.

k, if you say so