Why don't automotive manufacturers post 0-40 times? When you think about it...

Why don't automotive manufacturers post 0-40 times? When you think about it, stop light to stop light driving in the city is what 75% of car owners do and I would rather have information that's more pertinent to my situation.

If you're launching while driving in the city, you're probably a fuckhead who shouldn't have a license.

Vegas is a weird city

Launching from a stop light is illegal.

So is rolling coal, it still doesn't stop thousands of people from doing it at every chance they get.

Driving stop light to stop light actually causes traffic to move slower, if you slowed down and did not come to a stop at lights traffic would flow better for miles behind you.

Ok. Hence why 0-60 is a perfectly fine metric. In Europe they do 0-100km/h and that's more like 62mph.

If you really want accurate times you can look at a drag slips. They list speeds and times at 60' 1/8th mile and so on.

>Launching from a stop light is illegal.

I'm confused

is this some retarded american "exhibition of speed" thing?

I've read about that, it's called the accordion effect or something. Same deal with gapers slowing down to look at a broken down car on the shoulder, it ends up creating a traffic jam.

how is that possible? driving stoplight to stoplight (at the front of the pack) puts you further ahead of the wave than if you had gone slower. there is no way that your quick progression is going to slow the group behind you

You just end up at the next red light quicker because they're all in a circuit and timed together so you get a string of green lights if you go the speed limit.

No, that means nothing. Depends entirely on where you are in the world.
You want to get through at a decent rate to be courteous to everyone behind you.

>Why don't automotive manufacturers post 0-40 times?

It's called Horsepower.

Racing to the next red light isn't going to get anyone home quicker. It only creates higher fuel consumption and worse air quality.

>no, it means nothing

Except it does, because that's how traffic management works.

I want to go back.

Everyone seemed so happy and carefree. Not one person I interacted with seemed to remember their mediocre life back home.

t. Vegas tourist.

People who live there are miserable. Even rich ppl.

In all fairness, I avoided the homeless and a majority of employees.

Some weird dude preaching under a street light almost sent me into a bad trip. Don't remember what about it scare me, but I was quickly distracted by some escorts, I think.

often wondered this

You'll get done for it in Aus too

Just launch to 60, problem solved.

You're from Portugal?

not the guy you replied to but, out of curiosity, what does portugal have to do with his comment?

Their top speed limit is roughly equivalent to 40 mph.

no it isn't

You can drive 60mph in cities where you live? Wtf

>launch from light in front of cop
>doesnt even give a fuck because lol 140hp


This is why in bumper to bumper traffic on the highway I always try to stay at the average pace of traffic so I don't have to keep stopping. Unlike the retards that speed up to 90mph and slam on the brakes every ten seconds. If everybody did this, there wouldn't be traffic

Cool Prius dude

the true test is 40-70, which is getting up to highway speed