Inline VS V VS Boxer: which is the best engine orientation Veeky Forums?

Inline VS V VS Boxer: which is the best engine orientation Veeky Forums?

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Inline 6.

Good luck with your thread.

Retarded triangle

Flat six


clearly image related

ITT piston cucks argue over peasant machines.
>rotary master race reporting in

Spinning triangle in a circle engine.

V. Specifically V twin.


altough when you need more displacement than an I6 can comfortably produce a V12 is good too


Inline engines 2 to 6 cylinders. you make the most power and torque

V engines have opposing thrust angles from the angled V banks and you lose torque at the crank from it, Boxer engines are a complete mess of junk and an inherently horrible design, and straight engines over 6 cylinders can be prone to headgasket issues

straight engines are still the best design and its a shame theyre pretty much obsolete on newer cars

[compromised suspension intensifies]

Well also straight engines have the disadvantage of long crankshafts which will try to bend themselves at high RPMs.

Tell that to my 16,500 RPM i4.

i4 is king

>lotsa revs
>if you need less revs and more displacement/stroke for the torque your vehicle is too heavy (sorry, passenger cars)
>easy to work on, cheap to fix

>>if you need less revs and more displacement/stroke for the torque your vehicle is too heavy (sorry, passenger cars)
cagers BTFO

Well straight engines as in I6 or longer. I4s have shorter cranks than V6s even.

boxer engines are a shit gimmick that subaru cant afford to change from so they brand themselves around it.

they sound cool though.

but germans don't really even fuck with boxer engines and im PRETTY sure they invented them

>but germans don't really even fuck with boxer engines and im PRETTY sure they invented them
They've been using them for decades upon decades.

ive never heard that, engines thrive at RPM because the crank spins at a uniform stationary angle low RPM the crank doesnt spin as smooth hence why vehicles like ex-police and ex-taxi can have engine burning and issues from idling stationary hours on end

straight engines are still ultimately the best engine thats why they were Nissan, Toyota, BMW, etc bread and butter for how many decades.

Look at this man. Look at this man and laugh. Laugh at how wrong he is.

Only if you drive Subaru

Boxer engines are objectively the best ones

race my v6 accord faggot

Germany has used flat engines for decades but theyre actually half decent. Subaru makes an awesome straight 4 but their Boxer engines are a mess of headgaskets and leaks. and all the fanboys can argue is MUH WEIGHT BALANCE. who wants to compromise an engine over supposed weight balance?

Gokarts are acceptable though.

And then, you have room for a v8, which is fine too. Low displacement, high revving V8s are the tits. Why don't get I get a 1000lb shitbox with two busa engines joined at the crank? Because I'm American, and no matter how often I ride a regular busa wearing nothing but swim trunks, I still can't have a car that doesn't pass crash safety tests.

go lane split at 150kmh and eat pavement then cry that nobody watches out for bikers

What cars have the best v8s as you described? I am new to muscle cars lol


The high-rev variant of Audi's 4.2 is really nice when it works.

best V8 was the 1UZFE, slap on the the supecharger and you have major power


ferrari dino

>unironically recommending this overcomplicated garbage

>when it works

E92 M3


>no radial mentioned yet

As a boxer owner. I completely agree.

ty ill have something cool to research.

fwiw i owned an inline 6 (rb25 swap) and a boxer engine (stock wrx) and they're both great. awd is not as fun to drive on paved roads but i thought the subaru was surprisingly bulletproof. the rb never had problems either though no matter what janky mods i threw at it. as a daily i would recommend the boxer because if anything breaks its cheaper to fix

Inline 5

Boxer for sure.
Actually, it is quite easy to understand. Boxers are the most complicated engines, why should people even bother to make them?
Better to rev
Lower center of gravity
Good N/A power to ccm
Porsche and Subaru use them

>because s2000 explained said so

Why don't they put V4s in cars?


Did somebody just say TRIANGLE?

Any boxer made by porsche

Realistically nobody needs more than a large displacement inline 4 with low pressure turbo.


Crossplane inline 4. You get the amazing sound and torque curve of a V4, without the complexity and inaccesible engine parts.



I like you.

They have in the past. See Taunus V4 and Lancia V4 for examples.

Saab used to have you covered.


Boxer, lower CoG and being short you can have a lower hood line while keeping pedestrian safety regulators happy.

Enjoy your shit suspension geometry and CoG that's not actually any lower because the engine has to be raised to make room for the oil pan and headers.

You know other engine configurations have oil pans as well right? Right. Probably not given how stupid your post is.

What he meant to say was a 120deg V6 and a dry sump so that you effectively leave the heads where they are, have room for headers, and the crank shaft moves down to where the oil pan used to be.

And still have the exact same complaints about suspension geometry with an even lower CoG. BUT AT LEAST THEN THE HEAD GASKETS WON'T BLOW EVERY SECOND TUESDAY AND BURN MORE OIL THAN A WANKEL.

On most other engine configurations, the oil pan covers part of the crankshaft as well. On boxers it's literally just hanging down under the engine.

If it wasn't V, then how come the vast majority of sports, performance and race cars use V engines?

Fucking moron

Yes the others can be good in some situations, they have advantages sure, but if they really offered more advantages than a V engine then they'd be used in everything, wouldn't they?

And now I know some people are going to bring up retarded fucking arguments like:

Yes it fucking does you fucking moron, and before you bring up Justin Bieber as a counterexample, his music really is the best FOR THE DEMOGRAPHIC THAT HE APPEALS TO.

If something is the best at its designed purpose, then it will become the most popular of that thing. PERIOD. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Again, no. If something really is the best at its designed purpose then it will become the most popular. iPhones are the most popular because they function well, and also because they have great design and a desirable brand. These things are inherently attractive to people. Things that people carry on them all day every day (such as clothes, watches, glasses, and phones) are a representation of themselves, they reveal a person's status, inclination and tastes. And thus people want phones which say something about them. Which is why the iPhone is popular.

Can we throw contrarians into concentration camps and burn them all alive? I really would like to do that some day. They're the most insufferable pricks on the whole fucking planet.

>inline or boxer only if 4 or 6 cylinders dohc
>v only if 8 or 12 cylinders sohc or ohv
Fuck v6

If V engines are the best engines for every application why do almost all trucks and buses have inline 6s? Why do most basic cars have inline engines? Why do most small engines only have one cylinder? Why are most aircraft engines air cooled boxers? You can't base your "v engines are best" arguement on performance cars. OP said best engine not best engine for one specific use.

>he doesn't get to hear the glorious sounds of the V8 diesels in many of the local ambulances and buses

or 911s.

>the military grade autistic engine that doesn't fit anywhere

>911s have bad suspension

You are like a little baby,
Watch this...

air cooled 911s were known to snap oversteer and kill drivers.

water cooled 911s only stopped being deadly when they started using electronic nannies.


LOL no, air cooled 911s would snap overseer because dentists would hit boost mid corner and couldn't recover them
Ever since the 993 they've been setup to understeer and ditched the torsion beam for a multilink setup

I bet you haven't even driven any 911

so like every other sports car they got faster when electronics got good?

>currently not sober
>read that as "inline versus versus versus boxer"

There were like 3 years of water-cooled 911s that didn't have drive-by-wire throttles...

You k ow the 959 existed in the 80s and had more tech than your average upmarket sedan in the mid 2000s, right?

Git gud, snap overmeme is only a problem if you're a shit driver.

X-Pattern, that is all, good day.

I got bored in a meeting at work the other day and started trying to design out a two cylinder-per-bank X design where there would be a narrow enough angle between each pair of banks to package it like a flat engine. The meeting turned unexpectedly interesting, but if you had 45deg between banks then there should be a way to get 8 cylinders firing evenly without needing all kinds of offset crank pins or crazy balance or header routing issues. Next week maybe.

>too much of a brainlet to appreciate an air-cooled flat-6
2/10 b8 made me reply

Do it, something like a 3 liter X-8 could be pushed way back behind the front axle, Plus, you could get crazy and twin charge it with a small blower tucked between. the top two cylinder banks and a pair of turbos plumbed along the flanks. It'd be a badass compact package.

Another option is to offset the two banks by 22.5deg so you can fit them in like 1.5 cylinder widths, and then if you're running a blower and DI it could basically run like a 2-stroke diesel with the power 16-cylinder 4-stroke FI engine.

>why do almost all trucks and buses have inline 6s? Why do most basic cars have inline engines?
Simplicity and cost - only one camshaft

Come on you stupid twat surely you're not this dumb



Here's the best V8 right here

Flat plane, narrow
Poor intake and exhaust flow POOR POWER. to get straight runners requires too much horizontal space. Nose heavy, fragile block
Good oil circulation and drainback. Easier to get straight ports. Decent balance of crankshaft forces
Cross plane cranks, externally balanced, tall DOHC wide as fuck
Low center of gravity. Easy to get straight ports, flat plane
Weird oil circulation and drainback. Opposing forces on crankshaft journals. Wide, stroke limited

>not wanting an inexpensive lightweight V8 with the potential for huge power

>some suburban doctor can't handle a fucking racecar
>this is the car's fault

As a Blue Oval guy, I'm obligated to shit on the LS regardless, but really they aren't the end all be all of American V8s. Up until the Coyote, Ford was seriously down on N/A power compared to GM. But the 4.6 SOHC 3v and 5.4 DOHC 4v take boost like fucking champs. A built 4.6 bottom end can handle well over a thousand streetable horsepower through a blower. The LS series is unquestionably the better bargain, but a good 4.6 is terribly underrated. Plus, we still have what is unquestionably the most badass American V8 ever made, the 427 SOHC.

Go back to sleep ry

>Cheaper than an RB to fix

>Laughing downunder.jpg

>1.76 Hp per cubic inch
>1.63 lbft torque per cubic inch
>naturally aspirated 5.4 block, production heads
Good read for anyone questioning the tradeoff value for increased physical size of DOHC engines

or v12, which is just two inline 6's.

Goddamn son, I need this engine in my 3 valve S197. Right now I'm running a D1SC procharger head unit with a REALLY conservative tune through a stock bottom end. My plan is to go with an Iron 5.3 Boss block or a 5.0 Aluminum Cammer from the FR500C, and a set of Livernois heads. This has me thinking that I might need to go 5.4.

You could omit their custom bore job and massage the custom ground crank in there and still come out okay. That engine is so good it's almost disgusting

I6 is undoubtedly the best piston engine configuration.

Sounds like a plan, I'd still like to beef up the bottom end a bit. I don't like the idea of the stock internals being subjected to anything above 500 horsepower.

and because it is a RR car with horrible suspension until watercooled.

if it had been MR or a better suspension.

Janis Joplin's 356 oversteered and nearly killed her. As the rear wheels went over the edge of a cliff. luckily the friction of the body stopped it from going over.

It's obviously the VR format