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>adventure bikes

tripfags are cancer

Meet the family

Well. He does have H.I.V

>gopro is in the mail
>finally get to make boring webms next weekend


Why are you here then?
/dbt/ is tripfag blogpost central

>what is torque?
i mean like how does it feel?

when someone says "woah i like this bike. it has torque"

what do they mean by this?

>not buying a chink knockoff

No. One just spams harly bs. The only worth a fuck trip is cc

Why are some 2015 fz-07s the same price as 2017 models. I didn't think that's how economics works. Or do they want you to call and haggle down? Cycletrader has some used listed for 7k. Weird times.

Got it used from ebay with accessories. Almost bought a AKASO or whatever the fuck but I chickened out

It accelerates fast and feels solid. Trucks have a lot of torque, not to say they're fast.

when you accelerate really fast. or climb a hill with zero resistance

Out the door price would be lower in the end. But still not enough to justify a used bike at that price.

Because people are fucking retarded and greedy. Dont waste your time with those listings.

thank you lads.

You must be new.

I don't know about that bike specifically, but it's totally possible that the new model is a little more cucked by Euro4 emissions.

They may also be trying to charge you for mods like muffler and sliders because like I said retarded.

for the record v2 > i3 > i4 for torque imo

Nope. Been here longer than you.
Just know ur not worth listening to

tfw have a monster

also where would a v4 rank among those?

Is Baird one of the admins for the discord because that'd be pretty rich.

That's what I figured. Like 4-5 grand I'd do pretty easily. But yeah 16s and 15s are still dumb high. I'll keep looking there are a few good ones but the majority are so high in their offers. Maybe the know they're gonna be haggled down? Either way that's going to be the bike I get. Just depends on when lol. Hopefully winter drives the price down.

I was looking at that. But even then their slip ons don't make it worth much. Any other market thatd make the price go down more for messing with it.

>tfw want this bike so bad

I just got a 2017 fz07.
Zero regrets. Its the perfect bike.

>tfw you will never be invited to the /dbt/ discord because you WILL shitpost constantly

Also post your bikes, guys.

Shit boy just sold my 2011 FZ8 for 2830$ 'merica bucks. Brand new 7s at the dealer where only like 7k

You seem lonely

have you seen the screenshots of it? it's literally impossible to be too shitposty

I want to and might actually but right now I'm fucking poor. Hopefully I can set aside another 5k in the next month or two and get it as an xmas present.

Even more. If you look at dynos ducutty's have the highest low-end by far. They're usually pretty meh mid-end and i4 wins at high-end per-displacement. But that low end is the fun to me. Taking off from reds and ripping gears. I'm getting wet posting this.

No, I also don't ever use the Discord, and am pretty sure I got banned for posting Bakuon one night.

dat neck snapping tork!
i know that feel breh

engine configuration creating more peak torque is mostly a myth
an 1199 Panigale makes like, 10% more torque than an S1000rr, but it's got 20% more displacement

An SV650 makes like 1lb-ft for torque more than a Ninja 650 from the same year.

Also V-Strom 650 makes 10% less torque than Versys 650

Today when I went through a toll booth I blocked my plate with my hand. I'm the scum of this earth.

He's called cucklan for a reason.

>having a visible plate to begin with


Eh, I'll just lurk for now. Veeky Forums general threads are for shitposting, discords are for actual discussions. At least from what I've learned.

You've got it backwards friend.

I use 4chanX and filter all tripfags as anonymous. You can still tell when some cancerous ones post but it actually makes threads more enjoyable to read.

Of course you could be like my friend and just filter them out so you dont see any of their posts

>not willying through it to hide your plate
squit gud

I know two guys with $1600 drones they keep in their scooters. Apparently the drones can follow you as you ride up to 40mph and also track and follow a person walking automatically. And they automatically avoid collisions.

And NYPD has been using them too. Fuck.

pls stop bully

Veeky Forums has always been for shitposting for me, any actually forums like R3 racing, I don't act like a complete idiot.

wait what?

Yeah, they can follow you at 40mph for like 10 minutes.

A local guy who has a youtube called DanDantheFireman used to go out in the desert and he had his DJI Phanton 3 follow him around, it was actually pretty neat. If you use a third party app they can follow you indefinitely and adjust elevation and speed accordingly. I think his could follow him up to 50 if I remember correctly.

>webm related

is that an RSV Mille?

>If you use a third party app they can follow you indefinitely
No they can't, battery technology is shit.

Correction one guy keeps it in his Spyder. But yes the bolice use drones. I think LAPD has been using them since 2014 and then police comissioners everywhere started jerking off to them the same year. So far only SWAT or ESU has them for surveillance. I'm not even tinfoil-hatting.


Old news

Oh right, let me rephrase. They can follow you as long as their battery holds out.

I saw a video where a drone was recording a guy riding motocross. Drone motors actually sound pretty neat. The guy ended up crashing and the drone landed next to him, don't think it was his.

One of the fairings on my bike has been blown out, I still have all of the pieces and plan to place them back in and get a new decal to put over it, does anyone know how I to go about getting them back in permanently?

I got banned for discussing bikes

for the record engine layout has jack shit to do with torque and if anything, V engines lose a little torque because of the extra balancers, camshafts, inclined cylinders, and opposing thrusts as opposed to a uniform push and pull.

it's mostly down to bore and stroke, and the whole "V twins for torque!" is more of a tuning tradition because i4s are more balanced and can rev higher anyways.

what bike is this?

Can confirm. Vs are torquelets. Inlines are the best.


I got banned for saying "nerds" and posting the post ur license faget copypasta. Seems like a forum and too circlejerky for my interest anyway.

What bean should I fap to before bed tonight?

>inlines are the best
inline cucks confirmed for squids that live in flat states with no god tier twisty mountain roads.

>bruh i go like 180 on a straight line.

pls no bully


how did u know????
u smart

im that good

Have you decided to sell the Tiger in favor of a dedicated street bike yet because you have the 690?

stop samefagging wr ur not smart

t. torquelet

Enjoy coasting through corners

but then how come I'm still wr user and not drz????
uh hmh rude??!

*U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" plays softly in the background

Not yet. I like the Tiger too much ;_;

>coasting through corners

proves my point

dis niggah doesn't even know about throttle control.
why do you even ride bro?

the adrenaline you get going up a mountain is exahliftin

i probably wouldn't eve ride if i lived in a place with no twisties.
i seriously don't know how ppl live this way.

nice shoop wr


Get a Blackbird

Flying between cars that at any second may pull out and kill you is pretty exciting.

more like
blacked Baird lmaoooooo


thats sad.

I like loli but not toddlers.

stop sucking his dick wr ur not smart only slightly funny

Or an FJR

all me btw
lol y u mad bru

It is. I wish I wasn't born in the fucking city run by jews and soccermoms nonetheless. Group rides are my only respite, there are twisties upstate though.

I dont have a drz and my bike is kill. At least I get to bang my NBR roleplay sister.

fite me

it’s in its 30s user you’re safe

do any of you go to your garage and just stare at your bike and smile?
im talking about actually smiling
im talking about a legit smile
like if you saw your loved one or child or something.

If you have no torque why even bother with throttle control?

If you have no torque how to you even go up the mountain? Really slowly, excited by how your engine might stall at any moment?

I win by mentally ill 16 year old with similar interests.

Well at least we know you're the real WR now.

Meh, SLAB trips have totally lost their appeal to me. Just gunna get a truck/van for that shit.

I stare at my bike and wish that the bottom end wasn't about to explode

I've thought about killing myself next to my bike in the garage or crashing it into a wall at 100mph with no helmet.

Go away Baird no one invited you.

dont du it bby
who r u

Every time I go down to my garage to do laundry yes.

Tell me your address so I can send you blatantly racist postcards from the southern USA.

I love my bike much more then my children.

bad taste in anime faggot

This chick looks identical to my GF except more tan and better taste in baikus

It might rain tomorrow, should I wear my polyurethane blend rain coat instead of armor for my commute tomorrow? Asking for a friend.