Sexy car thread

sexy car thread


cars are can be pretty and not aweful sometimes but its rare


The most beautiful cage ever made.

Pretty good, but it's no E Type

t. jeremy clakrson

I agree

Why does /n/ hate cars so much? They're a form of transportation.


because this is /n/. not Veeky Forums. there's a board for cars, no need to let that shit spill out. especially onto a slow board where your dumbass thread is gonna be here awhile

I used to be a train rider, but this is way better for my commute from my comfy suburban home into the city.

they're the form of transportation that kills all other forms of transportation by threatening people's lives and health, while squeezing the life out of cities, despite the fact that they are one of the least efficient forms of transportation ever created

i wouldn't even spit on your grave because my spit is worth more than you

It's not that cars themselves are inefficient, it's that the way we use cars as a society is inefficient.

For example, many people own cars that they drive, in average, an hour or two per day in, mostly by themselves. However, most cars are built to seat at least 5 people, and its generally better to drive for longer in cars (short distance trips generally aren't very good for engine longevity).

The best answer here is carpooling/ridesharing/taxis, since these make more substantial use of a car and can transport more people using less. However, many people need cars because they live far away from work or town and they don't have a lot of other people, and motorcycle/scooter riding is possibly less safe in the countryside because of more drunk drivers and 50-60 mph roads.

Then again, the vast majority of pollution/traffic congestion occurs in more highly populated areas, so taxis/carpool/ridesharing makes more sense there anyway.


I've always wondered why one or even two seater cars aren't more popular, there are plenty of people out there who rarely if ever drive with passengers. They'd be a good alternative to motorbikes for people that want to travel in shitty weather or carry more cargo. They'd be cheaper, more efficient, more manoeuvrable, easier to park, and probably have many other benefits that I'm not thinking of.

Safety standards mostly.

Some clarification? I can't really think of anything that would make them less safe, in fact they'd probably be safer as they'd turn and stop quicker due to being lighter and be a smaller target to hit or be hit by.

There's just less metal to protect you in a small car. The crumple zone is basically your knees. Cars have been getting heavier and larger since the 80s to meet safety requirements. Small hatchbacks under a tonne used to be quite prevalent but not any more. Those cars are great, but they're awful to be in if you crash.
Kei esque cars are way more efficient for city driving, but imo cars shouldn't be used for this purpose anyway. In a city the only good reason to have a car is to take it on road trips, which something tiny isn't great for. It's the wrong solution. Cars should be small, but not that small.

not the guy you replied to, but
>I've always wondered why one or even two seater cars aren't more popular
they have some of the same perceived downsides that motorcycles and bikes have, without some of the upsides

a smaller vehicles makes the driver feel more scared by the larger vehicles moving by
this is part of the reason that the perception of danger on a bicycle is higher than statistics would support
this is also the reason why so many people, especially middle aged women, drive very large SUVs
not to say any cars are really safer, they're all extremely dangerous, both to the driver and to other vehicles
in fact, the larger SUVs preferred by many due to the perception of increased safety are in reality more dangerous
roll over rates are so high for many SUVs, that they would have terrible crash safety ratings, except legally they're trucks
a micro car would have the same safety risks that any car would have, but the perception of safety would be higher
again, this is not grounded in fact, just in how people see things, especially stupid people and women
have you ever heard somebody say "don't ride a bike on the street, its too dangerous," while drinking soda and eating fries?
if they had done any research, they'd understand that a bad diet and not getting exercise is extremely dangerous
however, they call the bike more dangerous, that is what i mean by perception of safety not corresponding with real safety

now, despite the perceived danger of riding a bicycle, they have benefits which outweigh many people's misplaced sense of danger
bicycles can make use of MUPs, bike lanes, shoulders, random bits of dirt and gravel and whatever is flat to bypass traffic
both bicycles and motorcycles can filter through stopped traffic, allowing them to move through a city much faster than a car
if a mini car had this ability, then they probably would have caught on more than they have
however, they cannot, so they are not popular

>The best answer here is carpooling/ridesharing/taxis, since these make more substantial use of a car and can transport more people using less.
Congratulations, you have figured out public transportation.

now, just to replace those busses with streetcars and we'll be all set

Many people like the comfort and image of larger cars. Larger cars are better suited for long highway drives, they offer a more comfortable ride, a higher view of the road, and something that matters to people who spend over $30,000 on a car, image. There's a status symbol element to larger cars like SUVs and more expensive trucks that factors a lot in what cars people buy. People don't buy a car solely for practicality unless they're buying it used for under $5000.

I drive around in a late 90s Nissan Frontier with 2 seats (technically there's 5, but its a manual transmission truck with a small cab, so 3 of those seats are only meant for small children), but I rarely ever take it on the highway, the driving experience above 55 mph in that truck is terrible (but what else can you expect from a standard 90s 4 cylinder engine). On the other hand, it gets fairly decent gas mileage, and being a small truck its far easier to park especially in small parking lots.

pfffttt you call that a small truck?

Two door cars are much more structurally sturdy.

you call THAT a small truck?

It's like you don't know what small even is.

lol my freind had one of those and he cracked the screen doing a stoppie

>americans calling a ute a truck
American 'trucks' are not the same thing as utes

In addition to (mostly percieved) safety and comfort concerns (drive a tiny car at high speeds for a while and you know that these are valid), it's to a large part that people actually want to use that car for more than just commuting. Sure, 90% of the time they'll use it alone, but getting a second car or a rental just to able to do that weekend-trip with the kids would simply cost too much.
Besides, the difference in fuel consumption and parking abilities between a smallish four or five-seater and, let's say, a Smart are pretty much negligible anyways, while the amount of things you can do with that car is considerably larger.
Obviously, very few people need a big SUV. However, up to a minivan or a station wagon, it's often simply the choice to have a car for multiple purposes.

> but getting a second car or a rental just to able to do that weekend-trip with the kids would simply cost too much.
Sure, but I'm talking about the people that don't have kids or aren't always giving friends or family lifts. It wouldn't be the largest market but it's not like it's tiny either.

If we're comparing a Copen or MX5 to an SUV then fine, but that's not really what I was talking about. The people I'm talking about wouldn't be driving SUVs, they'd be in smaller 5 seat sedans and hatchbacks. The amount of protection from front and side impacts would be the same, rear protection would be less but then that's one of the impacts that you're less likely to die from anyway.

Where the fuck are the mods.

2cv Charleston


ex mechanic, uk
i had a copen sat in the yard for 11months back in 2008 waiting for tyres because daihatsu used an odd size than wasnt avalible outside of asia at the time

i'll play OP
a committed cyclist and non driver but i've a bit of a thing for old sportscars


>2 day old thread
>at the very top of the board
how? posting my entry.

It got moved from /n/, didn't even realise that was possible.

Good taste, here is some more of the same from the era.


nissans for gays

welcome to Veeky Forums



you call THAT a small truck?

As a gay man, im offended that you implied we get shitboxes. We get miatas

Show me some thicc car rears please

Hyundaicaust? Is this in China? They kinda look like Cayennes



Did you shop this to look like a twingo

don't need











>lmao at all those melted "panoramic sunroofs"
Did they do to plastic after the glass one kept shattering or were they always glass and they just fucking shattered like they always do?


I like it, similar to the 40s/40s fastback aesthetic

>Implied we get shitboxes. We get shitboxes

my nigga, best looking car in the world


the f40, f50 and the testarossa are the best of ferrari

desu the F50 is very underrated, as it is admittedly "worse" than the F40, but one of my favorite newer Ferraris nonetheless.

You have good taste.
I personally love the Lancia 037. Bitch is blocky sexy.

i like the stratos and the delta hf because
r a l l y c r o s s

i hate every car

why are you on Veeky Forums then?

because i hate you too

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my man

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One of the best looking cars ever in my opinion, god I love the SM
I also love the Volvo Amazon and Saab 96

Holy fuck what an ugly car

Your opinion


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tianjin 2015

I don't like long-nose cars but fuck man this has to be the sexiest modern car there is

Now this is a gt car.

sucessor isn't bad either.