What happened to American aesthetics...?

What happened to American aesthetics...?

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you guys got fat and lazy, so your designs got fat and lazy.




Found your problem.

I'm not American, nice try.
Secondly your response adds nothing of value to the discussion.

Yes, the Fastback and even the Coupe were both aesthetic and well performing vehicles.

This also there's been a mild "30s" revival going on in automobile design for a while now. Some of it was a necessary due to new pedestrian impact standards, but it's also being done because a lot of people just like fat cars.

Flatten the hood of any 30s car and swap the headlights for angular ones. You'd get a modern car.

Okay but even that car looks better than anything Americans are producing now.


You're just getting old.

Are you gonna post a modern American counterpart?
I understand that older cars look better.

The more things change....

,,,,the more things stay the same.

>original Mustang

rips of European styling


just original modernized

>modern Mustang

rips off European styling


yeah, this. It's hard to see but again swap the front hood/headlights and you get something very similar to 30s era cars. This is more obvious if one looks at the HHR or Uplander.

what do you mean
>rips of European styling
Americans innovated the American Muscle look.

>This also there's been a mild "30s" revival going on in automobile design for a while now.
That worked out well for Detroit, hasn't it? Let's face it, most retro designs are cash-in garbage.

Squint hard and you can see the 30s influences come through. It's there: huge art deco shapes, massive canopy posts, rear axle raised slightly, windows not horizontal to the ground, poor rear vision.

Mustangs arent muscle cars and they damn sure dont look masculine

even the lead designer said this

>I wanted a Ferrari-like front end, the motif centered on the front — something heavy-looking like a Maseratti [sic], but, please, not a trident — and I wanted air intakes on the side to cool the rear brakes. I said it should be as sporty as possible and look like it was related to European design.

Of course, I'm not saying it's always successful. Just look at this. All I'm saying is that it's been done before, and certainly not as well as today (large exterior runningboards are fucking gay and result in tiny, cramped exteriors within huge vehicles that can't be parked anywhere).

I have to squint so hard I'll see Jesus before I see the 30s influence.

Ah thank you for that had not seen it.
But nonetheless, you must agree that new American cars are absolutely horrid.
Why do you think they strayed away from their better looking older model cars?

then try it with the pontiac with the split grill. Smear it back towards the cabin/windshield and you got something approximating a 30s era wagon.

older designs arent as safe or aerodynamic and I dunno compared to the 70s 80s most of the 90s and 2000s American cars look much better

>you must agree that new American cars are absolutely horrid.

I wouldn't say so, just get cars with a V8. Cars aren't so much different today if you still get the proper engine size and not a tiny euro-spec 3.0L engine. Even my sister's shity arcadia crossover SUV thing is ok enough to drive because it comes with a 4.8L V8.

You can't make the same design for decades. The majority of people want something new for their next car plus materials improve and safety regulations get stricter. The modern mustang is a result of that inertia over the last 50 years.

70s-80s Americans had their gas shortage thing so i don't blame them.
Even 4th Gen Mustangs couldn't get close to the first, look how hard they tried.

Dreadful. How do these pieces of shit need so much engine to get moving?

>You can't make the same design for decades.

Same with this.

I like the New Edge, it marks the last time Ford actually tried something new on the Mustang design, just like Chevy did with the sleek catfish Camaro. Afterwards both brands went back to a plasticky, cheap looking boomer nostalgia cashgrab.

All non-compact American cars need V8s, regardless of the era. That's the point I was getting at. People shit on modern cars because they get the economy/european engine size and not the proper engine size. Of course modern cars don't have some convinces older ones did (chief of them bench seating) but they handle about the same if you get the same engine size.

Acadias never got a v8

this looks like shit mate.

Yeah why do they require so much engine?
Also, is right. This car's largest engine was a 3.6 L V6

New cars EVERYWHERE look horrid m8, short of some sports cars.

New Edge is the 99-04 Mustang ya dip

Still, as I addressed it here Doesn't look as NA 'Stangs.

everything is a hatchback now

I hope it dies and car companies start offering a more diverse array of products, but why would they?

And it shouldn't. The mustang was always styled as a sportscar. Only boomers and the brainwashed filth who bought into their schtick think everyrhing needs to look like the first gen. The car saw a natural progression from 64-2004 before some idiot approved the s197 chassis's looks. Although the 2011 facelift pulls it off nicely.

after the 70s it looks like shit.
With the worst being the 80s and the new ones.
4th gen doesn't come close

That's the point. The fifth gen looked like SHIT.

>With the worst being the 80s
You take that back.

I will give you the ii's proportions being odd and the 87-93 cars being a tad bland, but the 79-86 and 94-04 cars are sleek, toned machines as sportscars should be, really only let down by their stock wheels and ride height.

Hatch > notch

Delet this

Notch has a really clean looking ass though.

If hatch, then all the way to a bubble Capri.

Um try again sweetie :)


Disgusting design.
>79-86 and 94-04 cars are sleek
79-86 are literal blocks.
these are slick but still ugly.
Only good American aesthetic around.

79-86 have the same basic profile as 99-04, just with fewer polygons. What traits make 99-04 ugly?

foxbodies are by far the ugliest Mustangs

Silly slant eyes.
It's vulgar in the way it sits, the design is made to look as a poseur of the NA. After years of ugly generations it tried to make a splash by over compensating as a manly vehicle.
It isn't a good looking vehicle, the NA was more manly and better looking without puffing its chest.
Just on it's basis of that criticism, it's tied with the newest Mustang as being the most pathetic.
Literally trying to please manlets, makes sense with all the demographic displacement occurring.

Beautiful people with purpose produce beautiful things.
Ugly people with no purpose produce ugly things.

>conveniently leaving out this piece of shit
American styling has always been hit or miss

The Mustang,Camaro and Challenger are at the best they've looked in a while right now.

The only mustang's I really don't like the look of are 2nd and 5th gen's.

It's the same problem as all modern cars have now. The government demands better and better fuel economy, while the same time wanting safer and safer cars. Now they're all designed in some wind tunnel to get the maximum fuel economy out of a boring, heavy beige box.

Still don't understand what motivated them to call that the Mustang instead of this.

Are you a retard?
I literally said NA is the best model years.
Learn to read newfag.

>vulgar in the way it sits
Uh, in english? They ride too high stock?
>overconpensating as a manly vehicle
Yeah, I don't see this either. Also what the fuck do you mean by NA? I've never heard of that chassis code for a mustang.

because thats just an economy car

Literally the same chassis as the ii.

I dun goofed.

Cosmetically Ford got it right with the 6th gen
The rest look like imitation camaros

I mean I've made my criticism with brevity, I can't condense it more than that.
They do overcompensate, it tries to make a presence with that retarded overbite lip and long eyes.
The stance isn't leveled, it comes with a high back and it descends as it goes forward.
It's ugly and it's marketed for insecure cucks.

>camaro always comes out after the mustang
What did he mean by this?
Do you mean coke bottle styling? First gens did that best, actually. Because the ride height is even front to back. What overbite, the front bumper cover? First gens did that too, in obnoxious chrome at that.

no its not

The chrome is even with the top of the hood.
So it's not an overbite nor an underbite. Literally nearly even. (pic related)
Anything other than an evenly heightened stance is overcompensating. No wonder new American trucks all do the same shit, they're appealing to the "new Americans".
Bunch of thugs trying to appear as hardasses.

Now look at this turd, mongrel face it has.

To be fair, you have to have extremely good taste to hate American cars

I do like American cars, the old ones. Pre 70s.
The only car that has stayed nice is the Jeep Wrangler, all throughout.

Yeah, you can see the coke bottle styling right there. Front is raised for some reason in that pic, look at the top of the door sill and difference in wheel gap. With coke bottle styling, the car looks like a predatory feline getting ready to leap provided front and rear ride height are even, which most consider to look good.
That's a 5th gen pre-facelift, not a new edge. Everybody agrees it takes a lot of work to make a 5th gen look good.

> Front is raised for some reason in that pic, look at the top of the door sill and difference in wheel gap
Maybe he raised it a little bit. Nonetheless, it's not as dramatic as the newer American cars.
Straight arrow car.

Fucking idiots wanted this stupid retro design
Hence mustang, new camaro, new challenger

And butthurt fucks got all mad whenever the dart came out cause

*What happened to everyone's aesthetics?

I'm still not sure whether you're referring to rake or coke bottle. Because I'm pretty sure cars aren't sold with rake and coke bottle has been a thing forever.
Exactly. Look at a mid 2000s Z.


They should have called it the Neon. No one would have complained. Might have actually sold better too.

>mid 2000s Z.
>rake or coke bottle.
I'm saying the car was leveled and it gives it a nice stance.
A little bit of negative rake isn't too bad either.

American design died in the 70's with some post mortem spasms in the 90's.

>negative rake
As in the front being high? For what purpose? Also do you see our point about every design not looking great in modern times and not just America's?

Yes I agree with the overall frame designs being ugly (due to government MPG autism with the wind tunnel and yada yada), however that doesn't mean they intentionally go above and beyond to make the car uglier than hell like Americans do now.

The Mustang Stance 1st generation is even, in that photo it was post market lifted a little bit in the front.
I said that even and a little bit lifted in the front is the best looking design as opposed to the American cars now being downies.

Why? They look like an animal taking a shit when the rear is low. Only things that get a pass are "gasser" drag cars.

are you actually refererring to the e46 as a poorly designed car.?

I prefer straight (as the car was intended) However a little bit higher like is nice.

This is who American cars are made for nowadays, literal sub 85 iq monkeys.

The car market is geared to animals like this
America is dead all around.

But none of today's cars are sold with rake. What do you mean? Do you mean coke bottle styling, which sports cars have always had? Why is rake for niggers/cucks?

yes your old classic shitboxes were just of a higher quality and only attracted the classiest gentlemen


Ford f150 xlt.
I know this and I dont even live there.
The car stances are all fucked up in America. And your vehicle operators are animals.




Listen to the people, literally all mongrels.

not an argument.

you do realize it has a rake so when you load the bed up it will level out and not drag right

neither are your posts

M8. That's the stupidest example you could have chosen. All pickups are oversprung in the rear to not squat when a load is put in the back or a trailer is connected.

I'm not reading your whole shitty thread faggot, I'm just responding to the first post.

Tips fedora

Modern car design. I suppose it's for the best given your peoples' penchant for plowing into crowds.

Shit taste. Fuck off contrarian.

Wow I can't believe 3 videos showcase the literal entirety of the US. Wait, no, that's not at all how it works.
>pickup truck rides higher in the back with no weight
No shit ya dingus. It's to level it out when someone hooks a trailer to it or puts a load in the bed.

>Nocar yuropoor bus-riding cuck detected

I know you're mad watching Ahmed rape your wife but no need to be pissed at Americans

The car at the top literally cannot be sold anymore, even if they were to re-release it now.
It would never pass 2017's strict federal safety and emissions regulations.

Overregulation is why all cars look, sound and drive the same, and why you can't see shit out the window due to all the SAFETY REINFORCED PILLARS in case you flip over.

Please don't post that type of garbage, you're making the rest of us look bad.

Mate, there is more than one way to correct weight distribution.
For example making the ride height a little taller.
Which makes more sense, like they use to.
Then don't comment, brainlet.
Take your fellow country men's advice Your country is literally in no better shape than ours.

Did I hurt your feefees nigger?