How do you feel about wheels painted in exterior color?

How do you feel about wheels painted in exterior color?

looks too ghetto-rich

not good/10
sometimes good on racecars

Usually a big no-no, I prefer some contrast.

good for that old school ricer look

It's ok, but I prefer wheels painted in black. That's (sort of) what I ordered on my Porsche.

Looks shite

>like how the Cayman looks
>"55k base price? Hey I might be able to afford this!"
>open up the configuration
>a handful of simple options and a non-boring color bring the price up to 70k easily
>play around a bit more
>realize options can add 100k to the base price, before accessories
Holy fuck how do you defend this nickle-and-diming?

welcome to every luxury car ever

That is how porsche operates. The base models aren't that expensive but the price increases very rapidly with just a few options.

>buying a luxury sports car with options that aren't performance-related

The fuck.There's not a single way to get a Cayman S above $85,000 if you're just going for the "performance" mods. Most of those are overpriced as it is.

If you're getting it above $100k, just get a 911 GTS or GT3. No need to be a retard loading up a cheap car with options.

This, and the higher-end have more kit as standard equipment as well.
I mean you could essentially get a fully custom non-S Cayman, but wouldn't you rather have an S that's "merely" well-optioned?

The base 718 doesn't have navigation at 62k CAD. The 718 GTS *also* doesn't have navigation at a whopping 92k.

Only looks good with 2 piece wheels

Sometimes the options go over the cost of the actual base price of the car.

Even if you buy it for 55k, the car is basically useless because the depreciation hits and the car will cost less than 40 in like a year or two.


It's tacky and reeks of "someone just got a job in the NBA"

Only looks good with white cars

I'd drive the hell out of a $50,000 base Macan with no options

Ok, can look great
Ok, can look good
Pretty standard
>any other color
Absolutely not

I'm aware that wheels can look good or avant garde being accent colors but matched to exterior? Outside of the mentioned three just doesn't work

How is that true in the slightest?

does the caymans engine magically explode from shame when its used market value dips below 40k?

lmao faggot.