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First for R3's are good city bikes, but shit at highways.

So they are shit

My pigfat vfr750 shat the bed on the way to work.

Was riding along when the speedo droped the needle to 0. After a few yards it just shut off and won't crank the engine.

Right after a week of rain weather was getting right again and this happens. Fug.


>few posts in
>not a single BMW posted


>good city bikes
Are they though? Or are they just acceptable?

I will get replaced with a refugee

what should I do with my new gained freedom?

>inb4 melted camshaft

They are just shit in general

Ride you TT to the swamp lands

Freedom is a lie.
There's only one true path to freedom, and that's still no guarantee.

are you talking about blowing yourself up in the name of Allah?
considered it
have to do TÜV first, and then find swamps in Germany.

Allah? Fuck that noise.
Do it because there's nothing better to do.

>find swamps in Germany.
Fucking nazi, never looking outside of Germany

when was the last time you watched totw? don't you think its time for a bit of a refresher?

blowing oneself up out of boredom is pretty drastic
if I'd ride to France for examples they'd wave their flags again, if Poland they'd claim an attack
I literally can only go to Germany or Italy

>Because the things germans do aren't drastic

I don't know what you'd mean thete, buddy.

>there is only France, Poland, Germany and Italy

yes, only these are relevant.
> even considering such irrelevant countries like Holland Belgium and Luxemburg

You're also forgetting Denmark, Switzerland, Czech and Austria

> Switzerland
not even europe lmao
> Denmark
> Austria
> not Germany
> Czech
not close enough and also pretty useless country.

>> Switzerland
>not even europe lmao
Europe is not only EU

Don't try to argue with someone that got replaced by an illegal immigrant that actually did his work better.

>implying these are not Heim ins Reich

dude are you Nazi?
I still have my job
and he's also completely legal here
well right
but fuck Switzerland anyways
fucking mountain jews

Wr come live here

Heil Hitler

This honestly. He had great ideas and was gonna make the world a better place

is there a bigger red flag that you're dealing with a shit rider than this literal red flag?

post feminine bikes

Prolly just the battery. It was running fine before shutting off and never overheated.

Everyone and their mom has this type of keytag. Don't get how its a big deal.
Better then the guys that leave other keys attached to the motorcycle key and scratch up the triple tree

Yeah, they're riding one of these


why not both?

there are a million things you could use instead of a bit of airplane larp gear that makes no sense in context

Why is Yamaha best?

of course it makes sense, flight means they're going to go fast

would you rather it say "attach before flight"? because that has absolutely 0 history which is the only reason those keytags existed

why does it need to make sense in any kind of context?

>bought a 650 dual sport as my first road bike because I wanted to ride both street and dirt and do a bit of touring
>after the novelty wears off after only a few weeks of riding, realize that the only offroading a 195 kg bike with semi-street tires is capable of are easy trails, which I find way too boring
>realize that the soft suspension, mushy brakes and low footpeg clearance aren't very good in the twisties
>realize that 48 hp is weak as shit and I want much more
>realize that I can't really go on the highway, because it's unstable at that speed, the wind is extremely uncomfortable and the engine is struggling near redline
>realize that going fast in the twisties and the track was my passion all along
Time to get a 600 supersport and become a statistic, I suppose

REEEEE. Those poor triple trees :(

Wut. Why does it matter if it makes sense or not its a keytag. Who cares.

amirite fellow bicycle rider?

>get on the motorway
>remove key
>engine cuts out
>fly home

why have it on there at all? other than "look mum I'm an airplane!"

>why have it on there at all? other than "look mum I'm an airplane!"
so I can find it more easily in my pocket? It's convenient just pulling the tag
What the fuck do you think is the purpose of any keytag?

Because it's a keychain and you have it for keychain things. Like grabbing it with a gloved hand and making it easier to find. Who cares whats on it.

Did an airplane touch you in your no no area or something

I didn't say why have __a__ key ring, my question is why are you pretending to be an airplane?

Because who doesn't want to be an airplane?

>why are you pretending to be an airplane?
what is that even supposed to mean?
I just like airplanes and that kinda stuff in general
post your keychain

Did the airplane hurt you?

>he doesn't want to be going sanic through the sky
get a look at this gaylord


So Merkel got to office

my bike came with a pitot tube cover keychain but I keep it because it reminds me of Top Gun

plus who imo riding does feel like flying(at least on sportbikes where you are tipped forward)

This is the bit where try to explain why pretending to be a pilot is any different to a soa fan pretending he rides a Harley.
"no I'm not in an mc I just like motorbikes"
That's what was on it when I got it.

Being this upset over a keychain.

Me mum told me my bike sounds female

Yes. A bigger red flag is a rider that complains about people's keychains on a Taiwanese gardening website.

dbt, anyone use hothands or some other hand warmer in their gloves for cold mornings?

get heated grips

Winter gloves and heated grips

i think about our lord and saviour Jesus Christ when i need to warm up

I have winter gloves and heated grips but I'm afraid to put the heated grips on because I don't want to fuck anything up. Are they typically pretty easy to install?

Fuck if I know, I got them factory installed. Shouldn't be too difficult.




Why do you guys keep removing the video from the OP?

It should stay there until 25/10.

How much is Honda paying us for putting their ads in the OP?

pretty hard to fuck up. What ever you do don't put them straight on the battery, you will forget to turn them off and you'll have a one way ticket to bump start city.

There's literally nothing to scratch.
Not that you'd be able to tell even if there was.

Keys that I use.
Shit looks the same as the day I bought it

>H-Shifter on keytag
"look mama, I'm a car"
why are you pretending to be a car? it doesn't make any sense in that context

>I can't also have a car
I use these keys for everything
Plus see pic

inb4 keychain context guy gets triggered

I am but a humble prophet.

Thanks Br/o/s!


To be fair, I got the tattoo long before the keytag existed.


That is not as well done piece at all. Ewww

Get better tastes.

add salt to balance it out m8

grats on purchasing best flavour

Lines are smooth, filled in evenly.
My only complaint is the numbers seem a tad off.
It's very simple, so I would guess you just don't like the design.

It's a shit done tattoo. It's not even inn master status. And thats low

Regardless, I think its cool. I really like that "bold" font.

What exactly makes it shit tho. It's fucking letters and a circle.
What's your opinion on this one, I think it's decent considering my brother got it for free.
Also in interest of the thread, it is semi bike related

>getting a tattoo outside the t-shirt area
>actually get a tattoo anywhere....
you must be 12?

25, but thanks for your concern.
I guess I technically got it when I was 24 tho.
I think it was a good first one, and thatr's really all that matters.

Wow... thats fucking disgusting. I bet you make minimum wage as well and have a fitted hat collection

No, and yes.
I like what I like and I can't help that, no one can.

You can easily not get shitty tattoos

You think it's shitty, I don't.
Difference of opinion.
I'm sure you have stuff I don't like, such is the way of the world.

you're objectively wrong

Idk, I'm pretty sure not everyone agrees about everything.
You still never told me why you think it's shitty, if it's design that's like your opinion man.

No. It really is not well done. It looks like you got it at someone's house

Could someone at least explain why.
I'm actually interested, I'd rather have something concrete about it than it's just shit.
Sadly, I have to go to work, so I'll hit up the thread later today to see if someone explains

May you day be full woolies and sticky dunlops /dbt/

Stop attempting to defend your poor life choices.

>I'll just read DBT before work it'll probably be good
>Keychain autism

I'm probably gonna buy an sv650 from a local used dealership asking for 2k. Do you think I can haggle the price by adding gear? ”I'll buy the bike/helmet/jacket for 2200”

It's at least half as cringy as that Harley fag flaunting his pet pig though, see the positive side of everything.