So Veeky Forums I leased a 2017 Honda Civic for a total of $466 a month (insured as well)

So Veeky Forums I leased a 2017 Honda Civic for a total of $466 a month (insured as well)

My question is the dealer said I would have my car in 24hours but I almost know thats bullshit

How do I get my car off the lot tomorrow?

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Just wait a day you fucking Mongoloid

But user I want my car nowwwww


>My question is the dealer said I would have my car in 24hours
24 business hours with 8 hour days is up to 3 physical days. It's your problem if you didn't ask for clarification on what 24 hours meant at that particular business. Similarly, when a business says ready in 2 days, the standard meaning is 2 full business days after the current day. So, if it was thursday and you were told 2 days, that could legitimately be tuesday of next week.

It's not even yours, you paid upfront for a glorified rental car.

Just wait it the fuck out or buy a craigslist hooptie to keep your autism at bay.

>spending almost 500 bucks a month on a shitbox
>it has hubcaps
please kys.

I often ask myself who is actually paying all this money to lease these turds, but I don't complain. People buying new takes demand out of the used car market while ensuring a future pipeline of used car supply.

My car cost 4 of your lease payments to buy and it's much more fun.

Didnt have to pay shit for downpayments and haggled from 269 to 225

I think its a win even if i dont "own" it

I pay less every month for my s80 v8 and i get heated and cooled massaging seats.

holy fucking shit, $466 a month is the cost of an entry luxury car lease payment. you are getting ass raped big time. get out of that deal while u still can.

Seriously though. that's $241 in insurance every month.

>$466 a month to lease a honda civic

what the fuck?

OP is meme'ing.

If you're doing 466 USD a month you over paid, esp if you're still on steelies. I've had friends do worse though. How many years you saddled with it?

he said $466 is including insurance, but even then thats way too much. the civic should only cost like $200 a month to lease, that leaves $266 per month in insurance? what the fuck?

op is a literal mongoloid.

You must be the stupidest nigga alive.

>$466 for a lease
>on a Civic

Is your credit shitty or something?

>per month


>$466 a month
>Honda Civic
>Not even a fucking Accord
>No, a Civic

the dealer needs 24hrs so they can hoon and fart in your cloth seats

Please tell me you're leasing the fucking type r, because if that you got jewed extra hard

God damn you retards, you have no business driving anything more expensive than a $500 shitbox.

Cars are supposed to be less than

>Less than less than 1%

It's possible. Mine is right about 1% (it's crap). Not reasonable advice for young or poor people though.

Don't sign until keys in hand.

u fukt up m8

pic relate 6800$ cash moni

you fucked up too. you actually paid $6800 for that pile of shit.

Could have paid half that and had a Cobalt.

>pile of shit
>literally works fine and i redline the sumbitch everyfukkin day

but enjoy your leased honda buyers remorse tho m8

are we supposed to be impressed that you overpaid for a that turd?


yea ok m8 , where i live could sell it for 8k ez

only car i overpaid on was 5k for an 07 civic with 89k miles and i paid for the privilege of muh honda low mileage i no wat i got

>redline every day

no shit you have to redline to make it go anywhere

its not the eurospec machine m8

stock its got a whopping 138 FUCKING SWEET HORSES

with dat trifecta toon its got about 160

hey, dont drive too hard or your plastic interior may disintegrate

>implying ill keep it long enough to give a fuck

its a 3 year throw away car and you damn well know it

Jesus Christ this thread is full of basement dwellers.

Under $500/month that includes both a new car lease and car insurance isn't bad at all.

Not everyone on here lives with their mom and works at autozone. Some of us actually have careers, wives, children, and mortgages.

You think any respectable woman wants to be seen with a dude in a $3k civic?

You think your wife is gonna be okay with you two driving together with your kids in a stripped 240sx on a Sunday afternoon? Fuck no.

>having a wife
>having a kid

jesus christ its normieville in this thread

i think you've completely missed the point. $466 with insurance included is not expensive IF HE LEASES A BETTER CAR. the typical lease payment for a civic is under $200, that means he's paying $266+ on insurance, which is fucking retarded.

Not everyone cares about projecting the "right" image with the car they buy.

my sister was perfectly happy riding around with my brother in law in his 3k civic that he had since 2003.

The poor bastard might have some tickets on his license.

Also, it's a new model. They usually have a higher premium because if he crashes it tomorrow, those parts are gonna be hard/expensive to get.

What's more pathetic is that you care THIS much about what women think, let alone wanting to be with a woman that wouldn't want to be with you at all if you're not in a new car

Most women don't know anything about/care about cars. As long as it drives you both places and isn't completely stripped out inside I'm sure most women you'll date will hardly care.

>$500 for a civic

wat is u doin nigga

When I didn't own my 07 STI Limited I was paying 460$ with insurance included. Now with no car payment I pay about 119$ GEICO Insurance.


This why the poor will stay poor. If you can't afford something, don't buy it. If people live with their parents through choice or necessity and everyone gets along, then where is the issue?

>yeah goy just keep renting until you're 55

It's not a matter of a woman only wanting you or judging you based on your car, it's just a matter of self respect and maturity. Eventually you're going to realize that you can't daily a race car when you also need to commute to work, go to the store with your wife, maybe drop your kids off at school.

I'm not saying that you can't have a fast car, but the idea that a "3k civic" is the answer to everything is absurd because that's mostly spoken by either the 16 year old immature child, or the 26 year old failed man.

>tfw neets see all the social/governmental services they depend on collapse because they never contributed to the economy
>tfw their parents die and they have to start paying property tax, utilities, etc., Not to mention keep up with maintenance on an aging home

No one is even saying that you should daily a race car, what are you talking about? It's just absurd to overpay this much for a fucking civic, and a low trim one at that. And driving a cucked crossover or minivan to make your wife "happy" doesn't make you mature. This is the problem with people nowadays they care too fucking much about what everybody else thinks, to the point that they care about themselves last. Drive what you want to drive, if your girl doesn't like it she can fuck herself. But the main problem here is paying THIS much to drive a civic is beyond retarded

>for the equivalent of 6 months of lease payments you own the car outright
>get decent fuel economy
>unless you need to haul shit for work it's roomy enough
>can sit 4 adults
>you can easily commute to work, go to the store with your wife, maybe drop your kids off at school
>parts are cheap and everywhere
>knowledge for all maintenance is readily available on the internet so you can easily DIY

So tell me where self respect and maturity don't fit into this equation because I've honestly lost you dude.

what even are you on about

Most families don't have time to be constantly working on their vehicles. They don't want to worry about their $3k civic burning more oil than gas or the transmission shitting the bed. That piece of mind is worth the $200 a month for most normal people.

I'm waiting for you fucking entitled parasites to get hit with ALL of the adult world's bullshit, so that you all fucking an hero because you aren't able to be useless sacks of shit anymore

That's what I'm on about.

Then buy a well maintained 6k civic and maintain it well.

who is the proverbial 'you'? most neets can't afford cars and/or are too autistic to go outside

Then you'll have these $3k issues in 2 years. Even a $6k civic is a mess. Keep in mind most are owned by immigrants and get used and abused.

I'm a first time driver and I got my license in may (21 years old) honestly was going to fiance but I didnt have money for a downpayment and I didnt have any "Hard etiquette" for my credit card company to trust me with one and it was going to be more expensive.

I actually just got my insurance from 241 to 200 as well because removed useless shit like personal injury.

>appealing to racial stereotypes

Regardless, you're probably going to get another one in 3-4 years anyway. And honestly, a few hours on a saturday isn't really that bad of a trade off for not having to cough up a few hundred buck a month to drive a car. There really is nothing wrong with driving a cheap shitbox if you're the type of person who can/enjoys doing a little maintenance here and there

Also 3 years

>paying almost 17k to drive a car for 3 years.


You probably spend more on taco bell and video games.

>466 a month


Honestly its only until the goyim are comfortable with taking my shekels and I kinda needed it now at this point.

There's no public transportation here in my city and I'm stuck working a shitty retail job that hardly throws hours at me.

Honestly I know I'm getting some what gouged but I need to deal with it until a better oppurtunity comes up. Wanted to save up money for the car otherwise


>stuck working a shitty retail job that hardly throws hours at me
>spends 466 dollars a month on lease and insurance


Get a new job that pays better

I have a good credit line and score so i didnt need to co-sign with some one. I just had no money for financing.

you should've been sharing with your parents and bought a civic for 2500.


Just let it go. He's one of those people who thinks drowning in debt and spending all your money on superficial bullshit so you can look "rich" is part of being a grown up.

I hope you've got months of savings in the bank, because if you start missing payments that car will get repoed in the middle of the night and your credit will be fucked.

Parents absolutely refuse to let me share anything car related with them (yes insurance to) so that was out of the question.

back in the day i knew a guy who had a few late payments on a 350z, and Nissan finance jacked up his APR above 21%. imagine owing $25K+ with a 21% APR, needless to say he was fucked beyond fucked.

how tf do you start out life while having a car that is less than 1% of your net worth when you have zero?

fucking stupid advice. Maybe if you're 50.

That's how a lot of these dealerships make their money; they wait for poorfags to walk onto their lot, talk them into ridiculously bad deals(like in op's case), and once the payments start getting missed the car gets repoed and it's rise and repeat

There are people I know paying far more then I. I'm the cheapest I have found.

you need to hang out with smarter people then. being the smartest in a group of retards is nothing to be proud of.

You could have financed, it's a better option long term, because then you can trade in or sell your car and have that towards a new down payment. Get a better car in a few years. 10 years down the road you're able to put 20-30 grand down as a fucking down payment and have the credit to finance the rest at a stupid low interest rate, meaning you can drive away in a new Lexus, Cadillac, a Porsche even, if you have the career for it.

suck it up when I imported my MRS it sat on the importers lot for one and a half months waiting for papers and plates

>tfw no car lots have the cars i want
>tfw gonna have to wait a minimum of a month for my special order riced out modern shitbox

yeah but he at least owned them.

Back to Red-itt Faggot

spending $500 a month to fit in with the normies. Oh boy.

3k Accord would of been more fun, and way cheaper.

>$466 a month


>tfw single raised by single mother
>doesn't have a house

Feels bad man

Find me ONE $3k civic

I'll fucking wait
Took me literally a minute, fucking kill yourself