Mitsubishi Colt CZT or Ford Fiesta ST

Want to buy a car for around 3000 euros, found a pretty good deal on a Mitsubishi Colt CZT. I am in Eastern Europe, 20 yo.

However, I've also considered getting a 2005 Ford Fiesta ST, how do they compare? Both have similar performance, weight, fuel economy, but the Colt would cost less to insure and pay taxes because of the 1.5L turbo.

I've read the ST is more fun in terms of handling.

Are both good choices? Do they have any hidden flaws I've overlooked?

bump, cause I'm also looking at a Fiesta ST

looks like a twingo

Bump, I'd appreciate any advice please.

The ST is leagues better then the Colt.

But I've always had a soft spot for the Colt.

Hey, i have a czt, it's really fun, lots of performance parts, you can easily have 190hp with a remap ;) handling is good. the ford is no turbo, better handling on the track, but if you put some money on coilovers, the colt is a beast!

In terms of what? I don't have a racetrack in my country, so it's mostly going to be city driving and some hill/mountain roads occasionally. Is the ST that much better; would it be a worth a more expensive price? I'm having trouble finding a decent offer on an ST but I found a good Colt.

I'll consider remaps and performance parts later, do you think it's fun even stock? I don't have any tracks around here, but I like the Colt because I feel no one expects it to have that much power.

>tfw mitsubishi didnt sell the colt czt ralliart in the us

this is why theyre in the shitter.

Just an all round better car to live with and to modify.

The Colt is good, but the ST is just better.

I'd still buy the Colt though personally.

Just personal preference? What do you like more?

Personal preference really.

It's not often you see them. Plus I'm a Mitsu fanboy. I always preferred the older Colts to the EG Civics too.

OK, I haven't seen many around here either. Looks like a fun car anyway, so I'll have to decide between the Colt and ST based on the price. Thanks for the opinion.

The old shape MK6 Fiesta ST's are excellent cars. I had one for 4 years, it was brilliant. 2.0L engine gives plenty of power, and the ride is better than the current model ST, and good MPG's too

If you look after it, properly maintain it, then it should last a long long time. I would defiantly recommend test driving one.

Not driven a Colt, so can't comment on it desu.

I have a 2006 ST so if you have questions i'll give them a shot

The dashboard in the colt is too deep desu

It definitely sounds like a great car, I just need to find a good deal since these cars are so rare here.

Any reliability issues you had with it? Parts failing , gearbox issue, etc.?

What country?

Here in UK, there's loads available, and a very active community/owners clubs and parts are in the plentiful

I live in Romania, so I'd have to either find one here or import from Germany. I don't think I've even seen a Mk6 ST on the road here.

fun fact: Best Colt you can get is 2004-2006 smart forfour
same chassis, suspension, engines, rare pepe body, nicer interior and equipement CZT
I drive 1.3. I love it's handling

>I am in Eastern Europe, 20 yo.
you're gonna die

I didn't know those shared elements, but I don't really like how it looks. Maybe I'll consider it.
As for dying, I am trying to be careful with my driving but I also want to feel it's fun. You think Mk6 ST is a dangerous choice for a beginner like me?

>Any reliability issues you had with it? Parts failing , gearbox issue, etc.?

The only issue I've had is that the electronically controlled dip light motors have burnt out, everything else mechanically is fine.

they were made in one factory
colt interior is disguisting while smart is comfy AF

>MK5 fiesta ST
> 2.0l 150bhp and slower than a 1.6l 120bhp Peugeot

OP didn't mention a Peugeot.