Veeky Forums Northeast Meetup

All the west coasts elliot rodgers are having meetups, why aren't we?

>New York
>New Hampshire
>Rhode Island

Report in with your car and let's see if we can actually decide on a meetup spot. My recommendation would be Mount Greylock by way of Route 7 then taking the Petersburg Pass over.


03 legacy l
saratoga springs ny (for now)

lets do this shit.

518 brother

93' RX7
Albany NY

Greylock would be great for me too. That's a great area of the country, not very populated and great roads.

>vw gti

Greylock would be sweet. PTGT is down to get hektik
>978, Northeast MA

NYC 330xi dude here, castle greyhawk is too far for me

Focii RS

Nashua, NH

New York isn't Northeast

10 miles of touge not even counting the 30 miles of windy back roads and touge over the Petersburg pass

Only states further north are Vermont and Maine pal

>New York isn't Northeast
what is it then?

i'd say new york is northeast, but just not in the new england region (probably what you were thinking?)

This. It's not New England anymore than Jersey is. Absolutely Northeast though.

Ayyy i’m 2 miles south. Is yours blue?

S550 mustang GT
Connecticunt, greylock works for me

hell yeah I love that road

rt 2 drive to greylock?

also stalker sidequest, Zoar rd to the the abandoned nuclear plant

>978, Northeast MA

>Abandoned nuclear power plant
Wew. We could all meet up at Man of Kent tavern and then go from there.

I think you got your geography wrong

Vermont, I'm in.

I feel like most times this pops up it fizzles cuz no one will drive far enough to meet folks.

I'm down with the vt mass border tho.

Or the kanc in NH.

I'd be willing to do the Vermont/Mass Border for the meetup. Seems like most people are in Mass or upstate NY anyways.

Last thread I feel like was just a bunch of ct and massfags not wanting to drive more than 45 minutes, AND they picked the same day as I think it was the Okemo rallycross, so me and my shitbox just went and had fun there.

I've camped at the top of kancamangus pass before, had 2 cars and a tarp, we used the tarp to block the view from the road, had a fire and git drunk on tax free whiskey then headed home Sunday morning.

That'd be rad with a few o tards, but I bet it'll never happen.

Any interest in making this vt/mass border Meetup happen before winter? Halloween weekend is out, but there's a couple weekends before Thanksgiving left?

Chime in boys

NE shitboxes, cum together

I’m totally down for it. November 11-12 would be great for me, but my schedule is flexible so I could make almost anything work. I just need to get a cheap 2-way radio.

Sunday would be better for me since I wageslave at the work until 6 on saturdays. Sundays have less traffic anyways. The border between Mass and New York at the Petersburg pass might be a good spot to meet up at. Big parking lot to chill in while people show up. And if we get 4-5 people I'll be happy. People will see pics and wanna come next time anyways.

Pics of the Petersburg Pass, also interested in that Zoar Rd nuke plant idea

Vtfag Too

Also down for November 12th @greylock. Meetup and lunch at noon?

The summit road may be closed for the season though that doesn't diminish the trip it takes to get there.

i like how you always censor your headlights because they are ugly as fuck.

When are you changing that shit mate

NJ here I can drive up to NY or NH anytim

Sounds good to me, i’ll Be in the silver PT Cruiser.
>I get to drive through Florida

4 hour drive can't do it lads. maybe next time :(

Do you guys crash as much as SoCal autoist ?

imagine meeting autists from here hahah fuck no nigga get a grip bitch
i mean really my guy yall stanky trump supporters dead ass, might as well call this shit the international school shooters convention LMAO

If a woman was hired to go to one of these meets alone how do you think these autist would act when she approaches their car and says " nice car "

>th-thanks you too.