/MILO/ MiloCoin General - Congratulations, You Got In Early Edition

/MILO/ MiloCoin General - Based VIDEO GUY is now attached to MiloCoin. I wasn't ready for these feels yet!

I’m not gay, but $1 per MiloCoin is $1 per MiloCoin


>Official MiloCoin website:


>MiloCoin maymay Video

>MiloCoin Bitcointalk Announcement Thread:

>Skip right to the wallets, baby!

>Looking for some nodes? I gotchu!
(guide to add these addnodes on page 6 of ANN thread)

>Buy MiloCoin (before it’s too late)

>MiloCoin Blockchain

>Coin Marketcap
(the APIs needs some tweaking, but the mad men actually listed it already)

>Official MiloCoin SubReddit
Sike, there is no official MiloCoin subreddit, please go back

>Why haven't you done your part yet?
twitter.com/YobitExchange Comfy related soundtrack

>Quick Rundown (what you need to know):
MiloCoin is listed on some early exchanges and lazy pajeets are sending their mined coins to the exchange for cheap until they realize their mistake - prices will never be lower than today - refined investors enter the market here.
Gavin has already responded positively to MiloCoin, Milo's response is practically a given, how many coins will you have when the price skyrockets because of this?

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first for $1.00 a coin

if dubs 1.75

Just makin' sure its nice and comfy in here

My wife's son and I saw Milo Yiannopoulos at a grocery store near Rutgers university yesterday.
I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for specifics on his stance on free speech, Islam and BBC.
He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
I was taken back, and all I could say was “Factcheck.org...” but he kept cutting me off and going “MiloCoin! MiloCoin! MiloCoin”

and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle with Gavin McInnes as I walked off.

When I came to EBT for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen bottles of hair bleach in his hands without paying.

The gender fluid individual working the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.”
At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.

When she took one of the cakes and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me.

I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bottle and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

>tfw Saturday night and posting in /gayboycoin/ thread

First 2 dubs get 50 milocoins when I get back from gettin pissed, maybe more if I'm fucked up

In case anyone is feeling a little generous


Let's keep this going lads and we'll be at Saturn in no time.


Excuse me, wealth is calling me


I'll stick to my etfs


Like this?

holy shitzu


Good pick. Ultra comfy

Someone sell 15k milos for 300 on nova pls

we need your buy wall homie


it's over lol

It's not doing anything.

Drumpf btfo

sell your milos to me at 280 sats please.

sorry I thought I was in the trumpcoin thread for a second:^)

whats our target on this? i have 50k milo and was wondering if i should short the fuck out of this.

Short? If you wanted to short then why would you have any milo? Do you know what short means?

Short before its even on a real exchange? da fuk, its like 5 day old. Most coins are 1 sat right now


you can't short milo lmao baka people on this board are so clueless sometimes

Jus bought some gayjewcoin

Make Journalism Unbiased Again!

Whats your address?


make saturday great again

Whose the fruit who is trying to buy .75 BTC worth at such a retarded price?

I'm finna buy at 275 sats but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen.

when do you plan to dump?

I know we have low volume and nothing is really certain, but we are approaching a half cent. Milestones fellas.

this is fucking amazing

it could happen .jpg, but not looking good.

Dump? lol. I'll strategically sell off some when we reach the moon. It's part of portfolio now. I dont touch my meme coin bank, for months regardless of price

Who has the link for the Gavin mention of the coin?


have to feel it out, but a cent before some milestone.
.24 or .49 cents

swear to god, it feels like I picked the absolute worst fucking time to get my money in. why the fuck didnt i set up all my accounts earlier.

watch, by monday when my money gets here milo and all the other coins I want will be at $400 a coin

screencap this

it's gonna be higher in 4 days, but still affordable I reckon

Do you have any other means of crypto payment at present?

I may be able to help you out, I'm the one always bumping these threads. We could use the Radio show guy, the devs or video guy to escrow. I don't want you to miss the rocketship, I'll help how I can.

What were you looking to spend?

Unfortunately, no. Waiting on USD to get bitcoin. Shit out of luck until monday.

Rocket ship better not be fucking off by then. Been bumping, these threads like a madman. Even made a new twitter and made my first meme in all the years I've lurked on this board.

Rocket ship is not going to be off by then. This coin is literally less than a week old. This game will be many months. You'll be fine.

I actually agree. But I feel him, I've been there before. If it wasnt for chargebacks, id hook him up right now.

But in the long term, you'll be okay with a slightly higher price on Wednesday


how many milos for 30 minutes?

now 10k
in 6 months 1




Holy shit he's not kidding. Someone just bought LITERALLY everything.


Holy shit, someone knows something we dont

>Make Journalism Unbiased Again!

address - MRPmgxrx5gZ8PPXhCWWSCMnpFeFJiakHrR

>tfw the comfiness is now gone
Prepare yourselves boys

>tfw too intelligent to use nova

I literally watched it go up 8000 sats.

That's ~4200% in 5 minutes.

sorry, i meant 2700%

i thought i was going crazy, im too poor to buy any so ive been trying to trade up and down to get enough to actually make money, seems im too late now

also here's an address in case someone is feeling generous

Good luck cucks tryna buy at one sat and 200 sat it ain't ever going back there



The buy orders haven't caught up, the disparity is hilarious

What the tits half my buy order at 300 went through then some fag raised the price

Milo Coin is officially starting to wake up

This is the first rev in the engine

Put on your seatbelts lads

it'll correct but

higher highs, higher lows

we real human beans have just arrived at step one

about a few months ahead of schedule too

better fucking not. I haven't shilled for this thing for the past week just to buy higher cuz I had to wait till fucking monday.

Anyone have success mining yet? What pool did you use?

Debating on throwing down a couple of bucks on a mining rental to mine this shit.

Youll need in the hundreds of millions of MHZ at least,to even have a chance.. fyi

no, it's someone trying to raise the price after having bought everything.

What the fuck is happening. Almost exactly 20 hours ago I was able to buy 6000 at 280 sats.
Now someone is putting in buy orders for 4000 sats?

Is this the power of crypto?

Market manipulation. It'll stabilize once this meme-master has blown his load.

Don't sell. We're still weeks away from actual moonlift. Nobody even knows about milos yet.

if anyone could spare some MILOs, i would really appreciate it. I only have a few hundred but that wont get me anything for the moon ride. Any amount is welcome. Praise Kek


I think it was just some dude that was like, meh..im too lazy to wait, and bought his load and left. He literally ran thru all the orders in 5 min and then withdrew them, I saw his withdrawal on the blockchain.

Check wallet boi, not much but hey :D

Who was the fuck that did this? I bet you're reading this. WHY.

This community is the best. Thanks user. I really do appreciate this.

check em

Saw yours too user. Thanks so much. This has inspired me to make some milo related content.

Yeah, someone knows something we dont.

MiloCoin is a friggin scam you dumb cunts. this shit isnt going anywhere, dont waste your time.

>Dont invest in things i dont like

no coiner coping faggot

We're coming down!!

kek, yeah i get a laugh from the cluelessness of people talking nonsense

Tell me somebody sold that spike? Huge gains.

It's just some fuck generating a bubble to try and sell high to hyped newcoiners.

Everyone itt should know you don't panic buy or sell. Don't make emotional decisions. Check the reason why the market is behaving a certain way before deciding what to do.

Yeah it's a memecoin. Nobody expects this to actually do anything. The idea is to scam late coming bagholders.

he's a TrumpCoiner.
Some of them didn't sell at the obvious final peak, last pump and are so close to downing 50 yellow it's sad.

Cognitive dissonance, delusion who knows. They should cut losses and grab milo, which is basically round two on steroids..instead you get cope FUD ;_;

i do coin, i just dont coin shit like this. anyone with a brain can see its a scam. stop shilling it

sold 1000 at 1000 sats/$0.01. seems the last few hours has seen some crazy action. still a lot of mining time left so there should be more and more coins on the market as time goes on, so i don't know if i'll buy more as we start getting to several thousand sats.
still have around 0.5 bitcoin to spend, but i don't think i'll buy at >1000

show me where i was shilling? youre a sadcunt who has nothing better to do than be butthurt because youre a trump bagholder

im not even american. there goes your argument

Whats the real sat peak now the newfriends are asleep?

i was in trump threads a year ago and there were people who turned up to say the same shit as every single thread. they must be great fun at parties, going around saying what is good and bad.

500-300 sats is the real level. only the panicked and the super enthusiastic are buying well above that.

It's rough, because I was sure it would drop back down to 300 and I had an order in for it all day, and now I'm doubting it will ever go back. Be careful about being too careful.

I bought at 350, but I meant selling wise. the $1 is a great meme to pull in people, I can't see it getting above 0.0002

I'm a Trump "bagholder" but I'm pretty comfy with my bags. Trump will pump again. And Milo will pump too.

Ya'll need to chill and stop bashing TC btw. Milocoin is the best thing to happen to TC. Dont be surprised if they pump at the same time...just sayin...

If you are a smart investor you should have money in Trump, Milo and Lepen

If I could answer that question with complete certainty then I wouldn't be posting in an Indonesian dirt-raking cabal.
But I'd only buy at 400, market considered, which won't happen right now. Just wait. Put a sell up at 1k or something if you want to recover a little initial investment, but we aren't even close to dump yet.

i think around 20 cents is a good price with spikes up to 30 cents. i'd be pretty happy with that.

>it'll pump again

>Get ur lulzorz @ fortune.urge
Kill yourself.